Innocence Regained

Disclaimer: I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing, whoops wrong disclaimer. I promise that I am not making any money or profiting in anyway from this story. I don't have claim to Supernatural, the characters or anything else to do with the show.

Author's Note: This is the promised third part of the Wee!Chester Innocence Trilogy, it follows on pretty much straight after the ending of Innocence Reviled.

Wee!Chesters Dean is 8 years old and Sammy is 4 years old.

Warning: Does mention child abuse at times but there is nothing graphic and the same warnings I gave from the other Innocence stories still stand, I do not condone any form of child sexual abuse, physical or emotional abuse either. Although it is mentioned neither Dean or Sam will suffer from any kind of sexual abuse.


Chapter One: See the Children Play

John sat on the rear porch and watched his sons playing in the backyard, the sun shone in dappled patterns through the trees flooding the small yard with warmth and a soft golden hue. It should have been a picture perfect late autumn afternoon, but there was something missing. There was no noise, no laughter, no chatter nothing, the two small boys played in eerie silence and hushed whispers of a language only the brothers understood.

Only a week had passed since he had brought his sons home from the hospital but nothing had changed. They went to stay with Pastor Jim, Bobby and Josh were both hunting and John didn't want the boys anywhere near where the place where Claude had them. Bobby promised to drop by after he finished up with the hunt to see them, both boys cried when their uncle left but neither made a sound, they just sat there with large tears running down their faces.

John worried at times more of Dean than of Sam. With Sam's tender years the chances of his recovery from the trauma were a little better but Dean, Dean had seen and experienced way too much for any eight year old. He witnessed his mother's death and the destruction of their family at the age of four, and then just over three years later kidnapped by humans, by men who preyed on small children twice in such a short amount of time, to be traumatised not once but twice,. Both times, he had a hand in the deaths of their kidnappers; both times, he had no choice.

John thought the silence Dean had exhibited when he was four was bad but now it was twice as bad without adding Sam's silence to it.

'John how they doing?' Jim asked as he took a seat next to his friend and passed him a coffee.

'Fine if you can call it that.' John sighed, 'thanks for the coffee Jim.'

'My pleasure,' Jim sat back and watched the brothers interact with each other, 'they will get better John, it's just gonna take time.'

'I know that Jim, it just feels ... I worry about Dean to have so much happen to him in such a short amount of time, I can't help worrying that he will never be able to fully express himself again, that he will grow up unable to show any emotion without some sort of cost.'

'Do you see the way he tends to Sam?' Jim observed, 'I swear if I didn't know better it was as if they ...'

'Spoke to each other with their minds, I thought the same thing too Jim.'

Just then, Dean stopped playing and stared around suspiciously, he seemed to be listening for some sort of sound as he stepped in front of Sam.

John sat up and watched his son closely, Dean held his hand out to his little brother and helped him stand and then acting like a bodyguard he led a limping Sammy back to the house.

'What's wrong Dean?' John asked standing up he went to his sons and picked Sammy up as he looked down at his eldest, 'what is it?'

Dean pointed to the driveway where a strange car was slowly winding its way up to the Parsonage. 'Jim do you recognise the car?'

'No sorry John, why don't you take the boys inside there's some lemonade in the fridge.'

'Thanks Jim.' John swept Dean up with his free arm and carried both boys inside. Jim made his way around the side of the house and waited for the car to come to a stop. Two officious looking men got out of the dark vehicle and approached the preacher with an air of cautious disdain.

'Pastor James Murphy?' the older looking one of the two spoke without waiting for his colleague he stepped up closer to Jim. 'I am Detective Troy Mannix and this is my partner Detective Ray Edwards, we understand that you have a John Winchester and his two sons staying with you?'

'If I do?' Jim squinted at the two proffered badges, 'what do you want detectives?'

'We would like to speak to Mister Winchester if possible Pastor Murphy, it concerns his sons.'

'I think I might need more information than that Detective,' Jim said his protectiveness of the Winchester family obvious to both seasoned detectives.

'We ah have some rather disturbing news, about an accomplice of Claude Atkins.'

Jim paled visibly, 'please come inside detectives.' He led the way into the parsonage and indicated for the men to wait in the living room. Hurrying into the kitchen Jim found John watching over the boys as they shared an afternoon snack.

'What is it Jim?'

'Ah John I think that you need to talk to these men.' Jim said although he kept his gaze fixed on Dean's face. 'It's important.'

'I'll ah put the boys in the study with the TV.' John said, after the little family had moved in Jim made a space for the brothers in his rarely used smaller study preferring the larger sunny one off the kitchen. He put the spare television, some books and toys in there and made it into a safe haven for them.

'They're in the living room,' Jim said he squeezed John's arm, 'it's about one of Atkins' accomplices.' He whispered in John's ear.

John took a second to clear his mind and then turned to see two little faces turned up and watching him intently. 'How about you two have some quiet time in front of the TV for a while huh? I think Sammy needs a little nap.'

Dean nodded solemnly as he slid off his seat, helped Sammy down and then took his hand to lead him into the other room, he paused to look up at his father before he kept going, moving slowly enough for Sammy's limp.

'Dean I'll be right back okay?' John bent down to meet his son's line of sight, 'there's nothing wrong we just have to talk to the detectives.'

'Daddy?' Dean whispered his voice barely audible from disuse, 'bad man?'

'No kiddo, these men are good men they're policemen.' John reassured his son, 'they just want to talk to me and then I'll be right in with you and Sammy.'

'Kay daddy.' Dean nodded and took Sam into the other room.


Sammy sat down on the floor next to the bookcase with his injured leg out in the front of him. Dean turned the television on and went to sit down next to his little brother.

'You okay Sammy?'

'Yeah kay Deanie, not meanies?'

'Nope daddy said they're policemen, good guys.' Dean said as he hugged Sammy close and they snuggled down to watch Thunderbirds.


John shook hands with the two detectives and then waited for them to speak, 'what's this about?'

'I'm sorry to disturb you mister Winchester especially after what your two boys have already been through.' Detective Mannix said without preamble, 'but we have some rather disturbing new developments.'

'Which are?'

'It seems that Claude Atkins belonged to a paedophile group, operating across three states at least.' Mannix glanced up at the Pastor and then back to John, 'we were going through his computer floppy disks and found some disturbing photos.'

'Again with the disturbing, what does this have to do with ... no you're not saying that?' John fought to keep his emotions in check, 'please don't ...'

'There are quite a few of your sons I am sorry Mister Winchester I wish we had good news for you, he also had several folders of printed photos ready for distribution.'

'Did they ... was he doing ... did he?'

'Most of them were taken of the boys in various forms of undress but no there were no photos of sexual content not with your sons anyway, he more wanted to boast about his new sons.' Mannix tried to soften the news, 'it seems that the boys ... there was a lot of interest in little Sammy.'

'Oh God.' John felt his legs buckle as he dropped into a chair and felt a glass pressed against his hand, looking up he nodded at Jim and took the shot of whiskey from him downing it in one mouthful.

'We have just arrested one of Atkins' cohorts, he ah told us of an accomplice who tipped Atkins off about you coming to get the boys. This man is also known to have a young boy in his custody aged about thirteen years.'

'Do you know who or where he is?'

'No not at this moment.'

'So you are here why detective?' Jim asked his concern for John's emotional state mounting when he saw the pallor of his friend's skin and the tremor in his hands.

'We have reason to believe that this man might want to take on where Atkins left off.'

'He wants my boys?' John rasped as black spots danced in front of his eyes and everything seemed to morph into a tunnel shape with nothing but darkness at the end.


A high pierced scream interrupted the adults; leaving John with the two officers, Jim hurried towards the study sure that one of the boys had woken from a nightmare. Seeing Jim standing in the doorway and not his father, Sammy screamed even louder his little fingers clutched at his brother who he couldn't wake up.

'Daddy!' Sammy screamed repeatedly his little cheeks infused with red blotches on milky-white skin, his eyes looked red, puffy and sore. 'Daddy.'

John finally appeared behind Jim, his own face pale, his hands shook and looked as though he was going to pass out again, but he managed to pull himself together to rush to his sons' side.

'Daddy ... Deanie won' wakey.' Sammy hiccuped relieved that his father was finally there. 'Where was you?'

'I'm here now Sammy, shh it's alright, now what's wrong with Dean?'

'He got bad dweams an' now won' wakey up.' Sammy's lower lip started to tremble as another round of tears threatened to fall.

'Dean hey little man can you hear me?' John tried to rouse his eldest but the eight year old was trapped in the grips of a full on nightmare. 'Dean come on wake up now soldier, your brother needs you.'

'No, no, no.' Dean moaned as he tried to fight off an invisible foe, 'please no more, be good promise I'll be good.'

'Ah Dean come on son wake up.' John begged as he gently shook Dean again trying to wake him.

Suddenly Dean's eyes snapped open and he stared sightlessly at his father before he let out an almighty scream and kicked out at the perceived threat. John wrapped his long arms around his son and held him tightly to his chest, all of the time whispering soothing nonsense words to him until Dean woke fully.

'Deanie.' Sammy whimpered climbing on to his daddy's knee he snuggled up to his brother and started to suck his thumb, 'Deanie wakey.'

'Dad?' Dean blinked and finally focused on his dad first and then on Sammy, 'wha?'

'You had a bad dream son.' John said as he wrapped both boys into a strong embrace, 'but I'm here and not gonna let anyone hurt you again.'

'Dad, Claude was back and he was with this man with funny looking black eyes.' Dean mumbled, 'they wanted to hurt me and Sammy.'