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House's Cane

Chapter 1

"Fine. Look, it's late. I can't do this now. Sometimes…I-I-I don't know why I even bother. You can be so…so damn…" With that, Wilson shook his head and left House's office. It wasn't like House to feel particularly guilty after one of his and Wilson's altercations, but House was almost glad Wilson hadn't finished what he was about to say.

The ride home on his bike was completely automatic to the point that by the time he'd reached his apartment he couldn't remember how he'd got there. He was zoned out all the way home, thinking about Wilson and playing a game of fill in the blanks.

"You can be so…so damn..." So damn what, Wilson? He thought. Insensitive? Inconsiderate? No. There was something in the way Wilson spoke that told House it was going to be worse than anything he'd ever said to him before. The silence as he walked out said more than words. The fact Wilson had to stop himself from finishing his outburst made House realise that, whatever it was, it would have been ugly. Sometimes it crossed his mind that one day; Wilson would walk out of the door of his office and never come back. The last time he'd see Wilson would be when he was walking away – he'd convinced himself of this.

House found himself sat on his couch in the dark, robotically bouncing his cane off his foot. His focus was nowhere in particular, but his mind was dead set on something to think about, whether House liked it or not – Wilson.

I've really screwed up. He let out a long sigh of defeat. Damn it. Maybe I've just pushed this too far.

"No you haven't." House was drawn suddenly from his reverie by a deep, unfamiliar voice.

What the hell?! He gripped his cane tighter as he lent across the arm of the couch and switched on the lamp. His eyes darted around the room, but saw no one. As quick as he could, he forced himself to stand and, armed with his cane, swept the kitchen and the bedroom for intruders. No one.

Must be over-tired. Just imagined it, he thought to himself.

"Wrong again," it said, but House was still none-the-wiser to where the voice was coming from.

"Who is it? Get out here, come on! Wilson, if this is you trying to get back at me, it's not gonna work and you're gonna find more than 'uppers' in your coffee tomorrow!"

He struggled to keep the fear from his voice as he beckoned the intruder, but was more uneasy that whoever it was seemed to be able to accurately read his mind; something that even Wilson hadn't quite mastered in all his years of knowing House.

"Come on, where are you?" his said shakily, his weapon still faithfully pinned to the floor. His safety, his third leg and his loyal protector…But things could change…

"Ahem. Down here…"

House immediately looked down as he felt his cane twitch under his hand. He froze, his face the picture of scrutiny and bewilderment…and all the synonyms in between.

"It's rude to stare." Without a thought, House's hand shot from his side and threw the cane halfway across the room. His eyes were unnaturally wide as he rubbed them. After standing and staring at it as it lay still on the floor, he gradually made his way towards it, holding onto the couch as he went. He felt stupid, but he couldn't quite bring himself to pick it up. Instead, he prodded it with his foot, instantly berating himself for being so ridiculous. Scoffing to himself, he reached down and scooped it up from the floor, immediately heading back towards the couch.

"Don't panic," the voice called out from his hand and House visibly recoiled, "just don't let go. Hear me out."

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