He crept across the lawn, the wet grass sloshing beneath his feet. The sky had darkened to a midnight black, engulfing the entire vicinity with its tranquility. A few lights were still lit in the park, but no one else was around. Then again, it was two in the morning. Where else would everyone be? Sleep? Keh. He didn't need sleep. That was for the weak.

He moved even faster this time, quickening his pace. He was late, as always. He checked his watch.



He pushed himself. His body easily became a blur as he moved through the trees. He was fast. He knew he was fast. Flashes of black and gray seemed to blend together perfectly along with the world around him. He jumped over a swing set, the iron chains squeaking slightly from the breeze. With one final leap, he landed softly in the sand.

A rustle in the bushes caused his head to turn. He snorted. Idiots weren't even trying to be quiet. Slowly he moved toward the dark building in the center of the park. It was pitch black. His eyes, though strong, were only able to pick up the dark form of the wall in front of the complex. He checked his watch again. 2:13.

Another rustle to his right but this time he growled.

"I know you're there." He grounded out impatiently. They had called the meeting, chosen the place, and now they wanted to be sneaky. Idiots…wasting his time. He just wanted to get this over with. His eyes scanned the area once more, his ears perked up and ready for any sound in front of him.



A slight breeze blew toward him and he caught the strong scent of paint. His nose twitched as he covered his nose. The toxic smell was nearly overpowering. His head was already starting to feel a bit lightheaded, the odor piercing through his senses. So now the idiots were trying to knock him out? Keh. Cowards.

He was about to shout once more when something rolled toward him from out the darkness and stopped at his feet. He picked it up, inspecting the metal container carefully. He took a slight whiff of it, only to recoil in disgust. The smell was even stronger now.

Suddenly, the darkness around him vanished, only to be replaced with an onslaught of lights coming from behind him. He could hear even more movements behind him, but this time it was hardly muffled. A loud ringing sound filled his ears painfully and he pressed them against his skull. Footsteps pounded on the pavement as the lights grew in brightness and number. He whipped around immediately, shielding part of his sensitive eyes from view. He could barely make out who it was, but there was no doubt of their numbers.

"Freeze! And put your hands in the air!"

He could almost detect the muffled laughs coming from the bushes behind him, but of course the other people couldn't hear them. No, they were too busy with him.

"I said put your hands in the air, now!" the man repeated, cocking the gun in his hand. This time, he obeyed. "Turn around!" He did. No use trying to resist now.

Something inside him shattered at the sheer stupidity he had accomplished that night. He should have known better. He should have known those idiots didn't want to fight. His eyes flickered to the graffiti on the wall to the spray can in his hand and he groaned. He barely felt his hands being fastened behind his back as they led him away.


"So what do you think: suspension or fee?" he remarked casually.

"I think you should be a little more serious about this."

"I am serious. I'm thinking about my punishment." He flicked the quarter in the air. "You call it this time."

He flipped the coin and caught it in his hand, flipping it over, but still kept it concealed.

His friend rolled his eyes. "Honestly… I'm calling for community service."

He glared at him. "Don't be stupid."

"Oh right. I'm the stupid one who said 'don't meet those guys at 2am'…and now look where I am."

He sighed. "Fine, I'll call it. Heads is a suspension and tails is a fine."

"Inuyasha...I really think that those punishments are too simple for your crime."

"Okay. Then we'll make it broader. Heads bad. Tails good." He stated with a smirk. He was about to stare at the coin when his friend stopped him.

"Inuyasha…you need to listen to me. This is your third violation this year. The police aren't going to ignore that." He said seriously. His violet eyes clashed with his friends golden ones, but they quickly turned away.


"And I know your father is very…fortunate with his funding but I really don't think you should rely too mu—"

"Leave my father out of this. I have plenty of money Miroku. I can take care of myself." He snapped, but Miroku remained unfazed. His long standing friendship with Inuyasha had taught him many things.

"I'm just trying to help." When he saw the fire dim in his friend's eyes, he continued. "Look, you just need to be careful. The judge is the same as the one you had last time, and I think he remembers all the insults you threw at him."

Inuyasha coughed.

"Just accept your punishment and deal with it. There's not much more you can do. Things really can get worse if you say something inappropriate. I'm telling you this as your friend." Miroku stood and walked toward the door.

"You're leaving?" Inuyasha called. Usually Miroku stayed for these cases. It was his goal profession after all.

Miroku smiled and pulled a quarter out of his pocket. "Heads for you. Tails for Sango." He flipped it, caught it and turned it over. He examined the result with a smile, his face morphing in to his trademark lecherous grin. Inuyasha knew the look all to well.

He opened the door. "Sorry Inuyasha. Duty calls. Good luck." He shut the door behind him, leaving Inuyasha in the suddenly uncomfortable white room. A clock ticked in the corner and he had the urge to want to break it in half. He held himself back, barely.

"Takahashi, Inuyasha?" The lady at the desk called. He stood. "They're ready for you."

He walked toward the doors, feeling a slight sense of déjà vu fill him. Something about Miroku's words still ate at him. Maybe this one wouldn't be the same as the others. Maybe it would lead to something more.

He checked the quarter in his hand.



"Takahashi Inuyasha…" the judge droned. He tilted his glasses slightly and examined him with beady little eyes. A sneer formed on his lips. "I do recall our last encounter."

Inuyasha bit his tongue.

"Well let's not waste any time." The judge implied and Inuyasha barely suppressed a growl. His eyes scanned the report in front of him. "Let's see… destruction of public property and city monument."

"Monument?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

"Silence." His father barked next to him. If possible, his cold expression grew even more livid. Why was he even here? Pretending like he cared? He could handle this one alone…

The judged sighed impatiently. "Yes Mr. Takahashi. The wall that you so brutally destroyed signified the strength and unity of Suza Park after it was formed a few hundred years ago. Surely you were there?"

"He is still a youngling your honor." His father hastily replied.

The judge pouted. "Ah yes… age can be quite a difficult thing to…figure for half demons. I suppose intellectual skills are as well…"

Inuyasha snarled at the obvious insult. He moved to stand, but his father's vice like grip on his arm kept him still. He shrugged his father off, feeling the tingle from his claws. He hated all of this. He hated how complicated all this was. It wasn't his fault that his father never wanted him. It wasn't his fault his mother died at his birth. And this whole situation certainly wasn't his fault to begin with.


But the judge pounded his gavel. "Silence until I determine the punishment."

"But you don't understand! I didn't do anything!"

The gavel pounded and he shut his mouth. His father was practically shaking with anger next to him.

The judge crossed his fingers in a professional manner. "Taking in to account your age, the severity of your crime, and that this is your third offense, laws indicate that you should be given a fine of one thousand dollars plus one hundred and thirty hours of community service."

"One hundred and thirty!?" Inuyasha nearly screeched.

But the judge held up his hand. "But…Mr. Takahashi. Considering the fact that you run and own a self defense class, which is very impressive for someone of your age, that alone shows that you do serve the community in some ways. Thus, I shall reduce your hours by ten."

Keh. That wasn't much better. He wanted to argue, explain how he was framed, but he bit his tongue. They wouldn't believe him. He had no proof. Although he hated to admit it, Miroku was right. He would just have to accept all of this a deal with it. But still…one hundred and twenty hours? That would be all of summer.

"You will serve your hours at Suza Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2pm-6pm for ten weeks. Be grateful for this Mr. Takahashi. You may learn something from all of this. Case closed."


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