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Summary: Tag to Requiem. Tony'd dive into the bay doesn't work out to well for him.

Author's Note: Okay, this just came to me. And I had to write it. It will be told in six different parts. One from each of the main character's points of view. Tony gets the first part, because he's the focus of the story. The other parts are people's reactions to what happens to Tony. If that's confusing, just read it. It'll make sense in a few chapters.

Reliving the Past
By: JnnLuvsU

Chapter 1: Tony
Summary: Someone was calling his name. He could hear them, but couldn't catch his breath enough to look up, let alone respond. Cold was setting in, bone deep. He was shivering violently. He couldn't catch his breath.


Tony watched in horror as the car went into the bay. He grasped the fence, unable to justify it in his head.

Tony's life flashed before his eyes in that moment. Every failure, every regret, every horrifying moment. Then there was nothing left but the fear. The horror. And the anger. And before he could fully comprehend it, he was running.

It didn't matter who he was angry at, not really. Gibbs for not telling him, Maddie for pulling Gibbs into this, Jenny for not sending him with backup... No, it didn't matter, because whoever he was angry at wouldn't care. And his misplaced anger would come in use. He was running on pure adrenaline as he entered the warehouse. The two men at the opposite end didn't even have time to react before he'd shot them both in the chest.

Kill shots. Never again could Gibbs or Ziva say his aim wasn't up to scratch. He'd like to see them pull off two kill shots while running full speed. He didn't pause as he ran between their bodies, and that's when he realized how angry he really was.

Tony had killed before, it was a given when you were a cop. But every time he'd felt bad, even if it was a serial killer or a cop killer or a baby killer. He'd felt bad every time. And every time, he'd broken down once he was alone.

All Tony felt now was anger. And as he threw his gun aside, he knew, without a doubt, that he would never feel bad about the two men he'd just killed. Never. And that kind of scared him. But the thought, just the thought, of losing Gibbs – again – was enough for him to bury that fear and focus on what he was about to do.

He dove off the dock without a second thought. He called on all his high school swimming days to get to the car. Gibbs was awake, trying to open the door, the window; Maddie was already unconscious. He played with the door handle for a few moments until his lungs started screaming for air. He moved to the hood of the car, kicking at the gun shot riddled windshield. He managed to free it only to have Gibbs shove Maddie at him.

Tony was torn; he could see that Gibbs was stuck under the steering wheel. And he knew there was a good chance that Maddie was already gone. But he knew, even as he accepted the young girl's weight, that if he'd gone for Gibbs, the older man would never forgive him. So, knowing that he'd made the choice that had killed his boss, he kicked as hard as he could for the surface.

How he managed to get Maddie on the dock, he'd never know. He was shaking so badly. She needed CPR, but there wasn't time. He had to get to Gibbs. Praying to a God he didn't believe in that he wasn't about to kill them both, he took a lungful of air and dove back into the bay.

He hadn't noticed the cold the first time around, but it was biting now. It was November after all. And they weren't exactly in the tropics. He was going to pay for this. But that didn't matter. Gibbs mattered. He was Tony's sole focus. His heart stopped in his chest at the realization that his boss wasn't breathing. He jerked on the steering wheel until it moved up and he grabbed Gibbs' jacket unceremoniously. Kicking his feet with what little energy he had left, he gasped as they broke the surface, taking in much needed air. His lungs were on fire.

But he wasn't finished yet; they both required CPR. He started with Gibbs, because as much as he knew Gibbs would want him to save Maddie, he would much rather have Gibbs yelling at him for saving him than not. "Don't do this to me boss," he panted as he began compressions. "Come on, don't do this to me." He tilted Gibbs' head back, "Don't make me kiss you, boss." He didn't have enough air in his lungs, but he began mouth to mouth anyway. Then he checked for a pulse, unsurprised when he didn't find one. He did more compressions before turning to Maddie, beginning mouth to mouth on her.

He never dreamed he'd ever feel the amount of joy he felt when Gibbs and Maddie started breathing. He gasped for breath, watching them clasp hands. He closed his eyes and thanked God. He'd been so scared.

The next thing he knew, Ziva and McGee were there. They were calling for ambulances, for Ducky. They arrived pretty quickly given how far off the beaten path they currently were. Tony was still breathing heavily, but managed a sigh of relief as he watched Gibbs and Maddie being loaded into ambulances. They were safe. He'd done his job. Now it was time to get his breathing under control.

Someone was calling his name. He could hear them, but couldn't catch his breath enough to look up, let alone respond. Cold was setting in, bone deep. He was shivering violently. He couldn't catch his breath. They were calling his name more urgently now, and before he could force himself to look up, Tim was kneeling in front of him.

He was lifting Tony's face, and Tony saw him flinch at the cold. He tried to smile, but failed immensely. He could see the worry in Tim's eyes, and – not that he'd ever admit it – agreed with the junior agent. He was starting to get worried, too. He brought his hands up to grasp Tim's wrists, the younger man's hands still cupping his face, "Get Ducky," he managed, his voice a shaking wheeze.

He saw McGee turn to yell, could hear the fear in Tim's voice as he called Ducky's name. If he'd been looking at the M.E., he'd have seen Ducky freeze where he was processing one of the dead bodies in the warehouse. He'd have seen the older man's concern as he jogged to him and McGee. But Tony didn't see any of that.

Because Tony had already passed out.

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