wants and needs

two bodies walking in the hot desert sunakagure when naruto couldn't shut his trap any longer

naruto: we've been in the desert for hours now. are we there yet?

gaara: no, just a bit further and quiet whinning like a 5 year old child.

naruto: i ain't a 5 year old brat! am a dude. you wanna see what makes me a dude.

holding the rim of his shirt

gaara: don't drop your pants here unless you want to get a sun tan.

naruto: i was gonna lift up my shirt. you have a sick mind,believe it.

gaara: i wasn't thinking that, ass whipe. i was talking about your ankles. [aint he masterful of dodging the kunai here =^__^=]

naruto O_O: what does it have to do with my ankles!? you can't tell a dude by his ankles

gaara: there is a theory, men's ankles are more muscular, more rough and less cream added conparing to women's ankles.

naruto =__=U: ........................what?

gaara u__u : you such a blonde. pick up your pants before vultures get to peck on it

naruto O_o-----!: they're going to kiss it! must hide it under my pants, NOW!

gaara *-__-: no you moronic perverted fox *grumble* never mind just move your whiney ass already. we're almost there.

naruto: uh-oh

gaara: what now, uzumaki?

naruto: i need to use the little shinobi room, badly!!

gaara: now, you needed to now. agh just do it behind those shrubs. just don't get too close, it's poisoness

naruto: every where in this desert is poisoness. my death is in every sand grain in this litter box *idea* =OwO= gaara, you still can control your sand, right?

gaara O_: yeah.....so...

naruto =^_^=: use that sand globe you've done in the chuunin exam so i can have my reliefe.

gaara (XC) : no way in hell your making my sand into your personal toilet. hold it till we get there. there's lots of bushes in the oasis.

naruto ToT: i need to go now. acK!!! it's coming out, it's coming out.

gaara -___-: hold it back, knucklehead. how did i lose to you ,i'll never know.

messaging his tempels from a huge head ache his having

naruto XO: my kingdome for a bathroom. would it be a good time to say that ......I LOVE YOU.

gaara O_O: ...............say ........that again

naruto XO: I LOVE YOU!!!

gaara XD: say it again

naruto X(: I LOVE YOU GAARA.

gaara n__n: one more time only louder with sama at the end my pet

naruto XS: I LOVE YOU GAARA-SAMA. PLEASEEEE, bathroom. sand toilet now, please? O3O

gaara *huge evil sexy grin*: alright, since you needed that bad and obeyed all my comandes. you get your wish. *makes sand globe* there have fun.

naruto 3: squeeeeeeee n3n my reliefe throne. i love you, chocolate-chip bear. come to me, baby. you king needs you.

running like a mad man towards the sand globe with happy tears in his sea blue eyes.

gaara: i love being kazekage. you always get what you want, mostly me.

this is the best birthday ever with a show to end it. i feel loved ......................oi!!!!!!! who said you can use my sash as a toilet paper. die you dirty fox.

the end

hope you like it =n3n=