13. Endings and Beginnings

I onlined my optics. To my great surprise, my lower half was not a mass of pain. Nor did it feel like I was damaged. Nor, strangely, like I was dead. Which I had been, just a moment ago. The first thing I saw was Skyfire's face as he leaned over me.

"Nova! It worked, thank the Allspark!"

"Skyfire?" I murmured groggily, disoriented. The storm… "Did I find you?"


"There was a storm," I recalled. "We were separated… I looked for you."

He looked blank. "You… you saved me, Nova. You died. We… we used a shard of the Allspark to bring you back."

The Allspark? Here? Where… was here?

Another face appeared. This one was blue and surrounded by a red-and-white helmet. "What's the last thing you remember?" the stranger asked.

"The storm," I said, thinking…

No. There was more. I recalled it, but distantly, like a dream. Memories of a time without Skyfire. The Stockades. War. Chaos. Starscream. Void… they were there, waiting, like a file I had only to open to access fully.

But I didn't want to remember, not completely. I could… I did… but I had what I'd always wanted. I had Skyfire… why ruin it?

"Yes," I repeated, more firmly. "The storm."

Skyfire and… Ratchet, Autobot medic… exchanged glances. "This changes things," the Autobot said.

"You can't accuse him of crimes he doesn't remember," Skyfire said, appealing to another mech who stood nearby. Optimus Prime, of course, their leader here on Earth.

"You're right."

There had been something in Skyfire's tone just now; I could feel something through our bond. He… knew. He knew that I hadn't been completely honest… but he understood why.

"Great," someone growled. Lockdown. "Then I guess he won't want to come back with me, and after all I did for him. I guess there's no point in me hanging around here, even if you didn't pay me for bringing the big lug back to you. See you, Void, or whatever your designation is now."

I watched him go. Thank you, Lockdown. Void couldn't have said it, but Nova could, with all his Spark. A million times thank you.

"Well, then, if we can't turn him over to the Elite Guard, what're we going to do with him?" Ratchet asked grumpily. Skyfire helped me sit up.

"I think we should ask Nova what he wants," he suggested. All optics turned to me.

It felt so good to be able to put aside the complications of two previous lives. I rested my head on Skyfire's chestplate. "I just want to be with you," I whispered, shuttering my optics. //Please, Sky.//

Warmth came flooding through our newly-opened bond. //Of course, Nova.//

"We'll work something out, Ratchet," Prime said. He gestured towards the door and they left us alone.

//Thank you for saving me,// he told me.

//You know I remember?//

//I know you, Nova. We have a lot of catching up to do… you don't have to tell me all of it if you don't want to. But no matter what you tell me, I'll always love you.//

I laughed softly, basking in the affection and love filling the bond. //I missed you, Sky.//

He held me close enough that I felt the warmth of his Spark through his chest plating. I relaxed against him, humming in contentment. Soon I'd like to get myself repainted to resemble myself as he'd last known me, but for now, I just enjoyed Skyfire's closeness.

With Starscream I'd had a second chance at life; it wasn't every solar cycle that one got a third chance, but I'd gotten one in Void; I'd never dreamed that I could get a fourth.

A/N: This is the time that I look back on a story and go "What IS this crap?!"

Anyway. Yes, this is the last chapter. No, there will not be a sequel. Once upon a time this was supposed to be a oneshot. You never get that lucky twice, no matter how much you beg for more... haha.

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