Dolce Fine

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It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. The wind was blowing gently in the breeze giving the leaves a crackling sound as it passed by. The house was silent except for a noise that came from none other than our favorite blonde. Miyu was practicing her violin in her room and everyone in the house put down their chores to listen to the beautiful noise. It was upbeat, but it had emotion and soul in it. When you closed your eyes, all you could see was a dark blue glow around a stage. There was a single spotlight, but no one was there. You could hear the music being played though. It was as if the music was enshrouding you in a sea of notes. It sent shivers down the spines of everyone in the household that was listening, in a good way. Not the bad-aura-feeling shiver, but a tingling sensation. When the song was finished, the blonde sighed a deep breath, as to let out everything she was holding in while playing. She loved playing the violin, she loved music in general, but her favorite instrument was the violin. It was so different because most people think of it as a boring, classical instrument. But in reality, there's many different ways to play it. You can play jazz or rock on it, which is incredible to Miyu. It's like the instrument has a secret weapon and it wouldn't let anything touch it. There was some sort of glow or barrier around it that made Miyu feel secure whenever she played. She has been playing since she was 7 and has improved greatly. From an amateur playing of "Happy Birthday" to her unique rock version of "Ave Maria" and other complicated pieces.

"Oi!" called a voice which broke her cloud of thoughts.

"What is it?" she replied not even bothering to open her eyes because she knew who the voice belonged to.

"If you're done playing your little songs, it's time for you to do your chores." said a teasing Kanata

That snapped Miyu out of her trance. She hated it whenever Kanata did that, whether teasing or meaning it for real, she hated it. To her, he was an ignorant jerk who can't be passionate about anything whenever he made a comment like that. She knew he was teasing her most of the times, but it still angered and upset her. He was so inconsiderate. This time, he had really made her snap, it wasn't different from the usual teasing, but this time was different. She was tired from practicing and she was fed up with all his derogatory comments.

"You know what?!" she said raising her voice. "Just because you have nothing that you're passionate about or having to try hard at something because you're Mr. I'm-So-Perfect-At-Everything doesn't mean you can insult me like that! You know how hard I try, no you don't! You're just a stupid, inconsiderate JERK!" And with that, she put down her violin and ran out of her with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Kanata just stood there with a very readable, shocked expression. He was only teasing and hadn't expected her to snap like that. He felt terrible, he didn't mean to make her angry or to make her cry. He just loved teasing her to show that he cared for her. He knew that he went too far sometimes, but it was never on purpose, it was just his personality.

"Crap. I'm such an idiot." he said as he raked his hand through his hair.

"He is such an idiot." said Miyu as she walked down the hall to the kitchen. "I didn't mean to yell at him like that, but he just makes me so mad when he does that. I know he's kidding, but still. He doesn't have to do it all the time."

~~~~~~~~~at dinner that night~~~~~~~~~

"What's wrong with you two today? You haven't said a word since this afternoon." asked the concerned baby sitter pet, Wanya.

"Daa?" asked Ruu.

"Why don't you ask Kanata." said a slightly annoyed Miyu.

"Crap. She's still mad at me." thought Kanata. "It's nothing, okay. Don't worry about it, especially you Ruu." he said as he ruffled the little alien baby's hair.

"Daa." Ruu replied slightly happier.

~~~~~~~~~later that night~~~~~~~~~

Miyu was sitting at their usual spot breathing in the cold, fresh air and gazing at the moon. When Kanata came out of the bathroom, he was breathless when he saw his blonde friend so beautiful under the moonlight. It wasn't like it was the first time he's seen her under the moon. But today felt different. She had a slight glow and the moon was illuminating her hair and features making them shine. She looked so peaceful and mature, unlike her usual childish self. He was snapped out of his trance when she turned around and her eye caught his.

"What do you want?" she murmured so softly that it sounded like a lullaby to Kanata's ears. He stared at the blonde racking his brain for an answer that he couldn't quite grasp at the moment. She was too angelic that he couldn't make his brain and mouth work properly. She sat there, staring and waiting for a reply before she decided to ask again. "What do you want?" she asked slightly louder and more annoyed. Finally, Kanata snapped out of it and gave her one of the most annoying replies ever "Nothing." She was too tired to argue so she just rolled her eyes and turned her gaze back to the moon. A sigh escaped the brunette's lips as he sat down next to her. Silence lasted for a couple of moments before he began to speak. "I'm sorry." he mumbled. "What?" she asked. He took a deep breath and began his apology. "I'm sorry for this afternoon. I didn't mean to make you upset, I was just-" "Being your usual idiotic self?" she cut in. "Well, I wouldn't say-" he began before he caught the glare the blonde was beginning to give. "Ok, fine. You're right, I was being my usual idiotic self and I'm sorry. I can't help, I'm just like that." The deafening silence was killing the brunette while the blonde was pondering on what to say next. Finally she spoke. "It's okay, I guess. I mean I should be used to your teasing remarks by now. It's just that I'm so fed up with you teasing me, especially about playing the violin. The other things are irrelevant compared to this. I really, really love playing and I hate when you criticize me about it." Unable to think of anything to say, Kanata just replied with a soft "I'm sorry." "It's alright, no use keeping a grudge forever. Just, try not to do it so much anymore. Please?" she said as she got up. He smiled and said "Okay, I promise." She stretched her arms and yawned. "I'm going to bed. Night." "Night." Miyu left to go to bed leaving a smiling Kanata on the porch. He stared at the moon a bit longer before retiring to his room himself.

The next morning, our sleeping brunette was awakened by the sound of Miyu's scream. He rushed to where the noise was coming from afraid that his blonde was in trouble. But what he found was the exact opposite. She was in the kitchen, still in her pajamas, jumping up and down and screaming for joy. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she was safe and unharmed. Even though he promised to be less teasing, you can't really pass up an opportunity like this, so he said "Why are you screaming so loudly baka. Some people are trying to sleep. And I thought you never got up this early." She turned around and stopped jumping completely unaware of his presence earlier. "Oh, Kanata! Guess what?!" she said too happy to even care that he just insulted her. "What?" he said sounding completely uninterested. But this didn't effect Miyu. "I got invited! Aren't you happy for me?!" " I can't be if you don' tell me where you got invited." he said sarcastically. "It's not where I got invited, it's what. Anyways, I got invited to participate in the Annual Heiomachi Music Festival!" she said practically screaming when a sleepy Ruu and a half awake Wanya came in. "What is that ?" "Daa?" "Oh, morning guys. It's exactly what the title says. It's an annual music festival here at Heiomachi and I got invited to participate as one of the performers." she said full of glee. "Congratulations!" Wanya said. "Daa!" "Thanks guys. What about you Kanata, what do you think?" "I-" he paused to think about what he promised the other night. "-I think it's awesome." he said smiling. Now if this were normal circumstances, Miyu would be suspicious, but she was too happy to care or notice. On the other hand, Wanya and Ruu noticed, but decided not to question it. "So when is the festival Ms. Miyu?" "Oh, uhmm.... this Sunday." "This Sunday? Well, that doesn't give you enough time to practice does it. Don't you think they should've been nicer and give you more time." said Kanata in his "nice" phase. "Don't be silly Kanata. Do you know who participates in this? Professionals and really talented people. Those people don't need all that time, because they're good so they're expected to have enough time. Everybody gets equal time to practice, so it is fair." "But-"he started. "Never mind" he quickly finished not wanting to start another argument.

"I better get more practicing done! Wanya, do you mind if I skip out on my chores this week? I want to practice as much as I can. I promise I'll make it up after! Please, I beg you."

"Well, I don't mind Ms. Miyu. But you should ask Master Kanata, considering he will be the person to have to fill in for your chores. Kanata spit out the milk he was drinking when he heard this comment. "What? No way, I won't do her chores for her! That's going too far." Lost in his thought, he didn't realize the blonde that came a mere inches away from him. "Please, Kanata. I really want to get as much practicing as possible." she said with big puppy dog eyes and holding her hands together. "Don't do it Kanata!" "I-" he stopped and looked at the pleading girl's face and finally gave in. "Fine. But you have to do all my chores next week." "Yes! Thank you so much Kanata!" she said as she started to hug the now blushing brunette. "Daa!" Seeing his parents hugging excited Ruu and he wanted to join in too.

"I hate to interrupt this, but you two will be late if you don't hurry." Wanya said

"Hai!" replied a cheerful Miyu and a weak reply from our blushing brunette. "Daa!" Ruu said completely oblivous to what they were replying to.

~~~~~~~~~at lunch~~~~~~~~~

"WHAT?!" Nanami and Aya screamed so loud that Miyu flinched back just a little. "Y-You guys. Keep it down." "Sorry, but seriously Miyu! That is so awesome! Only pros and really talented people get to perform there." Nanami said "Not that you're not extremely talented yourself." she quickly added. "Yea Miyu, that's really good! I can't believe you got invited." Aya said. "I know, I was so shocked and happy when I found out. I mean, I auditioned but I never thought I would actually get a part."Miyu said. "Well, you're going to have to practice alot more now. But how are you going to handle your chores too?"stated Nanami. "Oh, I've got that covered. Kanata said he would do them for me." Miyu said. ding dong "Oh, there's the bell. We better get to class." Miyu said. "Hai!" replied the two. "But really, I can't believe that Kanata would say yes to something like that so easily. Did you have to bribe him or something?" Nanami said while rushing off to class with her friends. "Yea, did you Miyu?" said Aya "Nah. He's actually pretty nice deep down." The voices became foggier as the girls got closer to the classroom, completely unaware that a certain pink haired girl was listening to their conversation. And you do not want to know what the aura was like around her now.

~~~~~~~~~back to science class~~~~~~~~~~

"Today, we are going to be using very dangerous chemicals, so be careful. All the girls should've tied their hair up right?" said the science teacher (A/N: Sorry, I don't remember his or her name, and if they ever even metioned it though. Okay, sorry continue.)

"Hai, sensei!" replied all the girls. "Remember to be careful to keep the chemicals away from your eyes because they're very harmful. So no playing around, got it." "Hai!" replied the class. "You may begin."

Miyu and her group, which was Aya and Nanami and herself, started on the experiment with no problem. Meanwhile, Chris is at her group just staring at the table and muttering "Kanata found out Miyu had an important concert and he immediately wanted to help her. He agreed to do her chores under one condition. If she kissed him. And then their lips grew nearer and nearer until-" BOOM! Chris snapped. "So you too have been playing lovers huh. All you wanted was a kiss, but then you're going to get married and then and then. AHHHH!!!!"

Chris's sudden rampage shocked everyone and they started huddling back trying to escape the classroom and the girl's rage. As Miyu tried to back away, Chris grew nearer and nearer. "So the condition was a kiss huh?" "Err, Chris, What are you talking about?" "YOU KNOW VERY WELL WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU-YOU ARRGH!!!" CRASH!

Kanata and Santa were almost out the door trying to escape from Chris's wrath when all of a sudden they heard a crash and a familiar scream.


Kanata whipped around at the sound of the voice to find Miyu on the floor with her hands pressed against her eyes and tears flowing out, a broken test tube on the floor with some spilled liquid and a raging Chris standing a few feet in front of her.


to be continued

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