Innocence Regained

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Chapter Six: Sammy and his Deanie

A week later, a small convoy of cars travelled down a lonely highway towards Blue Earth Minnesota, Pastor Jim led the way in his small beaten up sedan; nurse Jean Beaumont sat next to him, closely followed by the Winchesters in their sleek black Chevy Impala, and Bobby brought up the rear in his pick up truck.

The atmosphere in the Impala was stilted and too quiet for comfort, the two small boys in the back remained silent, clinging to each other but not saying a word. Their father kept an eye on them as well as on the road as he desperately tried to figure out what to do to regain his eldest son's trust and love.

Dean responded to no one except for Sammy and one of the nurses, Jean who seemed to have a knack dealing with traumatised children. The boys' doctor recommended her to look after the boys during their stay in hospital, when it came to their discharge however, neither boy wanted to leave her, especially Dean. He clung to her, his thin body shaking with terror at the thought of being left with nothing but men around him. Part of him understood that they all loved and cared for him, but the part that currently ruled his mind remained distrustful of any adult men, no matter who they were.

He wanted to trust the man who looked like a big bear with the deep laugh like thunder cracking, Sammy trusted him but everytime he tried all he could see, hear and feel was that not-father hitting him, touching him, abusing him and standing over him with that needle.

Dean's screams made John jump and swerve slightly before he could right the car, he flashed his headlights and pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. 'Sammy is Dean?'

'Deanie won' wakey daddy.' Sammy told him sadly shaking his head.

John was torn, all he wanted to do was to get in the back of the car and to hug his sons and never let go. Turning stiffly he gently nudged Dean's leg instead, 'Dean son wake up.'

Dean flinched and frowned, there was that voice again calling to him, calling him Dean. 'Wake up son, please Dean wake up.'

'Da-Daddy?' Dean blinked through the tears filling his eyes and stared at the dark eyes in front of him, 'not-father gone?' He asked before he realised he had spoken aloud.

'Dean?' John prompted his eldest child again, when he saw the glimmer of recognition in Dean's eyes before the confusion smothered it.

'Sammy?' Dean turned to face his little brother, his safe haven, his other half, 'Sammy my brother?'

'Yes son, Sammy's your baby brother.' John spoke quietly, slowly not wanting to break the moment.

'You're Sammy's daddy?' Dean looked back at the man.

'Yes I'm Sammy's daddy.'

'So's then if you're Sammy's daddy and he's my brother?' Dean tried to reason it out when he heard a car door slam shut and tried to push himself further into the seat, trembling he dropped his gaze and wanted to disappear, this man was the same as the not-father and was going to sell him, just like his dad did.

'Damn it.' John grumbled soft enough for the boys not to hear him, 'I'll be right back boys, Dean look after your brother.' The words were out of his mouth before he realised what he said and John was gone before he saw Dean's reaction to them.

'Gotta look afta Sammy.' Dean mumbled as he undid the buckle on the car seat, 'come'n Sammy, gotta look afta ya.'

'Where's we go Deanie?' Sammy asked as he clamoured out of the car behind his big brother.

'Gotta find ya somewhere safe Sammy, no more mens hurt ya.' Dean led his little brother away from the cars and the road into the woods.

'Dean? Sammy?' Jean called out from the Pastor's car when she noticed the two small boys disappear through the tree line.

'What's wrong Jean?' Jim asked stopping before he reached the others.

'The boys I just saw ... do they need the bathroom?'

'Boys?' John called out after hearing Jean's innocent question, 'which way did they go?'

'Ah straight ahead between the trees.' Jean pointed, 'do you want me to go and find them?'

'No, no thanks Jean but I think that this is something I have to do.' John smiled grimly and looked at his friends, 'wait here.'

'You sure Johnny?' Bobby asked eyeing the wooded area, 'I can ...'

'No thanks Bobby, I think if I'm ever gonna get Dean's trust back it's gonna be now.' John sighed wearily, 'I told Dean to look after his brother.'


'Deanie where's we goin?' Sammy asked as he limped along next to his beloved big brother.

'Somewhere safe.' Dean said as he looked down at his baby brother, 'you okkies Sammy?'

'Yeppers coz I wif ya Deanie.' Sammy smiled happily his green eyes sparkling and dimples.

Dean smiled back and tightened his grip on Sammy's little hand, 'gotta get safe Sammy, no more mens hurts us.'

'Okkies,' Sammy happily kept going next to his brother, 'Deanie?'

'Yep Sammy?'

'What bout daddy?' Sammy's innocent question made Dean stop suddenly and almost tripped his brother up.


'What bout daddy? Won' he be sad?'

'Dunno, but gotta hide from the mens.'

'Okkies Deanie.'

'Sammy? Dean? You boys out here?' John's voice echoed through the dense trees, Dean froze when he heard the hidden anger behind the words and immediately started to tremble, his mind reeling backwards with flooding memories.

'Deanie?' Sammy called out, his brother pulled Sammy quickly to a tree base covered with brush, and he climbed under and then tugged Sammy until his brother tumbled in with him. wrapping his arms around his brother he started to sob quietly, tremors running through his tense muscles he clung to the only anchor he had left.

'Deanie?' Sammy sobbed scared for his brother, 'don' cry.'

'We gotta hide, not-father will find us, don' wan' him to hurts us anymore.' Dean hugged Sammy tighter, 'Daniel be in trouble agin, don't want to be punished.'


'Gotta look afta Daniel and Sammy, gotta be tough.' Dean cried, 'scared, don't want to be hurt no more.'

'Sammy finds daddy, okkies Deanie.' Sammy patted his brother's arm, 'Sammy get daddy now.'

'No! No gotta hide, not-father will find us.' Dean tightened his grip on Sammy and kept them hidden from the man.

'Daddy.' Sammy cried out loudly, 'Daddy needs you.' He screamed and then snuggled down with his Deanie and slid his thumb into his mouth. Daddy will find them and they'll be safe.

'Boys?' John followed Sammy's cry and crouched down in front of the tree, two pairs of sneaker clad feet protruded from the brush, 'boys it's daddy.'

'Daddy here now Deanie, he make better.' Sammy pulled his thumb out of his mouth just long enough to speak and then he slid it back in, his shoulder hurt even more than his leg and he wanted to go to sleep, he was so tired all of a sudden.

'Deanie? Sammy?' John peered in under the brush to his sons, 'how you two doing?'

'Deanie scared.' Sammy mumbled around his thumb, 'Sammy 'leepy.'

'Dean can I help you?'

'Why call me Dean?' the eight year old asked and stared confused at the man from his dreams.

'Your name is Dean, not Daniel that bad man he called you that, he was the one who hurt you.'

'He said he was my daddy now coz my real daddy sold me to him for fifty bucks.' Dean said watching the man's face carefully.

'He lied to you, to hurt you and to make you do what he wanted, I never ever sold you Dean I love you son.'

'Daddy?' Dean started to cry, 'hurts daddy.'

'I know kiddo, can daddy help you?' John held out his arms, first Sammy came out toddling drunkenly with his brace on the uneven ground, 'come here Sammy.'

'Sammy hurts daddy, leepy.' Sammy launched himself into his father's embrace and snuggled against the strong muscular neck.

John held his breath and reached out with his free hand. 'Dean son?'

Dean hesitated and then shot forward burrowing his face into John's chest, clutching desperately at his father's leather jacket, breathing in the now-familiar scent that was all his dad. 'Daddy.' He hiccuped. 'He hurted me daddy, he hit me, he t-touched me, told me horrible fings, so scared daddy, he-he made me wear diapers.'

'Ah baby boy.' John sat back and cradled his precious sons to his chest and sobbed along with his eldest.


Jim and Bobby straightened when they saw an exhausted looking John Winchester walk back with his arms filled with sleeping boys, 'let's get them home.' Jim whispered sending a silent prayer of thanks upwards before he held the door open for them, without letting go of either child John slipped into the rear seat of his Impala and rested his own aching head on the back of the seat.

After a brief discussion, Bobby dropped behind the wheel of the powerful Impala, Jean drove the Pastor's car, and Jim drove the old pick up. Pulling out in front Jim pulled away slowly allowing the others to once again fall into formation.


John opened his eyes and for a moment took in his new surroundings, he barely remembered arriving at the Parsonage, of climbing the stairs and placing his precious bundles on the bed before climbing in with them.

That was all he could remember.

'Daddy?' A big dimpled smile hovered over his face, 'daddy wakey Deanie.' Sammy announced by poking John's face, 'yep he's wakey.'

'D-Dad?' Dean asked timidly from where he was curled up on the edge of the bed near the wall, 'Dad?'

'Hey boys, sleep okay?' John's morning voice sounded more like rumbling thunder than ever before and Dean lifted his tear-stained face to look at him in wonder. 'What is it Dean? Got something hanging from my nose?'

'Eww daddy!' Sammy giggled.

'Gross Dad.' Dean gave him a tremulous smile.

'Dean I ah ...' John frowned when he realised that he had inadvertently put himself in a damning position with Dean and his muddled memories.

'I gotta pee.' Dean said simply as he climbed off the bed, before he reached the door he turned and gave his father a small but bright smile, 'thanks dad.'

John smiled and sat back against the headrest, maybe just maybe his son was on the road back to him, back to his family.


PREVIEW: Innocence Implied

Grangeville Maximum Security Prison

South Dakota

July 4th 1999

The large gates of the prison slammed behind the newly paroled prisoner as he stood and let the sun warm his aching bones. The dark truck pulled up and he slid into the shotgun position, 'you got the information I needed?'

'Yeah this the kid?' the driver flicked a photo of a young man , and then another of the same young man talking to a taller youth. 'Got him and his brother.'

'Excellent work.' Ed smiled and fingered the photos, 'my boy has grown up hasn't he.'

'He's twenty now, the kid brother just turned sixteen.'

'So little Sammy is not so little anymore.'

'They're still with Winchester.'

'Not for long and I'll get my boy back, maybe the baby as well.' Ed Hartington sat back and enjoyed his freedom, 'let's go find Daniel.'