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Summary: Tag to Requiem. Tony's dive into the bay doesn't work out too well for him.

Author's Note: First of all, let me just say how sorry I am that this is so late. I started a new job on Jan. 5, so now I work 7 days a week, and it's hectic. This is the epilogue. It takes place after Tony gets out of the hospital. This story was never mean to really go indepth about Tony's illness, but about the rest of the team's reactions. This can be read as Tony/Gibbs slash or father/son. It's entirely up to you.

Reliving the Past
By: JnnLuvsU

Chapter 7: Epilogue
Summay: Gibbs merely looked at him. It was unnerving, and Tony unconsciously stepped back. Gibbs couldn't be mad about this, could he? Who was he kidding? Of course Gibbs could be mad.


Tony smiled as everyone stood to leave his apartment. He hugged Abby and Ziva first, kissing their cheeks. "Thanks, guys," he whispered, coughing lightly.

They smiled at him, leaving together, headed for Ziva's car. She'd brought Abby to the hospital, it seemed only right she bring Abby home.

Ducky left next, clasping Tony on the shoulder, whispering words of encouragement in his ear. Tony nodded, grinning at him. He was going to be okay. He didn't know who was more relieved at that; him or them.

McGee was standing awkwardly by the door. Tony grinned at him, surprising them both when he hugged the younger man. "Thanks for everything, Tim," he whispered, and they both knew he wasn't just referring to the bruises that were all over Tim's hand.

Tim hugged him back tightly, smiling softly, whispering lightly into Tony's ear about staying out of the hospital for a change.

Tony laughed, letting Tim go, watching as the junior agent walked to his car. He waved as Tim drove away, buying himself time before he had to face the man still waiting for him inside his apartment.

Gibbs joined him at the door, closing it in front of Tony. Tony sighed, deciding he'd better get this taken care of. He turned to Gibbs, smiling, "Hey boss, gonna stick around?"

Gibbs merely looked at him. It was unnerving, and Tony unconsciously stepped back. Gibbs couldn't be mad about this, could he? Who was he kidding? Of course Gibbs could be mad.

"What were you thinking?" Tony hadn't been expecting Gibbs to actually speak, so the soft voice startled him. He looked at Gibbs, raising his eyebrows. Did Gibbs really need him to answer that?

"Oh, yeah," Gibbs answered his question, "I want an answer."

Tony frowned, "You," he answered honestly. Because that's what he had been thinking. Get to Gibbs. Save Gibbs. "I was thinking about you."

Gibbs invaded Tony's personal space, an almost feral look on his face. Tony backed up until he was trapped against the wall.

Then Gibbs was whispering urgently in his ear. "Let's get one thing straight right now, DiNozzo," he seethed. "In no way is my life worth more than yours. Understood? If you ever... Damn it, Tony..."

Tony would have preferred the yelling, to tell the truth, if it weren't for what happened next. Because the next thing he knew, Gibbs was hugging him tightly, still whispering. "You have no idea. When I saw McGee chasing you through emergency... You have no idea."

Tony was in shock; he'd never seen Gibbs act this way. He hugged Gibbs back tightly, wrapping his arms around the older man's waist. "I'm not going to apologize for saving your life," he whispered.

He felt, more than heard, Gibbs' sigh. "Tony..."

"And I'd do it again. In a heartbeat," Tony confessed.

"I'm not worth that," Gibbs muttered into his ear, his hand threading through Tony's hair. Tony closed his eyes, savoring the feel. Knowing he wouldn't feel this again.

He sighed, "I say you are," he whispered in return. He chuckled, "Would it kill you to just say thank you?"

He felt Gibbs sharp intake of breath, and they were both silent for a long time. Tony hadn't really expected to hear the words. And in all honesty, after this unprecedented display of affection, he wasn't sure he needed to anymore.

But Gibbs surprised him, pulling back and taking Tony's face in his hands, "Thank you, Tony," he whispered.

Tony couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. "You're welcome," he returned, his arms still tight around Gibbs waist. He'd been wrong, it had felt good to hear those words. Not as good as Gibbs hugging him, but still good.

He was pleasantly surprised when Gibbs didn't back away. Was even more shocked when the older man reached up to place a kiss on Tony's forehead. Tony could feel the affection in the gesture and gasped, staring at Gibbs in shock. He hadn't been expecting that. Hadn't known his boss could care this much. Especially about him.

He was still in shock when Gibbs smirked and wrapped his arms back around Tony's neck. They stood, embracing in the living room, for a long time.

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I know this is the first chapter where more than one character speaks, but it wouldn't have flown right had Gibbs never talked.