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'Another day. It's always the same routine. Wake up, eat, hike to the ruins, and then sit for hours and hours, waiting for that blastia to let its guard down, with nothing to pass the time but research I'd already completed.

The ruins are always silent. I'm always alone. The only things to be heard there are the constant echoes of dripping water, and the footsteps of the blastia as it faithfully patrols its territory in the deepest chamber. No one to keep me company, no one to talk to. It's unnerving. I don't like to admit it, but there are some things even blastia can't do. No matter how much you try to talk to one, they can't respond- though they make for great listeners.

Then again, people aren't all that great for conversation either…but that may be my fault. Walking home, the only greetings I receive are glares. People avoid me, as if I have some sort of disease.

I really don't understand what I've done to deserve the treatment. I've always worked as hard as hard as the rest of them, haven't I? In fact, I seem to recall working harder, much harder. If it weren't for me, blastia research would fall behind by years, and this is the thanks I get? How dare they!

I swear, and these people wonder why I get 'uppity'-

I was jolted back to reality by a loud crash grabbing hold of my ears. I looked up from my perch on the rocks and spied the blastia, patrolling like a faithful watch dog...albeit, a bored one. It seemed to have had added a new dent to the wall.

'Maybe it got too close. Maybe it's tired of walking around the same platform…I guess even blastia get bored. Poor thing…'

The blastia- which I'd decided to name "Goliath"- couldn't leave this place. It couldn't jump over or swim across the moat around itself- it was just too heavy. It was doomed to forever lumber about the ruins like a person that had forgotten why they entered a room.

I'd long since forgotten why I continued coming to this place. I couldn't destroy the blastia, and I certainly couldn't surprise it. The formula that made it move was the main reason I'd been putting forth time in the first place. After a while, anyone that had ever come with me started to lose interest. They were amazed that it could move, of course, but the wonder in that died for them quickly.


Of course, some retained some vested fascination. Like me, they wanted to learn Goliath's secrets. But unlike me, they wanted to reveal them by destroying him. Animals. You can't hurt Goliath. You just can't. He's just doing what he was told to do: Guard. To him, Shaikos was just as important to his people today as it had been when he was born. All he knew was to protect Shaikos. To kill him now...

I looked up into the sky through a fracture in the ceiling. Noon. Time to head back. I gathered what notes I'd brought with me, and with one last look at poor Goliath, started my trek back to Aspio.


As I set foot back in Aspio I was struck with a sensation of extreme cold. I can't say it was out of the ordinary. As I followed the stairs up, and then down again to my home on the cliff, I knew I was attracting the usual snide remarks and chilling glares that accompanied me wherever I went. "There goes Mordio", they'd say. "Off to catch another Leprechaun," they'd jeer, drilling into my back with their unforgiving eyes.

And then the door closed behind me, and I ceased to exist in the public eye. Walking in today, I nearly trip over one of my many piles of books. I can't help but note that this is steadily becoming routine. I'd considered cleaning up dozens of times but never really got to it, for any number of reasons. I picked up the books I'd knocked onto the floor and placed them semi-neatly in a pile with their siblings. …I'd almost forgotten I had a floor.

Walking over to my table I sat down, spreading my notes over the surface and looking them over. I'd written down movement patterns, theories on power, pretty much anything I could get from ten meters of distance. The incomplete formula was scribbled on a paper, remnants of what someone had managed to get before being attacked by the blastia he was studying.

The door behind me separated me from the judgment of the people beyond...but then, it separated me from everything else as well. Dust and literature were all I had here, the only sound to disturb the silence being that of my own breathing, in and out, in and out, uninterrupted. I got up and walked back over to my pile of books, finding a small clearing in that literary overgrowth and sitting down there. Whenever I felt like this, reading did wonders to cheer me up.

Volumes of forgotten lore, records of the theories and laws of geniuses past; when reading these books I could forget my troubles, finding solace in the fact that I was not alone. I'd read all these books before and they held nothing new, but I could read them over and over, following the trials of those who preceded me.

Somewhere between the blastia encyclopedia's ending and the twelfth of "Legendary Constellations" things started getting hazy. Then next thing I knew, I was waking up to the sounds of footsteps across my floor.

"Wow, who could live in a place like this?" A young and somewhat feminine voice called. These words surely came from a young girl, or some small child.

Before long it was met with a simple reply.

"You can live anywhere if you set your mind to it, so long as you can eat and sleep." came a deep, commanding tone. 'Looks like I have more company than I suspected- maybe I should lie low for now until I have a better grasp of things…'

"Yuri, don't you have something to say?"

That one was definitely a girl, entirely different from the first voice. My home was being invaded!

"Oh, uh. Hey, we're coming in!" came the strongest of the three once more.

"No, the door!" The girl chided.

A slight pause, and then deep, bass tones resumed.

"Hey, Karol unlocked your door. Sorry about that!" It admitted somewhat carelessly.

Karol? Surely not the source of the reprimand, and certainly not its target. The youngest voice must be Karol. 'Well, Karol, I'm coming for you first', I resolved silently, balling my hands up into fists.

"Oh Yuri..." The feminine voice scolded once more.

Yuri…so that must be the man's name. 'You're second.' I decided, contemplating whether or not to spare the girl based on her etiquette.

"Sorry for intruding like this!" She continued in a careful warrant. "Is anyone home?"

Of all the idiotic-…

More footsteps, this time approaching my hiding place. My rage aside, I couldn't help shaking a little.

"It's a good thing no one's here. That means we get to look for evidence." Yuri deduced.

'Hold on, now, buddy. Evidence?'

Suddenly my ears were filled with the sounds of the intruders rummaging through my bookshelves, casting aside my notes and possessions in search of their 'evidence'. 'Wait a second…they're going through my notes! Are they trying to steal my research? Forget hiding, I have to stop this now.'

As I rose from the floor in dramatic fashion, cloak billowing behind me as books fell from my shoulders, I turned to face a small boy. 'This must be Karol.' I thought to myself with a smirk. 'Brace yourself, kid, this is gonna sting.'

"Gyaaah! Wh-wh-what is that?!" Karol piped up nervously, running behind who I assumed to be Yuri for protection and peering out at me cautiously.

"Shut up." I ordered him through my teeth in a low, quiet growl. Without a moment's pause I began to cast my spell, the formula washing over the ground with brilliant light beneath my feet. Catching on quickly, Yuri moved out of the way with haste. The boy, however, lacked Yuri's wit.

"Huh? Hey, hold on!" He stammered.

"Thieves…" I began, taking aim…

"No, what're you... Wait!"

"BE GONE!" I shouted, and Karol never finished his sentence. Fire leapt from my hands, and shrouded his form with blackening smoke. Luckily for Karol, I hadn't intended to kill him…yet. In a moment, the smoke began to clear, and revealed Karol, coughing loudly and muttering to himself.

"A g-girl?!" The feminine voice queried in shock.

I heard the sound of sliding steel to the side. They were starting to draw their weapons. Or weapon. From the look of things, only that Yuri character seemed to actually have one.

"If you have tricks like that, why'd you bother skipping town in Zaphias?" Yuri asked me. The sword continued pointing at me, as if he'd actually hurt me if I didn't talk.

"Huh? Skipping town? Why would I need to skip town?" I may be the town weirdo, but I wasn't a criminal for that!

"For stealing the blastia core from the lower quarter. What else?"

I narrowed my eyes in disbelief at what I was hearing. This guy couldn't be serious.

"What?" I snapped. "You're calling me a thief. Have you ever heard of "common sense?"

"Yeah, sure." Yuri replied casually. He wasn't fazed at all.

"So you barge into someone's house, call them a thief, wave a sword in their face… what the HELL kind of sense is that?" My fists balled tightly. I wanted to torch this guy so much.

Probably sensing my rage, his pooch crept up from the side.

"Hey! Dog! Stay back you.. you dog!" I took a couple of steps back to distance myself from the animal. The dog stopped in its tracks, giving me time to focus on the boy.

"And you! Give him back!" I shouted.

"What do you mean?" The boy was taken aback by my outburst.

"The blastia! Give him back to me!"

The boy noticed what I was talking about. In his hands he held a small miniature I'd made of one of the blastia I'd found in the ruins. Of course, it wasn't real, but it's not like he needed to know that.

Karol made a motion like he was going to give the miniature back, when the girl swiftly walked over to me, bowing low.

"Wh- what's with you?" I was almost at a loss for words at her behavior compared to her companions.

"My name is Estellise." She said, straightening up again. "I'm terribly sorry for barging in on you like this. Yuri, Karol, you too!" She sent them a look that commanded them to apologize.

The boy instantly obeyed, lowering his head. "S-sorry." He didn't look too happy about having to apologize to me.

Yuri, on the other hand, merely sheathed his sword and stood silently. 'I guess putting his weapon away is his idea of saying "Sorry! My bad!"

"So.. what do you want?" I asked Estellise. After all, she seemed to be the most sensible of the three…

"Well, Yuri's been following a blastia thief from the imperial capital." Estellise replied.


"And that blastia thief," Yuri continued, walking over to me and gesturing to my clothes with an open hand. "Wore a cape.."

'It's a cloak, you nimrod.'

"Was short," He said, this time pointing at my forehead. Son of a-

"And their name was Mordio, so…" He trailed off, as if indicating all evidence pointed to me and my guilt was oh-so obvious.

'So, they know my name? Interesting…I guess there's more to this after all.'

"Mordio, huh? Well, Mordio is certainly my name. Rita Mordio, to be exact."

The boy chirped in, pointing out the obvious. "And the height matches up, too!"

I shot him a quick glare, then returned to looking at Yuri.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself?" He demanded.

'Oh, I have plenty to say.'

"I told you. I have no clue what you-" Then it hit me.

'That blonde knight, oh, Fluke, was it? His warnings... could they be connected to this?'

"Oh... I hadn't thought of that. Follow me." I turned to the door and started to walk.

"What?" Yuri tried to stop me. "Maybe you didn't hear me. We're not finished." His will seemed to be wavering, and the latent venom resting beneath his words lacked its earlier presence.

I turned back to him, frustrated. He didn't know when to just listen to reason.

"Would you just follow me?" I asked impatiently. "There's talk of thieves down at the Shaikos Ruins."

Who knew I'd be going there twice in a day- especially under these circumstances?

"It came from an imperial knight who asked me for help. You should be able to trust it."

Thank you for the alibi, er… Floyd? Damn it.

I stepped off into the back room, leaving them to their business and attending to my own. If they were chasing a thief.. I'd probably be fighting, so I slipped into my other outfit: Bright red, and just dripping tackiness. It'd been pointed out to me several times, but I never bothered to change it. The outfit was comfortable and easy to move in.

I returned to them when I was finished, just in time to see them whispering to themselves like a bunch of school girls. I cleared my throat. "Finished chatting? Let's go."

"All right." Yuri agreed. "But don't even think about making a break for it."

"You don't have to come." I said, frowning. Then I grinned. "If you want, I can just call the guards."

Estellise started to whisper to him. I couldn't really make out what they were saying, until I heard her mention Flynn.

Flynn.. 'There's the name. Flynn.'

I shrugged lightly. "It's up to you: Go to jail, make a run for it, or follow me. Pick one."

A moment of silence. Yuri's companions looked to him expectantly.

"Okay, okay!" He finally said, defeated. "We'll go with you."

I gave a small grin, and turned to the door. "The Shaikos ruins are to the east, once you leave the city."

I didn't wait for a reply. I just opened the door and stepped outside, the three of them following behind me.