I walked alongside Jasper, our hands interlaced like two pale roots. My eyes flickered up at him, a smile crawling up my face.

The dim cafe light sparkled off of his pale skin and his corn silk hair. He looked like the picture of the perfect southern gentleman, with his perfect posture and polite expression. We walked behind Emmett and Rosalie, the eyes of the rest of the student body following the us curiously. I was used to their stares, they didn't make an ounce of difference when I walked next to my own Greek God.

We slid into our usual seats near the window, oblivious to the stares of the students.

I weaved my arm through Jasper's, my fingers resting against his firm bicep. He glanced down at me smoothly, his light yet wary smile on his lips.

I knew what he was thinking sitting in a room full of fresh, pulsing blood. I squeezed him softly, my smile as comforting as I could manage. He smiled back at me, this time it was far more genuine. Leaning my head against his shoulder, I breathed in his scent deeply.

It felt as if our small group were the only occupants of the giant cafeteria. No one spoke to us, yet we knew we were the most popular topic amongst the groups. It didn't matter really. I could care less. I grimaced as the bell rang loudly, the screeching of chairs against the linoleum followed. I groaned as Rosalie laughed. "I don't wanna go to class." I whined especially loud, knowing Jasper smile.

He turned to me, his hand resting against my back as he pulled me to his chest. "It is okay love. It is only History". He said with a chuckle as I frowned.

"I know, but we're studying the Civil War". I groaned trying to hold back a laugh. "I imagine you would be a far better teacher on the subject". I smiled as he grinned sheepishly.

"I know.. But it is the last class. There isn't a point in leaving now". He said clenching my hand as he drew me unwillingly to my feet.

We walked slowly to class, but not nearly slow enough. This was the only class I didn't share with Jasper and it was utterly depressing. At least his company would provide me with some entertainment in this torture chamber. I decided to make this last as long as I could.

I planted my feet firmly as we stopped by the door. Looking up at him expectingly, I frowned dramatically. "DO I have to"? I said in a childish voice, watching his smile appear effortlessly. He ran his hand up my neck, clenching my chin firmly as he stared into my eyes.

"Yes love". He whispered touching his lips lightly against mine. "I will be here when you're through". He whispered drawing back slowly as I let out a huff.

"Fine". I said happily. There was no way I could stay upset after we kissed. Not when he was manipulating my emotions with his gift as well as his lips. I spun on my heel trudging into the class to the back of the room.

As the lecture started, I stared out the window solemly. Drumming my pen against the desk, trying to think of a way to occupy my time. College was only so exciting the fifth time in a row. Glancing down at my open notebook, I scribbled down my thoughts.

The strands in your eyes.
The color of them, wonderful.
Stop me, then steal my breath.
Emeralds from mountains, thrust towards the sky.
Never revealing their depth.

I looked over the first few lines, my mood picking up slightly. I had a vision a while ago of writing a poem to give to Jasper, one that showed him just how I felt. It seemed useless since I had told him so many times since our first meeting, and not to mention we were bound togeter for an eternity. Yet still, the words flowed effortlessly on the page.

I glanced to the desk next to me, the blonde haired boy watching me with wide eyes. I smirked at him quickly, before turning my attention back to the paper.

My hand flew across the page swiftly, the tip of the pen scratching silently. The hour seemed to fly by shockingly fast, and already the bell was ringing.

I leapt from my seat, collecting my things in one swoop as I danced to the door. Turning swiftly as I passed through the threshold, I faced my blonde haired angel.

He leaned against the wall beside the door, his eyes brightening as they turned toward me. I watched him extend his hand, and I took it gratefully. As we walked down the hall toward the parking lot, the words of my poem echoed in my head.

Tell me, that we belong together.
Dress it up, with the trappings of love.
I'll be captivated.
I'll hang from your lips.
Instead of the gallows,
Of heartache that hang from above.

We broke into a jog as the lines of cars came into view. I smiled as students gaped at us as we flew by.

Not a moment later we were at Edward's volvo, my back hitting lightly against the side door as Jasper pressed me against it. In the most tender, yet lust filled way, he leaned down capturing my lips fiercely. I smiled as I heard a loud gag coming from the opposite side of the car. I smiled against Jasper's lips as I heard Edward exclaim loudly. "Ugh.. break it up."

He leaned against the driver's door, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. "And Jasper, keep it clean". He said with a smirk tossing Jasper the keys as Jasper laughed deeply. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head leaning against his chest as I smiled up at him. "You're just jealous Edward". I said smirking as Edward scoffed.

"Hardly". He muttered glancing at Bella as she stood next to her Mercedez. He turned, walking quickly toward her.

I smiled watching Jasper open the door, his left hand motioning me forward. I clenched his hand in mine as I slid into the back seat. As he followed closely behind, his arm curled around my shoulders, pulling me against his chest as he smiled.

I leaned my head into his chest, closing my eyes smoothly as Rosalie floated into the driver'seat and Emmett shuffle into the passenger.