"Bella I have one more thing to ask, okay well two."


Edward got to one knee and started. "Bella" he said "I know that it hasn't been the longest time, though I feel as if it has been an eternity." He paused and brought out a little velvet box. "I see you as my everything, you are the earth and sky, the sun, moon, and stars the whisper in the wind my heart. I know that it is you that I want, well… not want but NEED. I cannot picture or even try to picture what my life would be without you. Before you Bella, my life was a moonless night, and then you shot across it like a meteor lighting it in the most perfect and spectacular way, I love you so much Bella. I want to be the father of your children." Edward said while pulling out adoption papers that had been filled out, only needing to be signed by me. "Will you marry me? Make me the father of your children, and the happiest man alive?" He looked up at me and waited, for an answer


To say I was shocked by the events that had just happened would be an understatement. I was beyond shocked all I could do was stand there completely speechless. I was screaming in my head at my mouth to move to accept the proposal and the house and everything that this beautiful, wonderful man wanted to give me. Finally after what seemed like forever I was about to answer when I felt some sharp pains and I just shrugged it off.

"Edward, of course I will mar-" That is when I felt it my water burst all over the shiny new floor


"Oh!" I squeaked when the pains started and I squeezed the hand closest to me.


"Edward, of course I will mar-" I was about to jump up and kiss Bella when the floor got coated with her amniotic fluid.

We all jumped into action I yelled for the girls to go grab the baby bag and the bag for Bella and for Em and Jazz to go get the car and I dialed the hospital and told them to prep for the delivery. I pulled my love into my arm and ran to the Volvo. I raced all the way to the hospital and sped to a stop.


HOLY SHIT! I am going to be an Uncle I kind of felt like skipping to bring the car around.


This is unexpected, just wow!


OH GOODY! This is so wonderful, I feel like I am going to pee a little I am so ecstatic. I ran to find the baby bag that Bella, Rosie and I packed two months ago so that we would be prepared to go when the baby wanted to makes its appearance. I finally found it when I looked at the very back of the closet that I insisted the baby room have. I mean the child has me and Rosie for aunts/ godmommies this child needs a big closet. I am still a little sad because we don't know the sex of the baby yet and we had to buy neutral clothes.


Good timing that is all I am going to say. Let's hope that the baby is alright with being a month early and all. I ran to the master bedroom in the house and grabbed the bag for Bella that we packed two weeks ago just to be sure. I put it in the corner so that we wouldn't have to waste time looking for the bag when the time came. I ran back down the stairs and smacked straight into Ali. Let me tell you that girl is like a linebacker and we both went down.


"OUCH" I yelled and saw that Rose and me had a collision.

"Alice" Rose yelled, "Watch where you're going you little sprite!" She growled.

I kicked her in the leg and laughed "Well maybe you should look down from the elevation your on! You GIANT!" I stuck my tongue out at her.


I ran back in the house to see where my Rosie and Ali had gotten off to when I saw them on the floor laughing at each other. What the hell is so funny?

"What the hell happened?" I shook my head and laughed.


I looked up and saw Em staring at us like we had four heads.

"Well I and Ali had a little run in with gravity, when the linebacker thought to take us both out"


We were finally in the L&D when I saw the rest of the little family of mine rush in.

"WHATS GOING ON?" Alice screamed and dropped the bags.

I shushed her as another contraction hit and smiled when Edward rubbed soothing circles on my knuckles to try to ease my mind a little. I was kind of worried that the baby was early, but happy that I was going to be meeting my child for the very first time. Time passed and then we were told that they could not find my original doctor and that they were going to get the on call doctor to come in and deliver me.

"No wait, I don't want another doctor." I wanted to cry, I just wanted the baby out "Edward!" I looked at him and begged, "Can you deliver the baby?"

He stared at me, shocked for a minute and then he said "Baby are you sure? I mean I can but, are you sure?"


"No wait, I don't want another doctor." Bella seemed to panic slightly "Edward!" She begged me with this scared face, "Can you deliver the baby?"

I stared at her and smiled, "Baby are you sure? I mean I can but, are you sure?" I said and watched for any slight bits of hesitation.

I ran to get scrubbed in and then came back as quickly as possible. Then I found out that Bella was now fully dilated and ready to push. The whole delivery went pretty smoothly except when I had to really push my love to keep going and that it was going to be alright that she was almost done.

"One more push Bella and the baby is here!" I yelled.

She pushed one last hard time and the baby was out, I cut the cord and smiled when I saw the sex of the baby.



The whole delivery went pretty quick by the time Edward got back from getting scrubbed in I was fully dilated and ready for it to be over.

"Em I want you all in here!" I yelled and Edward of course didn't say anything about everyone being in here.

Em, Rosie, Ali, and Jazz all came and held my hand to encourage me to keep going. I was so ready for this to all be over with so that I could hold the baby. I wanted to give up, when Edward yelled for me to just push one more time and I would have my baby.


And this is where I will leave you for now I hope that this is alright for a come back chapter.

Let me know!