Chapter 1

Crown Prince Matthew Tobias Contfe looked at himself in the mirror. He saw a handsome young man with sandy blonde hair and sparkling light blue eyes. He smiled at himself before turning around and making his way down to his workroom where his father had requested his appearce. When he walked in to his study he noticed his father standing in front of five young maids. He sent his father a inquiring look, wondering what his father was up to now.

King Richard walked up to his son and quietly told him, "You need to pick one of these girls to help you out with your studies, experiments, and whatever else you require. Once you pick one you are stuck with her for a full year. You can't change every day like you have been doing the last month. Do you understand?" The last part came out as a threat.

Matt looked over at his father, his eyes ice as he thought about whether he should listen to his words or not. Matt finally looked away, to look at the five girls and commented, "These girls better be up to the challenge. I am not an easy person to serve."

King Richard smiled and replied, "You find that any one of them will do the job quite well." And then walked out of the room.

Matt walked up to the five girls and asked for their names.

The small girl with brown hair and eyes, on the far right answered first, "I'm Hinta." She said with a bow.

The girl besides her had a pale straw colored hair that made her look washed out answered next, "I'm Lynn."

The next two girls were twins with the same colored black hair and coloring, answered together, "I'm Ida and I'm Anise."

The last girl looked at him with longing before answering, "I'm Eliza."

Matt looked away quickly, hating it when girls tried to get him that way. He thought for a second wondering how he was going to make his decision. He looked around his workroom, noticing for the first time in a while that it was a mess, his worktable in the joining room was probably worse. Matt smiled inwardly as he came up with a plan.

"These rooms are quite a mess, will you five please clean them for me? I have a guest coming in an hour and would like it clean by then." He waited for their answers before turning and leaving to go back to his rooms. Once he was there he activated the watching spell he had set up in those two rooms. Before him were two pictures, one in the main workroom and the other showed his worktable.

The twins and Hinta had started working on the main room, while Lynn and Eliza worked to clean up the smaller room. Matt concentrated first on Lynn and Eliza because how they handled his worktable meant a lot to him. Lynn had started picking books off of the floor and stacking them on the table while Eliza was moving papers into a pile on his desk. Matt grimaced as he wondered how long it would take to get those papers back into a workable order. Lynn had finally noticed what Eliza was doing and starting talking to her rapidly. Matt sighed and told himself again he needed to figure out how to get this spell to include sound. He saw Eliza yell at Lynn and push off all the papers onto the floor and left the room to go join the others. Lynn looked at the scattered mess before going to her knees and start picking them up. Matt just assumed that she would just pile them into one pile and leave them on the desk so he turned his attention to the other room where the now four girls were talking as they dusted the room.

He could see from the brisk way they went about their cleaning all four of them were accomplished housecleaners, but that didn't mean that he wanted them to be his personal servant. He looked over to the other room where he expected Lynn to be done picking up the papers and onto something else. What he found was her reviewing each sheet carefully before put into one of the many piles around her. He was surprised. She was reading… While everyone was taught to read, many of the servants would forget how to. They didn't think they needed it in order to clean but he thought differently. If Lynn truly was reading and organizing his papers that gave her a good chance for the job.

At this time his friend that he was "expecting" walked into the door.

"I was told you were here. Why aren't you in your workroom?" Justin asked.

Matt looked up at his dark-haired friend. "Look." He pointed to his two images, "My father says that I have to pick one of them to be my servant and I have to keep her for a year." Matt grimaced when he said that.

Justin laughed, "No wonder, you have been going through them like flies. Everyone one in the castle is getting annoyed at it." He sat down by Matt and looked at the five girls cleaning. "Do you like any of them yet?"

Matt pointed to the lone girl at the worktable. "I think she actually read and organized my papers."

Justin chuckled, "Don't be so surprised if she did read, you tend to think everyone is an idiot."

Matt smiled, "I just remark on what I see."

Justin rolled his eyes and then stood up, "Come introduce me to your victims so I can run my own test on them."

When they arrived in the rooms, Matt noticed that the four were waiting in the main room for him but he didn't see Lynn. He nodded to them and walked into the room where she was. She was on her hands and knees trying to get a book that had slid underneath the couch.

Justin smiled when he saw that and elbowed Matt in the ribs as he pointed over to her. Lynn finally noticed that she was no longer alone looked up in surprise. Seeing who it was she scrambled to stand up so she could bow to them. Matt motioned for her to pick up the book now laying at her feet and commented, "You found the book that Justin put there three months ago."

"It was actually four."

"Four? Really that long ago?" Matt asked him.

"Yes, it was." Justin replied.

"Hum… Anyway, Justin put it there to see how long it would take before somebody noticed it. Good Job."

Lynn just shuffled her feet and kept her eyes on her boots. Matt told her to join the other four in the other room. He raised his eyebrows at Justin as Justin passed him.

When they were all in the main room Matt spoke to the five. "Good job, cleaning. Justin was very impressed."

Justin interrupted at this point, "Yes, good job. Now I am going to go and get some supplies and I need some help. I am going to take the three at the end to assist me, while the others follow what the Prince says." He motioned to the Twins and Hinta. Justin then left the room, followed by the three maids.

Matt looked at the remaining two and asked Lynn to go fetch some tea for Justin and him. And then sent Eliza off on a search for the Mage Twymn.

Matt watched them as they left and then hurried to his worktable and examined the piles of paper, trying to find fault in their organization. He had to admit that they were well done, especially after being knocked on the floor. He wondered again why she could read so well.

Author's note- Start of a new story!!! Hopefully you will like it as much as the last one. This one while it is my own story does have hints at some fairy tales, but I won't give away which ones they are. Please Review.