Disclaimer: Zelda ain't mine, nor is Linebeck. I just wish he was. Quote is Marquis de Sade.

Note: Second birthday fic for keem. This will consist of seven ficlets, each on consecutive days, based of the seven deadly sins prompts. I'm going to be straight up here and say I really have no clue what I am doing, I'm horrible at pairings and don't know why I volunteered this one. But OH WELL got to try everything once, right? Hope you enjoy, keemers :D This will be a Link/Linebeck pairing, so that means slash and other slightly more dodgy warnings. Set in a vaguely AU timeline, there'll probably be some end-of-game spoilers, won't get too dirty, let's just see how it goes. Also I hate this title but again - OH WELL.


The Captain's Boy


Lust's passion will be served; it demands; it militates; it tyrannizes


On the first day, there is lust.

It starts off as a prickle. The sun is glaring down on them, glinting off the tops of waves, every burst of spray a gasp of freshness in the heat, and Link is stretching, his back defined under a tunic that's getting too tight, and his legs bare and thin because the heat's made him cast off those silly white tights. Linebeck's leaning on the rail of the ship, and he glances over and Link yawns, and something runs down his spine, a familiar tingle of over-interest.

What the -?

Linebeck shakes his head. It's the heat, he thinks. Makes him think strange things. That, and he hasn't been to land in – how long now? A man's bound to get frustrated...

Link glances over his shoulder and catches Linebeck watching him. Linebeck's flustered for a second, already opening his mouth to make an excuse, already prepared to feign disinterest and denial, but Link simply smiles, bright and unconcerned, and sits down on the deck.

That smile, Linebeck thinks, is how all this started - how Link and Tetra migrated over to his ship last month, with the vague promise that they'd be leaving soon, and Tetra was giving her crew a break, so they were going to hang here for a week or two. Well, Tetra had made the vague promise. Link had hovered there, arms folded behind his head, staring up at the blue of the sky above.

Linebeck had protested at first. Wanted to know why these kids wanted to use his boat like a hotel (though, granted, their older now, but far from grown up, and still too young for all this) when they could just go ashore for a while. Tetra had started garbling out some answer, but Linebeck hadn't listened, because right then Link had tilted his head down, and looked at him like he'd just realised he was there. He'd shot him a bright, wide smile, the kind that said Linebeck was his friend and that he'd missed him and that he was happy to see him –

And Linebeck had said yes.

Now, it's too hot for three people on the small boat, and Tetra is striding about issuing orders. Linebeck's glad she wasn't killed by Bellum and all, but damn, that girl is irritating. The idea of a little girl lording it over a pirate crew (some pirates, he thinks dismissively, remembering his first meeting with them) doesn't sit well with him. And now she's trying it on on his ship! But he bites his tongue, because she's Link's friend.

Linebeck's found he's got a bad habit of letting people get away with things when they're Link's friends.

What is it with Link anyway? He's growing up now, sure, so he's going to be getting a little bit more defined in the chest area, and he's always been a handsome kid so his legs are bound to look nice.

The question is, the sea captain thinks, folding his arms over his chest and looking anywhere but at the mass of green and blond sprawled on the deck, why is he noticing?

But the awkward prickle creeping down his body tells him why he's noticing. He decides he'd better ignore it, because paying attention to it – well, that's just going to make it worse, isn't it? It's just the heat, and if he thinks about this, he's going to assume it's something else, something like –

No, don't even think it. Thinking it makes it concrete and as soon as it's concrete, you've got the foundations and they can start building your tomb. So don't think –

- That it's something like desire for this boy in green staring up at the sky.

Yep, that's it. Whatever you do, don't think that. Linebeck nods his head decisively.

And then he groans.

He's such an idiot sometimes.

When he pulls his face out of his hand, Link is looking over, raising his eyebrows to ask if he's okay. Yeah he's growing up, but he's still very much a kid in those eyes. And even though it's a kid who's seen far too much killing and swordplay for his age (anyone's age, really), they're still so damn innocent. And wide.

And appealing.

Time to stop this, Linebeck decides, and he locks himself inside his cabin until they hit land. Tomorrow it'll be cooler, and this whole ridiculous 'wanting to bone the hero kid' thing will be completely forgotten.