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A/N: I hope everyone likes this story! It tells about my Alice's first trip to Wonderland.

"Her First Adventure"

Chapter 1-More Than Just a Mirror

Four-year-old Alicen Sierra Kimberly Miller, Alice, sat on her bed, trying to block out the sounds of her parents arguing. She didn't like it when they did that. It always scared her.

Trying to fight back tears, Alice stroked her cat, Dinah, behind the ears. She could always count on Dinah for company and comfort. She was a true frend.

"Dinah, I wish Mommy and Daddy didn't fight so much. It scares me. They need to be nice to each other."

Dinah meowed as though agreeing with Alice.

As the yelling got louder, Alice couldn't take it anymore. She jumped off her bed. She wanted-no she needed to get away.

Spotting her closet, she dove for it. But as she did so, she missed it by inches and crashed into her mirror instead.

Bracing herself for the pain that was to come, Alice was surprised when she felt nothing but a slight falling sensation.

Landing on the other side, she opened her bluish green eyes to find herself in a grassy field.

Brushing herself off, she looked around trying to figure out where she was. She didn't recognize anything about this place.

This didn't make her feel any better.

She then remembered something her mother often told her.

'If you ever get lost, stay in one place. If that's not possible, try and find a grown up to help you."

Alice always listened to her mother, so she decided to take her advice now.

Taking a deep breath, she looked both ways before stepping forward.

Getting to the edge of the forest, Alice found herself face to face with a tall structure that looked like a castle.

Figuring someone must live there, she made her way inside.

Stopping outside the door, she knocked before entering.

Not receiving an answer, she tried to open it.

To her surprise, the door opened at her touch, allowing her entry.

"Hello?" She asked, a little uncertainly. "Is anyone home?"

As she gazed around the hallway, she suddenly realized how dark it was. She didn't like this and wanted to find a brighter place.

Just as she was about to go forward, the opening and closing of a door made her jump. She went to back up, but accidentally backed into a room off to her left.

The only problem was, she had backed into it so quickly, she ended up falling on her bottom.

Getting up, Alice surveyed her new surroundings.

This room was much brighter than the hallway, which made her heartbeat slow down considerably.

The room itself was red from top to bottom. There were various chairs scattered throughout the space.

But the one that caught the little girl's attention most was a comfy looking one sitting in the middle of the room.

It had a red cushion upon it and looked regal somehow.

Alice wanted so badly to curl up on it and go to sleep, but she knew better. She was taught never to touch anything that wasn't hers without asking first.

Little did she know in just six short years, she would be sitting upon that very throne as ruler of Wonderland for the weekend.

Just then, the sound of voices could be heard from outside.

"I could have sworn I turned off the light in the throne room." Came a grown up female voice. "Rabbit, did you forget to turn the light off again?"

"Are you sure it's on?" The Rabbit asked. He thought he had surely shut it off.

"Of course I'm sure." The Queen replied. "I wasn't born yesterday."

Rabbit shook his head.

As he went for the door, Alice scrambled for the only available hiding place that was in view. It happened to be behind that big, red comfy looking chair in the middle of the room.

"I'll do it." The Queen told him. "I don't need you breaking another expensive vase."

Rabbit blushed, but let her Majesty pass.

Entering the throne room, the Queen was about to flip the light switch, but stopped for a minute. She could tell something was different about her throne room right away.

It wasn't in shambles or anything, but it certainly wasn't the way she had left it earlier either.

Taking a good look around, she couldn't quite place her finger on what was different.

She was about to leave, when the sound of whimpering caught her attention.

"What in Wonderland?" The Queen murmured to herself. With that, she stepped further into the room.

Stopping just a few feet from her throne, she listened intently for where the sound was coming from.

For a minute, there was silence. It was broken a moment later by the sound of crashing glass.

Shaking her head, the Queen sighed to herself. If it wasn't one thing it was another with that Rabbit.

She was about to go see what he had destroyed this time, but stopped in her tracks as the whimpering sound met her ears again.

Determined to figure out what was going on once and for all, the Queen stepped boldly forward.

She could tell her throne hadn't been touched, but there was something definitely different about it.

Never being the kind of Queen to get herself dirty unnecessarily, she did the only thing she could think of.

Getting to the door, she opened it and called for the Rabbit.

"Rabbit! Rabbit!" The Queen exclaimed.

"Coming, You're Majesty!" Rabbit called back. He was at her side in a matter of minutes. "You needed me for something?"

"Yes. I think there's someone in the Throne room. But they're hiding. I can't imagine why."

"Neither can I." Rabbit replied. "Why anyone would be afraid of you is beyond me. Then again, you do have a tendency to…"

"Rabbit, I need you to check behind the throne. It's not that I'm afraid or anything like that."

"Of course not."

"It's just it's dusty back there and these shoes are new."

"Yes. Right away, You're Majesty." With that, he went around the throne to investigate.

"I don't see anything." He reported a few minutes later.

"That's because you're looking on the wrong side. For Heaven's sake. I said behind the throne, not on the side of it."

"Of course, You're Majesty. Behind it." With that, he tried again.

As he went around to the back, Alice tried to back away without being seen.

This only resulted in her knocking over the foot stool that sat on the other side of the throne.

The sound was unmistakable.

Fortunately, the Queen gave Rabbit a look.

But instead of saying something, her Majesty just sighed in frustration.

If only they could get through one night without Rabbit knocking something over.

But the Queen knew better. Pigs would fly before that happened.

"Oh forget it. I have to do everything my self." With that, the Queen came forward.

As she did so, she managed to move the foot stool away.

Alice gasped, realizing her hiding place was as good as discovered.

Unfortunately, she forgot to be quiet about it.

"OH my…" Rabbit said as he gazed down at the slightly trembling figure on the floor. "How did….where did…"

The Queen ignored him for the moment and concentrated on their new discovery.

"It's only a child." She said.

Her gaze lingered on Alice for a minute or so.

The girl had dark blond hair and bluish green eyes.

Although her Majesty would never admit it aloud, she did find her somewhat adorable.

It was just something about her eyes that made the Queen's normally stern demeanor melt away ever so slightly.

Alice was wearing a pink and blue jumpsuit with a pink shirt underneath.

Her hair was down with a pink bow in it.

As for her shoes, she wasn't wearing any at the time. She had on a pair of pink socks with blue dolphins on them.

The Queen tore her eyes away from the frightened child and glared at Rabbit accusingly.

"How exactly did this child get in here, Rabbit."

"She opened the door and walked in?"

The Queen resisted the urge to yell at him again.

"I know how she got in here, I meant how did she find her way here. Besides, I thought the front door was locked."

It was Rabbit's turn to be nervous now. He only prayed he could come up with an explaination that would satsify the Queen.

While he was thinking of an explanation, he had a feeling it was going to be a long night…