Author's note: The summary is an altered version of the song "Fever". The original words are "When you put your arms around me, I give you fever that's so hard to bear". To be honest, I didn't plan to write a drabble based on the song, but fics are weird little things in that you have no control over them. There I was, trying to finish my novel The Guardian Brotherhood when this Sky High bunny just wouldn't stop biting and demanding attention. And, honestly, who am I to refuse smut? This is absolutely PWP and it knows it. It's all Warren Peace's fault for being so damned gorgeous. And Icegirl for wanting a big chunk of him. They are positively shameless. And so am I ;P


Oh, P.S. This is set sometime after the events in the movie. At a guess I'd say college-era because, yes, they are definitely of legal age.


The first contact never failed to jolt through Claire Frost. He took her hand furtively in class or stroked her cheek in private and inside she melted, positively glowed with his skin-deep warmth. Then he kissed her, a smooth, delicate touch that she drank in for all it was worth, and she thought of how it always surprised her that Warren could be so tender and yet keep that rugged, badboy image intact. It was fascinating.

Sweet, soft lips crushed hers, harsh teeth nipped at her and drew a shot of frost from her grasping fingertips, causing him to hiss in her mouth and grow hotter and hotter by the second in retaliation until it seemed she was melting in his arms. A satisfied grin stretched his lips.

And then he began undressing her. Scorching touch after sizzling brush, he removed all of her clothing until she stood bare for him, shivering in the chill of the room. Until he lowered her to his bed and… finally covered her, his flaming tattooed arms encircling her in their midst. Light fingers worked on taking off his shirt and unzipping his jeans. He grew a steaming heated against her warming skin until lips met milky breasts and her nipples hardened under his rolling tongue. With every stroke and tug, he made her core ache for him.

He watched her writing through half-mast eyes for a long while, as though wanting to imprint her every sound and move to memory. Finally, though, he rolled to his side, gathered her close, and continued his languid ministrations until she breathed his name in a broken remnant of voice. "Warren, please…" she begged helplessly into his hair.

And as she turned her head to accomodate his light open-mouthed kisses to her neck, he slowly raised her leg and slid into her welcoming heat with a kiss and a moan. "God, you're so hot," he whispered, trailing fire and steam on the cool skin he worshipped and ignited while starting a slow thrust.

"Mm…" Claire murmured back agreeably. "Only for you." Cupping his neck, she smiled as her lover moaned at the stab of frost she'd offered him.

Only he could take her ice. Only she could withstand his fire.

Warren kissed her, soft and hard at once, and drove deep on one last shuddering breath. As Claire's nails scored his back, he finally arched back, a feverish glow breaking out across his skin, and cried out. He was utterly beautiful, her own radiant god made living flesh for her. The sight was her undoing as she, too, tumbled freely into a raging sea that shattered through her.

When she was finally able to resurface, panting in tandem with him even as he stroked her idly, Claire watched smoke unfurl and dance a sensuous waltz above their bodies. Life on the edge.