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Behind the Mask

Chapter 1

Have you ever had hate so intense for someone that it pushed you apart from everyone else? Hate so strong that you'd do anything to make that person seem like the bad guy in every possible situation? Have you ever had hate for someone that you never even met? Well my name is Isabella Swan, and I had a hate that fierce for someone.

You see, I was not a very popular girl. My only two friends were named Alice and Rosalie. I never understood why they hung out with me. Rosalie was the definition of beauty, long golden hair falling in waves down her back, and a figure every girl would die for. She had boys drooling over her since the fifth grade.

Alice was different. She wasn't as gorgeous, but she had this air around her that made everyone love her. She had short black hair framing a pixie like face, and was extremely short. But she was spunky and beautiful in her own way.

They were my best friends in the whole world, and I loved them. I thought my life was pretty good just having them in it. I had never dated anyone, and didn't want to. None of the guys showed any interest in me anyway. I didn't want to be like some of the slutty cheerleaders we had here at good old forks high school. They practically slept with every guy they saw. There was no way I was ruining my life like that.

All of the people who weren't my friends only knew one thing about me. It was something that I was proud to voice. The only thing they knew was that I completely and utterly hated the superstar Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen was a musical prodigy who was famous by the age of thirteen. He was the hottest guy in Hollywood, and every girl fawned over him. Every girl except for me (well Rosalie and Alice to, but that's not important). I had never met the guy, but he was just like every other guy singer out there. And he acted like an arrogant ass in every interview he had. He was the one that I felt that hate for. That's where this all started.

I woke up to the annoying buzzing of my alarm clock and my mother shouting at me from downstairs. I threw on some clothes, not caring how my peers viewed me, and ran down the stairs.

"Hey honey," my mom called from the kitchen. "I think there's something you should know."

But I didn't have time to listen to her. If only I had. It would have made that day a lot less complicated.

"Mom, Alice is already here. I have to go now." I didn't bother to grab breakfast. I waved goodbye and made my way out to Alice's Porsche.

The ride was normal. We talked about class and gave each other the answers to the homework we didn't finish. We made jokes about how Lauren Mallory thought she was so cool and all the guys liked her. You know, your typical ride to school.

"So Bella, did you hear the news about who's coming to our school?" Alice piped in a high pitched voice.

"What are you talking about?" Usually I knew this stuff.

"Just watch out for a certain celebrity today at school. Don't let him get in your way." Her voice was surprisingly serious.

I was just plain confused.

But as we drove into the parking lot, I realized someone important was there. There were news reporters all around the entrance, and a limo pulled up right by the front doors. But who stepped out of that limo was the most shocking thing.

Edward Cullen. The hate I had for him grew stronger at that time. Little did I know how much Edward Cullen would change my life.

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