Olivia Benson awoke to that annoying ringer on her cell phone she hated hearing that early in the morning, looking over at the alarm clock and noticing it was only 3:17 A.M. She rolled her eyes and looked down at the caller ID and lit up inside.

''Benson'' she stated pretending to sound annoyed although she was far from it

'' Hey , it's me!'' Eliott stated scared and nervous she'd be mad at him for calling in the middle of the night

'' Hey me'' she said with laughter in her voice, Elliott immediately relaxed after hearing she did'nt sound angry

'' I just called because I couldn't sleep, this case has really gotten to me, and I know it has gotten to you too, so I just figured you were awake!'' he said it so fast you'd think it had been rehearsed.

''It's alright Stabler, I was semi-awake, the damn heat in my apartment is broke again, and can't be fixed till tomorrow.'' She said clearly annoyed

'' want me to come keep you warm?'' He said and then kicked himself for letting his not so clean thought about his partner come out. He was starting to have feelings for his best friend, and partner of 11 years, but did'nt know if she felt the same way. He would even find himself sitting in the squad room daydreaming about her.

'' No Stabler Im good'' She said obviously surprised at his question.

'' Im gonna try to get some sleep before work though, I'll see you in a couple of hours, okay?'' she said trying to get off that phone fast so she didn't completely lose what sanity she still had and tell him she did want him to keep her warm.

'' Okay I will see you in a few.'' He laughed '' Bye''

'' Bye'' She said absolutely grinning

Olivia rolled over trying to go back to sleep, she closed her eyes and thoughts of her partner just seemed to start pouring through her mind. About 2 minutes after they hung up the phone, it starts ringing again. She rolls her eyes and reaches for it, not even looking at the caller ID with her eyes still closed she flips it open

''I told you Stabler I do Not need you to come over, and keep me warm'' she says laughing

'' Okay , I don't know what that was about, and frankly I don't want to know'' said the voice on the other end of the line

Olivia shot up out of bed, and almost falls on the floor with horror all over her face '' Captain, I can explain, I think?'' she says stuttering she is so nervous at this point.

'' I said I don't wanna know'' He tells her

''Olivia I need you to meet me down at the station as soon as you can get here, I just received a phone call I need to speak to you about.''

I'm on my way'' she says while starting to get dressed

Cragean hung up the phone and realized from her statement Elliott was probably awake, so he decided to call him , and tell him to come down immediately also.

The captain sat in his chair , and put his head in his hands, not knowing what was going to come out of this whole situation, and how he would get through what he had to say to Olivia

Olivia saw Elliot outside the precinct, and got onto the elevator with him, she looked at him once they were inside, and burst out into fits of laughter.

''What is so funny?'' he asked with a confused smile covering his face

She told him what she had said to cragean

''YOU SAID WHAT?!'' he exclaimed starting to laugh himself.

They had gotten off the elevator, and headed straight for the captains office. They knocked on the door, and were ordered to come in, and have a seat. They sat in silence for a few seconds, and Elliott could sense something was not right.

'' Whats this about?''Olivia asked the captain she also had a vibe, something was seriously wrong.

'' Well I got a call about midnight from the new Jersey police, Captain Millfield asked a officer to call. Olivia ther e was an accident about midnight last night, Simon and Lucy were on their way home from His Christmas party at work, and a gas tanker hit them head on, and exploded, They did'nt make it , Liv I am so sorry.''

At this point Olivia was already in tears with her face buried into Elliott's chest, he had his face down on the top of her head when a tear escaped his eyes.''I am so sorry baby, Im so sorry, Im right here'' he said trying to keep his composure, he didn't know Simon all that well, and he never knew Lucy, but he could'nt take seeing Liv like this.

Liv finally looks up at her captain with red and swollen eyes

'' Liv , they told me Simons Mother died last year because of her alzheimers, and well youre aware of what happened to Simon and your father, and well Lucy has been an Orphan since she was 4.''

Olivia looked at him in shock '' Cap, what are you trying to say?''

'' Im saying They are giving you 24 hours to go to New Jersey and pick up the kids, or they become wards of the state''

Their captain slipped out of his office, leaving Elliott and Olivia free to just sit there and hold each other, after a few minutes he lifts her chin up with his hand, wiping the tears from her eyes with his thumbs.

'' So what are going to do?'' He asks as tears start rolling down her cheeks again

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