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Sometimes, Icha Icha Paradise was a cruel mistress, Kakashi mused. If it had not had so much power over him he would never have found himself in this predicament: in debt.

To Naruto.

The blonde brat, home briefly to celebrate Christmas, had offered him something he couldn't refuse and it had come with a hefty price tag. The latest, unreleased, Icha Icha novel, complete with the Author's signature, in exchange for spending Christmas dinner with Naruto and his beloved Iruka Sensei. It wasn't so much that he minded spending time with his former student, but the other man was completely insufferable. Bossy, loud, and incapable of understanding his place in the world, he had a dreadful temper coupled with an extremely annoying urge to mother his former students. Yes, thought Kakashi, gloomily, this was sure to be a night he would rather forget.

Bracing himself with thoughts of the Icha Icha girls, he knocked on the door to Iruka's apartment, armed with a bottle of sake.


Later that night, after leaving Iruka Sensei's, he sat on his bed and reverentially lifted up the latest Icha Icha Paradise. With trembling fingers he smoothed open the page and began to read. The plot and character development could not be faulted. The sex scenes were as hot as ever. In no way had Jiraiya lost his edge. If anything, it was even better than the previous installments.

Why then did Kakashi, when he should have been completely entranced by the adventures of the sultry princess and her heroic beau, keep getting distracted by thoughts of bright brown eyes above a crinkled scar, strong shoulders, and a warm, kissable smile?

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