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Chapter One: Shifting

With one onyx eye he examined his surroundings lazily. He was in no mood, being awake for roughly 3.4 seconds, for the noises he was hearing. He could hear running water and soft, musical humming. He flopped over and noticed his right arm hit against a slightly warm mattress. He sat up and growled, looking around for his Goddess. Suddenly his brain began to process the things going on around him. She was taking a shower. Without him. He sat up, letting the warm silk sheets drag off his naked body and decided to remedy this little mistake. (AN: Don't panic! NO LEMONS!)

He slipped into the opened room, the humidity fogging up the windows. He wondered briefly if she always showered like this and felt a pang of jealousy. What if other males had walked in, as he did now, in hopes of getting at her? He silently swore he'd slay any attendant's bold enough to enter the room without knocking. She was moving around, dancing, and he could see that through the dark blue curtain. He smirked and yanked it back, watching her turn with wide emerald eyes to face him. A wicked grin and matching fire sparked in her eyes as they gazed at each other. "This isn't how you normally bathe, is it?" He asked calmly as he stepped in. She moved a little to one side, giving him a bit of space. Not much, but some either way.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. The scalding hot water beat down heavily on them but neither cared nor noticed. She pulled away slowly and let out a soft sigh against his lips. "No, not normally. I've been waiting for you to come." She purred softly. He chuckled lightly and wove one arm around her slim waist, drawing their bodies closer together. His other hand cupped her face, his thumb making little circular motions along her cheekbone. She leaned into it.

"So what are our plans for the day? Stay in bed and make sweet, sweet love all day?" He hummed softly, kissing her forehead. She giggled and gently shook her head. He pouted at her. "Well then what's the plan?" He asked calmly.

"Kakashi's taking you for suit-up and to get your wardrobe done up with Ten-Ten. Then you need to go fill out your paperwork in Neji's office. While you are doing all that I'll be shifting through old records looking for some very important things." She explained. He gave her a look that obviously stated how boring he found it and she giggled. She poked him in the nose and stuck out her tongue. "After we have all the legal stuff handled we'll have plenty of time to stay in bed and make sweet, sweet love all day. I promise." She laughed lightly. He stuck his tongue out as well but smiled at her despite it.

"I'm going to hold you to that. Also, I need you to find me some time to beat the shit out our favorite fox demon, Naruto. I am going to seriously slaughter that bastard for the hell we've been put through because of him!" He snarled. She reached up and gently ran her fingers through his damp ebony hair. It didn't spike up with water but still tips of it stuck out. Just one little smile from her and his eyes softened drastically. He kissed her again, a much more loving and chaste kiss.

She smiled again after their kiss. "I understand you're angry but right now put that asshole out of your mind, love. All that matters now is that we're together. And now we're going to be together forever. Nobody will ever be able to part us from one another again. How does that make you feel?" She hummed leisurely. She loved having all his attention and he knew it. And he, admittedly, liked giving it all to her.

"It makes me thankful those stupid doctors over drugged me with that crappy medicine." He murmured. He then paused and looked at her squarely. The gears in his head were turning and she could see it too. "Did you have anything to do with that? I mean I should have been out by the first or maybe second injection." He stated suspiciously. She leaned back as far as the arm around her would permit. She looked around the shower area in one big circle, as if noticing it for the first time and wanting to appreciate it. "Sakura." He growled in his warning voice.

She looked at him innocently before sighing. "You were going to die one day that week either way. I just couldn't take it anymore, Sasuke-Kun. I was getting lonely and…I missed you and I wanted to feel loved." She whispered shakily. She felt guilty for killing him but was happy with the end result. He was content as well but he felt it was his right to know if she'd used her magic to help him get here.

"It's fine, Sakura. I don't really care. I mean, I'm here now and that's all that really matters." He amended, gently kissing her forehead and both cheeks. He smirked suddenly. "Do you think we have time for a little round of sweet, sweet loving here?" He purred and she shuddered. He loved that feeling. In a flash she had him pinned against the wall just behind him with their lips locked in a fervent kiss.


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