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The Demon and The Godling Index

(Sebastian X OC)

Sebastian x Ablivion Yuun

Planned chapters:

1-The Demon and The Godling Index

2-The Bleeding Parchment

3-Phantanhive and Bleedingkin

4-The Demon's Book of Myths [May be moved]

5-The Maid and The Maroon Maiden

6-The curse of the Bleeding Red Dress

7-The Nobel Butler and The Royal Maiden

Characters owned:

-Ablivion Yuun-Female-(Her first name is one or the other she is not exactly sure;Has Japanese influence)

-Japane Greenwitch-Male-(non-Japanese in origin; Hes actually more English)

-Yuun-Female-(Past Yuun;Her name is actually Yuune But she preferred being called by her nickname;Ablivions mother)

- The Bleedingkind Family-

Also own My version of

:A Godemon:

A death god who committed a act of a demon, in which the death god has committed the most forbidden crime of consuming a humans soul and/or the soul of another death god. In doing so...

: A Godling:

A narual born Godemon with the mix of all three bloods, is connsidered folklore, fantisy, fairy tail; the offspring has the blood of Death God-ic, Demonic, and humanic blood.

Chapters are going to be EXTREMELY IRREGULAR on updates.

Shall finish adding information later...