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Chapter Ten: Knots

Sasuke fiddled with his bow tie for the umpteenth time. He was nervous now that it was the day. He didn't have cold feet, he wasn't afraid to be bound to Sakura forever; he was just worried something would go wrong. After what had happened in the time since he came down here something always came between their time together. He made a silent prayer that at the least today would go well. "You're shaking like a leaf in a storm." Kakashi chuckled lightly from the doorway.

"You've made sure everything's the way I said, right? There are guards at all the entrances with lists of the people invited, right?" He asked, standing and pacing nervously. Kakashi watched the jittery groom as he walked back and forth in the small room. Sasuke then stopped, sat back down, and began twiddling his thumbs. He looked back up anxiously while his fingers continued their work. "Well? Has it been taken care of?" He snapped, his voice a bit higher with his inner panic.

"I just double checked myself. There are two guards assigned to each door and four squads doing runs around to make sure no one tries sneaking in. Don't worry; I've got it taken care of." He stated as soothingly as he could. Sasuke nodded and looked down. His head shot back up a second later. "What is it?" He asked with a small sigh.

"All of the things Sakura and I are allergic to are not on the buffet list? I mean, I don't want to risk one of us getting sick when we're supposed to be dancing and having a good time!" He proclaimed quickly. Kakashi blinked a bit and shut the door. Everybody running through the halls didn't need to know about Sasuke's current panic attack.

"I spoke with Amane a few minutes ago while running my check on security. She assured me that all allergens were discluded and also made sure she had the right food allergies in mind. You need to just focus on remembering how to say 'I do' when the time comes." He stated with a strained sigh. All day he'd been running around making sure anything Sasuke or Sakura could freak out about was perfect. He was tired and the tuxedo he was forced to wear was beginning to piss him off.

Sasuke nodded again and sighed. "I didn't think things would be so hard once I was here, you know? I mean, I thought I'd come in, get my papers done and then we'd get married. But then the Kamiya's attacked the Namikaze's during our engagement dinner and the trials had to be done when I should have been helping Sakura plan the wedding and I had to oversee them which then lead to the date always getting changed and…It's just been really stressful. I just can't help but think things are going to go bad now, considering our past track record." He sighed softly, his voice tinged with his sorrow over the past events. Kakashi smiled, walked over and sat next to him. He rested his hand on his shoulder, earning the younger males attention.

"All you need to worry about now is the honeymoon and what you might like to name your first child." He stated calmly with a smile. Sasuke smiled slightly.

"Kisuke." He mumbled softly. Kakashi glanced at him curiously. "Kisuke is what I'd like to name my first son. Sakura said if it's a girl she wants to name her Mitsuki." He stated with a tender smile. Kakashi chuckled lightly and nodded. "I think they're perfect names."

Sakura slid her fingers through her hair nervously, looking at her reflection. A low growl came from Kurenai, the woman assigned to help her fix herself for the wedding, and she glanced back at her. "Sakura-Sama, I know you're anxious but if you keep running your fingers through your hair I'm going to have to keep brushing it again." She sighed softly. Kurenai was a generally calm and easy going woman but her queen was beginning to wear on her nerves. This would be the 67th time she'd be refreshing her hair!

"I'm sorry, Kurenai-San. I'm just really nervous and scared." She whimpered weakly, her tone shaky as the brush weaved into her long pastel locks again. The dark haired woman smiled at the anxious bride seated at the vanity before her.

"You two love each other, right? Then there shouldn't really be any trouble or fears. If you are truly ready to spend the rest of your existence with him than you don't need to be so nervous. The two of you love each other dearly and that's all that matters here." She stated brightly. Sakura blinked, her emerald eyes wide with surprise, before they softened and her lips turned upward in a smile.

"You're right, Kurenai-San. I don't have anything to be afraid of." She hummed lightly, closing her eyes and letting her body relax as the other woman fancied her up. After all, she had to look her best when she walked down the aisle!

Sasuke and Sakura just stared at one another. They wore traditional outfits for modern day brides a grooms; a tux for the male and a long white wedding dress for the female. In her hands she held a bouquet of flowers; red roses, white roses, lilies, violets, baby's breathe, and many others that neither of them could name. None of that mattered to them, however. All that mattered was that this was the day. It was finally going to be official; they were finally going to be bound together for all eternity.

They didn't realize when they said I do or exchanged rings. All they could focus on was how the moment their lips meshed together they were dedicated to the person across from them. Their minds only registered the pastor saying, "You may now kiss the bride." And then they were connected, his arms around her waist and her's around his neck with one hand clutching the bunch of flowers, and people were clapping. They smiled at the crowd and she threw the flowers into the large heap. A dark haired wolf girl caught them and smirked at her mate, whom blushed furiously at this. They laughed, knowing the identities of both parties, and looked again at each other.

"I love you, Uchiha Sasuke." She whispered softly, her voice airy and sweet with the joy of their new found status. He smiled and pulled her to him again. Their lips brushed in a sweet movement, soft yet loving and just as passionate as the kiss before it.

"I love you too, Uchiha Sakura."

Sakura yawned and stretched, glad to be done with the paperwork. She perked up as a baby's cry filled the room. She pushed from of the desk, stood, and walked over to the crib in the corner. She smiled down at the little child below. The little baby was wrapped up in a pink blanket that matched well with her hair. She picked her up and gently rocked her, whispering the words of a lullaby in her ears. Slowly she settled and they looked at each other with matching jade spheres. She kissed the small nose and smiled as a giggled came from her daughter. Suddenly the door was thrown open and she glanced at the person entering.

"Mommy, Kisuke pulled my hair!" Another little girl wailed. This child had long black hair that drizzled over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her eyes were the same as her mother and sister and now swam in her tears. Three more came running in, all little replicas of their father.

"She's lying, Mommy!" Kisuke, the oldest boy, cried out. A look of determination and disgust with his sister's words painted on his pale face. The other two boys were much smaller than he, who towered over them, but stood at about the same height. They both had dark hair that spiked up in the back though one bore his mother's eyes. "Shikimi and Taki will tell you so!"

After hushing and calming her smallest child Sakura set her back down in the cradle. She then walked closer to them and knelt down. She gently ran one of her hands through each boy's hair. "Shikimi, Taki, did Kisuke pull Mitsuki's hair?" She asked softly. They both shook their heads. She glanced back at the two children. Kisuke smirked down at his sister triumphantly and Mitsuki's eyes welled with even more tears. She turned back to her twins. "Did Kisuke tell you that if you didn't agree with him he'd beat you up?" The two nodded fearfully, hiding from the older's gaze.

Sakura stood and looked at him, eyes showing her disappointment in his actions. "Uchiha Kisuke, what have I told you about picking on your brother's and sister's?" She stated in slight anger. He looked at his feet with a pout plastered on. "You're lucky your father had a meeting today or I'd let him deal with this. Now apologize to them or I'll put you in time out! And don't do it again." She scolded softly.

"Telling him to stop won't make him, Sakura. You have to punish him." A smooth voice stated from the doorway. Kisuke's face paled and he took a step back while his sister and brother rushed to greet the new presence. There, in the doorway, stood Uchiha Sasuke.

"Daddy!" The three squealed excitedly and ne scooped them all up. He gently kissed them each on the foreheads, smiling lightly at their eager faces. Sakura smiled and picked up their youngest daughter from the crib with one arm and their oldest son with the other. She then walked over, her son burrowing into her fearfully.

Sasuke looked at his son curiously. "Are you going to stop being mean?" He asked and his son nodded, looking up only to see his father's reaction to the nod. He leaned over and lightly kissed his head as well. "Good boy. Now you all go play and be nice to one another!" He called after releasing the three he held. Kisuke hopped from his mother's arms and rushed after them excitedly. He then turned back to his wife and lightly kissed her. A small noise came from the little baby. He gently took her from Sakura and held her close to him. "Well hello, my little Meroko. Have you been good for Mommy?" He asked with a smile, lifting her up above his head and grinning at her. She giggled loudly, enjoying the attention.

A crashing noise followed by their kids yelling to run away was suddenly heard. Sasuke looked back, taking Meroko against himself, and growled. "Kisuke, put that down right now!" He called, chasing after the four little kids. Sakura leaned against the door frame and chuckled lightly as she watched her love chase their four mobile children with the fifth in his arms, laughing as if this was all just a cute little game. She sighed contently and followed him in hopes of getting their kids back in line.


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