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And so, as the night drew to an end and the Shinigami partygoers began to depart the assembly hall – alone, in pairs, in threes and on a few rare occasions, larger groups – the Arrancar gathered by Aizen-sama, exited to share their findings and impressions with their leader and amongst themselves and ready for departure.

With a curious sense of déjà-vu, Aizen opened the Garganta to Hueco Mundo and lead His creations home, a natural sense of accomplishment settling His mind.

Nostalgia was a foreign sentiment but He would return, maybe for another party – New Year was just around – or perhaps for a surprise visit to a few wavering Shinigami and, most definitely, for The Invasion.

And then, when He ruled supreme over all of this and all of them, He might resume such traditions.

It had been such an enjoyable Christmas Party.

"Let us go home My Hollows."



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