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The Void

Buffy was floating in blackness, her entire body numb as the fingers of death wrapped around her soul. She looked around as the void suddenly filled with silver light. The light blinded her, but her eyes adjusted quickly enough, and soon she saw the form of a woman before her, her body created from dots of light.

"Am I dying?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, champion, you are. Your friends are on their way to save you, but they'll not make it. Soon you will pass into Elysium." The woman spoke and her voice was calming.

"Oh… I failed." Buffy said.

"Yes, but you do not have to. Your life is at its end. Your destiny complete, but your soul still holds to it's purchase, it still struggles to live. I have a short window with which to work, if, you wish to live." The figure smiled at Buffy and it felt like light radiating through her body.

"If I wish to live, I don't have to die…" Buffy asked, her fading mind not comprehending what the person was saying.

"You've proven yourself a fine champion, the Powers however, have chosen another. I would take you as my champion. A champion of the Old Gods. I am Artemis. Goddess of the hunt, and the moon, and I can give you back your life, with greater power than that of the slayer. You would still face the darkness, but now, it would be to further my goals, and protect man, than to maintain the balance of the Powers That Be. I am a goddess, Buffy, I won't settle for maintaining the balance. I want total victory." Artemis said.

"I don't… I don't want to die…" Buffy said.

"Then make your choice, become my champion." Artemis said.

"Yes!" Buffy called.

The Master's Lair

Xander compressed Buffy's chest again, trying to force her heart to beat, his eyes were shining with unshed tears as he tried to force breath back into her body. Angel watched the Zeppo his own anxiety obvious on his face, but he already knew it was beyond the point where they could be any help. Buffy was dead.

"Xander, it's too late. She's gone." Angel said.

"NO! She can't be gone; I WON'T LET HER BE GONE!" Xander yelled.

Suddenly the body started to glow with a bright silver light as it floated into the air, the wound on its neck healing in an instant. Then the light coalesced around its wrists, ankles, neck, and shined out of its now open eyes. Buffy's still chest started to heave as she breathed breath back into her lungs, then her mouth opened as she yelled.


"BUFFY!" Xander stared at the sight before him as the slayer finally settled to her feet.

"The master?" Buffy's eyes are hard as stone, fist clenching as she looks down at herself. She's wearing silver bracers now, as well as a silver choker, and silver sandals instead of the shoes she wore with her dress. She smiles as she feels the new power coursing through her veins.

"He's gone up," Angel is staring at her, unsure of what just happened.

Buffy doesn't even look back as she starts out of the tunnel until Xander's hand stops her, "Buffy, you were drowned…"

"It's ok, my new patron made sure I could more than handle bat face." Buffy smiled as she channeled her energy through her body, then took off at a run, leaving the Zeppo and the vampire in her dust.

"What was that?" Xander asked.

"She isn't a slayer anymore." Angel said, "I don't know what she is."

The School

"Yes! Come forth my child! Come forth! Come into my world!" The Master Nest laughed, clapping as he watched the chaos unfold below him in the library; the feeble attempts of the humans to save themselves. He laughed as the tentacle beast made its way slowly from the Hellmouth.

"Sorry, I don't think the world's yours just yet." the voice coming from behind him was impossible.

He turned slowly, looking at the girl standing there. Somewhere along the way she'd shed the dress and now wore a white peasant blouse with silver embroidery at the cuffs and hem, she had silver sandals on that wrapped up her legs and encircled the white pants she wore, and silver bracers. A silver collar encircled her neck.

"You're dead!" The master shouted.

"But I'm still pretty. More than I can say for you." Buffy smirked.

"You were destined to die. It was written!" He shouted again.

"Funny thing about Destiny; once it's satisfied, anyone with enough power can change the rules." Buffy smirked as her bracers glowed, and two gleaming silver blades appeared in her hands.

"What are you?" The Master finally realized he was far out of his depth as he stared at the girl before him.

"I am Buffy Summers, Champion of Artemis. And you're about to get dusty." Buffy smirked as she rushed toward the vampire with superhuman speed.

Nest never saw the punch that sent him flying, or the knee that stopped him on the way down. He felt them though. The sword hilt Buffy held shattered the bones in his face then her knee cracked his ribs. Then his vampire senses caught up as she kicked him in the stomach again, the force sending him back into the air. A deft motion of her arm and his was severed at the elbow, the blade not even stalled by his flesh. He watched as his entire arm dusted and blew away on the breeze. Nest did the only thing he could, he screamed.

"NO!" Nest couldn't believe it. They weren't supposed to dust. Vampires could reattach limbs with blood.

He didn't get the chance to question it anymore as Buffy circled him and severed his head, cutting off The Master's scream as his entire body dusted and blew away on the breeze.

Buffy looked down into the library, seeing the portal closing, but the beast still attempting to harm her friends. Without thinking she leapt through the skylight, raining glass and shattered wood down on them all as she drove both her blades into the creature, causing it to let out an ear splitting howl. As quickly as she'd descended she leapt off the creature and landed between it and her friends.

"Go back to Hell!" She called as the creature descended into the portal and it finally slipped close.

"BUFFY!" Willow shouted as she looked at her friend.

"My word!" Giles said, taking in his slayer's attire and the feat she'd just performed.

"Hey Willow, Giles, Ms. C., Cordy." Buffy just smiled as the swords she'd held vanished, her bracers glowing just a moment.

"Buffy, what… what happened to you?" Willow asked, staring at her.

"Yea, we'd kinda like to know that to…" Xander said, finally coming into the library followed by Angel.

"I died, but somebody up there didn't want me to stay that way." Buffy smiled as she looked down at her body, feeling the last of the changes finally taking place.

"You… died?" Giles said.

"Yea, and for the record, I don't suggest it. Kinda voidy." Buffy shook her head, "But like I said, someone wanted me back on Earth, or more accurately, someone wanted me working for them, on Earth. I agreed to be the Champion of Artemis." Buffy smiled

"Dear Lord!" Giles said.

"Wow!" Jenny blinked.

"Oh crap." Angel provided.

"Huh!" Xander and Cordelia agreed.

"Whoa." Willow said.

"You, entered a pact, with an Old God. That hasn't happened since…" Giles started.

"Hercules." Jenny supplied, smiling as she walked toward the new born champion, "He was the champion of Zeus, not his son, but that's common of mythology. I take it, the jewelry and clothing is a gift from your goddess."

"Yep, and a spiffy new list of powers…" Buffy smiled, "Not sure about all those yet, but know I'm stronger and faster than I was as The Slayer."

"Artemis was the virgin goddess of the forest, the hunt, and the moon. She held the deer sacred and the cypress as sacred, and was often depicted with a bow." Jenny said.

Suddenly Buffy's eyes glowed silver, "You are very knowledgeable of the old gods Janna. Perhaps you would agree to guide my Champion since she still needs aid in training and discovering her powers, as well as in areas where I will send her for something specific. Of course, Rupert, you are welcome to aid her as well, as are the rest of you. As for her gifts… The bracers she wears are forged by Hephestus, and hold two weapons. The blades of Selene, and The Bow of Artemis, both of which are hers to use as she sees fit. The choker is tied to me as well. It protects her from harmful spells, and anything that will affect her mind. The rest, is merely a manifestation of her change. I hope you all will aid her now that she is no longer tied to The Watchers. Oh, and vampire, two words. Soul CURSE!" That said, the glowing stopped and Buffy shook her head.

"Whoa. Goddess that felt good." Buffy giggled, and swayed a bit.

"What…. What… was that." Xander said, staring at his blonde friend.

"That, was my goddess speaking through me." She turned to Jenny, "So, a gypsy?"

"WHAT!" Giles said.

"Hush, Ripper." Buffy said, giggling a bit, "I didn't get all the details, but when she spoke through me, I got a bit of her insight into each of you…" She turned to Angel, "It never would have worked, not in the long run, would it?"

"No, I don't guess it would have." Angel said.

"Buffy?" Giles looked at his, now former, charge.

"Like I said Giles, I got a touch of insight. His curse, it's meant to make him suffer. One moment of true pure happiness, and the curse is broken." Buffy sighed.

"Ah, yes… I see…" Giles said.

"Ok, I've got to get home, build a shrine, get some sleep, and get ready to go to my dad's for the summer. Giles, what are the chances of the Watchers sending the new slayer here?" Buffy looked at him.

"Uhm… I don't… that is to say…" Giles stuttered.

"Right… look into it. I'm not sure how they'll feel about a champion of the old gods running around the Hellmouth, let alone one who was a former slayer. But make no mistakes, I don't answer to them or the Powers That Be anymore. They only want balance. My goddess wants to win. Xan? Willow? Wanna get a coffee before I head home?" With that, the champion walked out of the library, her friends following slack jawed behind her.