Hey guys, so here is my newest story idea.

Tell me what you think, and please don't hate me for the subject, because I take it harder than you since it is close to home, yes I was raped, but not by a stranger by a family member. But I don't want simpathy, and the difference is that I am not pregnant nor was I.

So anyway, now that you know, you cant tell me I have no idea what I am talking about, when I clearily do.

I don't own anything! All belongs to Stephenie Meyer.



Not something that you would ever want to live through.

I am living through it though. Yeah this is my life. I am Bella Swan, I am 22 years old and pregnant. If you would have told me three months ago that I was going to be pregnant, because I was raped I wouldn't have believe you; not until now.

So this is where I am now, but I suppose you need the full story to understand my life.


December 20

Being what it may, I was shopping; yes I know shopping, the one thing that I detest. Well,no... okay yes I detest shopping. Anyway, I was shopping, it was a blustery day to say the least, I ran quickly into the building from the frigid outside. Four days, that is what I had; FOUR DAYS. The day was coming the one day that I would loathe for the rest of my natural days; Christmas. Yes Christmas, I know I should love the holiday right, well I don't. It is to much for me to handle, you see my family is how do you say it, whacked? Ah yes, that is what I will call my family, whacked. None the less, I continued my endevour and finished my last minute shopping and headed home. I lived not far from the stores, so I walked; not thinking about anything but getting home safe, with the conditions, the weather was in. I would have never thought that I would need to be worried about anything other than the weather, I could get dare I say; hypothermia. Though as I was walking down the street I was hit, buy an impact so huge that I was knocked off my feet; not that I needed help to fall or anything since I do that on a daily basis. I am always picked on about my inability to stay on my feet while doing anything that requires simply to walk on a flat surface. WelI was kncoked down, when I looked up I saw a man, and I thought that he was going to offer me his hand when really he offered me more. Well I didn't like his offer, he didn't care though. I was taken into the alley that was next to us and raped me. I was left to freeze, seeing as he tore my clothes to shreds when he had, fulfilled his needs. I remember that part clearly, then everything gets hazy, I woke up in a hospital. I asked how long I had been there and they said just under one day, they said that a woman saw some struggle marks in the snow that lead to the alley and went to see why. that is when she brought me here with the help of her brother. I wanted to see the people who saved my life, and the nurse said that she would send them in. What I saw was something I hadn't expected, when the door opened in stepped to of the most gorgeous people I had ever seen. One was a shorter girl, that looked about close to my age, she had jet black hair and blue eyes, she ran over and gave me a huge hug. I was shocked to say the least, she was so small but contracted so much power. The second, was man and what do I say he was huge. He must have been over six feet in hieght and was muscled to the way of extreme and had blue eyes, and brown curly hair. They introduced themselves and 'Emmett and Alice.'

Present times.

It has been three months since that day, and I now have the best friends that you could ever dream of. I was pulled from my reverie when there was a knock at my door, I smiled knowing that it was Alice I opened it.

"Hey Ali, Em, Rose, and Jazz, what are you guys doing here?" I asked, hoping that I didn't come off as rude.

"Hey Bells" Emmett boomed, while pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

"E..Em cant breathe" I gasped, and he let me down then ruffled my hair.

"Come in guys" I smiled, and moved so they could pass.

These were my friends, the amazing people that I loved. Alice, was the one who was a shopaholic, and was dating Jazz. Emmett was the big brother type who, was dating the beautiful Rosalie. We had some great times in the last few months. Oh and I forgot, that all of them are overtly excited abotu the baby, yes I was three months pregnant. Alice and Jazz had already staken claim on the babies god parents, and Emmett and Rose and secondaries. I couldn't have been happier with the fact that they wanted to be part of the babies life. They all claimed their postions the minute that they were told about the baby.


January 1st

Sitting in bed eating popcorn, I was watching John and Kate plus eight. I dreamed of someday having a children and a husband. Only little did I know that I was going to have half of that wish sooner than I would have planned. The show ended and I shut my television off, and looked at the calender that I kept beside my bed. I gasped when I saw the day and realized that I was two weeks late; and by late I meant my period. I imeadiately jumped off my bed and called the gang, I needed them. They were their in minutes with a bag in hand, Alice and Rose grabbed my arms and whisked me away to my bathroom. We tore the test from the box and then read the instuctions, I peed on the little test and then had to wait three minutes. The guys had waited outsie the door, and knocked to see if they were allowed to come in, I let them. I didn't care they were all like family to me, and I wanted them there. The three minutes passed and I gulped, what was I going to do if I was pregnant? Would I keep it? Would I abort it? Would I give it up for adoption? No I would keep it, and I looked at the test to see that I was pregnant.


so guys what do you think?

I know it is short but I only really gave you the past events, so that you would understand.

Tell me what you think, should I continue? Yes or no?

Love lots.