I hurried up the first flight of stairs, my hand running up the railing as I ascended the second flight. As I reached the third story of the house, my eyes turned toward the ceiling.

His voice was much clearer now, strong yet sensitive. The words were still muted by the wood but I could definetely tell he was singing. I turned to the window in the hall way, my hand resting carefully on the pane. As I pushed the glass back, I glanced nervously back at the ceiling. I truly hoped he wouldn't stop if he heard me coming up to listen.

Smiling, I jumped through the window, my hand clenching the panel as I hung there. Carefully, I placed my hand on the wood, my nails digging into it to hold my body weight. I climbed stealthly up the side of the house, my hands finding the notches in the wood easily.

I shifted away from his voice, pulling myself onto the roof behind his back. Crouching on all fours, I looked across the roof at him.

He was sitting perfectly still, his shoulders hunched forward slightly as he strummed absentmindedly at the guitar on his lap. His other hand scribbled across a piece of paper resting a few inches from his leg.

The light shone dimly down on him, illuminating his cornsilk hair. His perfect features glowed in the light as he began playing once more.

Slowly I approached him, my body straightening upright as I walked over the tiles.

"My gift is my song.

And this one's for you,

So you can tell everybody, that this is your song..

It may be quite simple now that it starts.."

He sang softly, his voice velvety and jazz like. I stopped dead in my tracks, staring over his muscular back and broad shoulders.

"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind,

That I put down in words..

How wonderful life is, now you're in the world".

I took a cautious step foward, standing a few feet behind him. I breathed softly, my nostrils filling with his musky scent. I watched him pause, his long fingers flying across the cords as a soft melody filled the air.

I took another step forward, this time now standing within inches of him. I heard him laugh heartedly as he looked out over the trees.

"Now love". He said shaking his head as he glanced backward at me. "How am I supposed to keep anything secret when you're spying on me? This was supposed to be a surprise and it isn't even finished yet".

I shook my head, lowering to my knees beside him. "Please don't stop, I am sorry but I couldn't resist". I smiled at him as I placed my hand on his hand clenched around the neck of the guitar. "Please".

He smiled at me, his right hand reaching out toward my face. I leaned into his fingertips as they brushed across my skin.

"You needn't ask love. This is of course your song, why shouldn't you hear it? Just don't criticize too harshly," He muttered glancing back at the guitar as his hand drifted from my cheek. "It isn't finished yet."

I folded my hands on my lap, shaking my head. "I would never critcize something you wrote for me". I whispered as he nodded slowly. I watched his lips part, his white teeth gleaming in the sunlight.

"I sat on the roof, and I kicked off the bars.

Well see these forces, well they.. They got me quite cross..
But the sun's been kind, while I wrote this song..

It's for people like you that, keep it turned on."

He looked up at me as he picked away at the cords, a lovely soft melody enveloping up. His tongue lapped against the back of his teeth as his throat clenched. His chest rose and fell as he began singing louder, his fingers flying over the cords.

"So excuse me for getting like this, but these things I do...

You see I've forgotten that this dream did come true.

Oh well the thing is, that I really love you..

Your love's just the sweetest star that I ever seen..."

I leaned against his shoulder, my hand resting against his leg as I listened to him sing. Bellow us I could hear the others stopping in the house, the sound of his voice drawing their attention toward the roof.

I smiled widely as I looked over his face. His eyes were shut tightly, his head bobbing back and forth as he sang. He looked like the typical tortured artist deep in his music, unaware of the curoious eyes watching him. I knew he always loved singing though he tried to hide his talent from the others.

His eyelids peeled back as his smoldering yellow eyes turned toward me.

"And you can tell everybody, this is your song..

It may be quite simple now that it's done..

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind..

That I put down in words.. How wonderful life is,

Now you're in the world.."

He stared into my eyes softly, his lips pulling back as he smiled at me.

I imagine my face must have been something he hoped to see, if I still were alive I'd be blushing brightly. I laid my hand on his knee as his eyes shut again.

He sang with such passion and innocence, oh how I loved his voce. I watched his eyes open again turning out toward me.

"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind..

That I put down in words.. How wonderful life is...

Now you're in the world!"

He leaned his hand against mine as he grinned shyly. "Was that alright"? He whispered, tilting his head to the side.

I shook my head and watched his eyes fall as he frowned.

"Oh. Alright". He muttered, pushing the guitar away onto the roof beside him.

"It wasn't at all alright... It was wonderful!" I said throwing my arms forcefully around his neck.

I leaped into his lap, crushing my lips against his as his arms snaked around me. I pushed him onto his back on the tile, staring down at his elated expression. Kissing him again, I felt his body tense as I pressed my hips into his.

"Easy, little Alice," He chuckled, looking over the edge of the roof. "The others are still listening, they're expecting an encore". He said stroking the small of my back with his hand.

"Then they'll just have to wait". I said pressing my lips agaisnt his Adam's apple as he groaned. I felt his lower half quivering beneath me and I couldn't help but smile.

Leaning backward, I looked toward the trees, listening to Bella, Edward and Reneesme as they ran. Looking toward the otherside of the roof, I heard the roar of Emmett's jeep and the clanging of metal bats.

"Hey love birds!" Emmett called from the driveway, the usual air of mockery in his voice. "We're gonna go play a game with Edward and Bella, why don't you meet us when you're through humping!" He howled with laughter as Rosalie groaned climbing into the jeep.

"Do you want to go play a game"? I smirked down at Jasper as he shrugged.

"I am in no particular hurry". He whispered clenching my back firmly. I could feel the lust and passion flowing out of him as he scooped me into his arms and jumped to his feet. He leaned down, clenching the guitar in his hand as he leaped off the roof.

His hand caught the pane of our window as he effortlessly threw himself into our bedroom.

I laughed as he carried me to the bed gently before pressing me into the mattress and attacking my lips hungrily. I kissed him back just as passionately, our tongues dancing in unison. I ran my fingers through his hair, clenching his strands tightly as he tried to pull away from me. We could have remained like that for hours, not

having to part to breath sure was an advantage. I finally let him lean backward as I began unbottoning his shirt quickly..

His broad chest glimmered in the light of our lamp and I couldn't surpress the growl I made. He grinned as he leaned against my chest, his hands pulling away the ties of my dress.

"Don't rip this one". I cautioned, staring directly into his eyes as he looked at me.

He smirked as he slid the dress over my shoulders smoothly, lightly flipping the discarded fabric over his head.

As I leaned back against the bed, his lips trailing across my neck, I noticed something protruding out of his shirt pocket. I weaved my hand across the bed to clench the object as he watched me lazily.

I pulled my hand back, my eyes widening as I realized what this thing was. In between my fingers, laminated and folded up, was the poem I wrote for him. "What"? I said with a laugh as I held it before him. "You still have this?" I smiled as he nodded.

His finger traced along the edge of the paper as he looked down at me. "Of course".

"Why"? I couldn't understand why he'd keep the poem let alone lamenate it.

"Because". He whispered, his finger twirling around a strand of my hair. He stared deeply into my eyes. "It was inspiration. It reminds me each day what I must be for you above all else. If I can do nothing but be there for you when you need me, then that is what I will do".

I stared up at him silently, a smile growing on my face. No matter being a psychic. Besides being able to see the future of people's decisions, this man still had the ability to surpise me. I leaned up to him to meet his awaiting lips.

"You are just full of surpises Jasper Witlock". I muttered into his lips as my arms circled around his neck.

He smirked down at me, his hands clenching behind my ears. "You as well love". He trailed his lips down my neck, sighing into my skin. "I love you".

I grinned as I leaned my chin into his neck, kissing his veins lightly. "I love you too.."