Author: Sparta

Title: Carry on my wayward son

Pairings: Xander & Dean

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy/Supernatural

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Series: Childhood Lost

Chapters: 8/8

Completed: No

Summery: With graduation over and done with Xander decides it's time to seek out the family he'd been denied by Tony Harris.

Chapter Summery: Xander wakes up & it's time he knew a few things

Authors Note:

The Start Of A Whole New Chapter

Xander's head pounded as his stomic objected loudly to him being alive, raceing out the room he just made it as he threw up loudly.

"Ok not something I wanted to see with my morning coffee but that's to be expected. I wont ask how the head is if that's ok with you Alex?" said Harry as Xander looked at him.

"Back to bed and we'll talk then" said Harry as he helped Xander back to his room.

"So?" asked Xander weakly as Harry joined him.

"The short short version, we're cousins. I've only just found out, I got the call to come help you out kid. I've merged your Hyena and the Werewolf taints, from here on out I'm not sure were this is going" laughed Harry into his coffee.

"So who are you?" asked Xander

"Harry Dresden, family, friend and nabourhood Wizard. Speaking off magic your witch friend almost killed you in there" said Harry as Xander sighed sadly.

"I wouldn't be surprised" said Xander as he looked Harry up and down as another appeared.

"No you're not tripping, Bob did just appear. Bob's a ghost of sorts cursed for all time to live in his own skull for his crimes by the High Council of Magic don't ask" sighed Harry as Xander shook his head and growl.

"Let me guess otherwise known as the Power That Be?" asked Xander as Harry looked shocked but nodded.

"They don't like me, I mess up their prophecies and yet I'm not important to them go figure" said Xander with a shrug as Harry laughed.

"Nice to know I'm not the only one on their hit list" laughed Harry as Bob just groaned.

"Be nice Bob the kid just got his ass kicked by a Werewolf and a Wendigo"

"Hey she kicked their ass not the other way round" huffed Xander in triumph

"So you know the Hyena's female then?" asked Bob

"Yes and you would too if you'd read my journal" said Xander

"Oh I have he hasn't yet" said Bob with a smile

"Yeah what is it with that thing? You don't seem like the journal type?" asked Harry.

"The Watchers keep journals on all their slayers but when a slayer dies it's never recorded, but from what I've read of the ones Giles let me read back home they are also bias. This has almost gotten Buffy killed a few times so I figured I could keep a record of it to help the next slayer and my sanity.

You've read it Bob you couldn't make this crap up if you wanted too, I'm kinda glad I did now it cut down all the BS questions from everyone" sighed Xander as he made himself for comfortable.

"Yes I see that, so what do you plan on now?" asked Bob as Harry gave him a dirty look.

"It's ok he's right, my next plans are you bring up the one thing Grandpa's not ready for…."

"Your old man?" asked Harry over his cup

"Yeah, figured Grandpa would know were to start and I'll head from their?" said Xander as he got up and got dressed.

"So will you be round later or are you moving on?" Xander asked Harry from inside the bathroom.

"I've got to head back to Chicago for a bit but I've left my stuff with Gramps, I will be back though once you've tracked down that father of yours" laughed Harry as he hugged Xander when he came out.

"After all I've got a kid cuz to take care of and teach magic too now" laughed Harry as Xander sighed sadly with a heavy heart.

"Your better then them Xander, your powers are still growing despite what they thought. I'm not them and nether is Gramps we give a dam" said Harry as he mentally cured Xander friends as they headed to the kitchen.

They could hear Bobby banging round in the kitchen he let out a sigh as he turned to the kitchen. Xander sat quietly at the table as he watched Bobby cook. Harry on the other hand lent against the wall as Bob stood behind Xander, who gave out a sat sigh as he played with his amulet.

"One thing I learnt about the Winchesters over the years is that if a Winchester wants it they fight until they get it. If Dean really wants your heart he'll be back for you," said Bobby with a smile as Xander lightened up a bit as they sat down to eat.

"Grandpa" said Xander just like he had a million times before but something enough this time had Bobby reaching for the Holly water.

"It's time I asked about my dad," said Xander as Bobby sighed and shook his head, reaching for his coffee he sat down.

"I can't tell you much about him but I'll tell you what I remember about him," said Bobby with a sigh as he looked at Harry.

"Your father was a good man but an angry man, he was sent to me after a demon went after his brother. I trained him up and sent a newly widowed John Winchester out with him. At this point, I wasn't aware Jess and he we're together.

After his mother was struck down with illness his father moved them, unlike John your father was careful.

He never got caught when doing something illegal, not to mention his brother was some sort of math's wiz kid so he had a healthy bank account so no credit card fraud or hustling pool.

Rumor has it he's in the FBI now. I tried to find him after Jess left but I figured a Hunter walking into the FBI would set of warning bells, not to mention I could cost your father his life.

He never told his family what he used to do, I will tell you this though Alex. If he'd known about you Jess would never have gotten away with what she did," said Bobby as he wrote something down.

Bobby had been dreading this day ever since Xander came back into his life, he watched Harry who just smiled as he handed over the paper to Xander.

"You'll need this and the other number is a local hunter, just tell him you're my Grandkid and he will understand" said Bobby as he raised the paper above his head and sighed as he felt it being taken from him. He was surprised when he was enveloped in a tight hug.

"You're still my Grandpa and that means a lot, I'll come see you in a few weeks no matter what happen and I'll call as much as I can" said Xander with a smile as Bobby nodded.

"I agree" said Bob from behind them as both Bobby and Xander looked at Harry.

"Hey kid catch" said Harry as he threw his bag at Xander who caught it and looked inside.


"No buts I can't be there to back you up at least he can" said Harry as Xander held out Bob's skull.

"And I agree with Harry, your magic is still unstable as is the combining spell that merged you possessions at least I can at least explain things if they go wrong" said Bob proudly as Xander thanked him and hugged Harry.

"Don't get mushy sprat I want him back after you get home" laughed Harry as he put something round Xander's wrist

"For protection like mine, now come on lets go give your old man hell" laughed Harry as they headed out. Bobby and Harry watched with a sigh as Xander took off in his Impala.

Once he was gone, Bobby sighed and went inside, Harry followed suite

"You should have told him it all Gramps" said Harry as he found his coffee again.

"This is his journey to make Harry you know that" said Bobby as he grabbed the phone on the way to the kitchen he dialed before grabbing a beer and sitting down.

"Ah yes I'd like to speak to Special Agent Don Epps please……….it's personal business……..just tell him it's old man Singer he'll know who it is……………..Hey kid it's been a while………….yeah now go find somewhere private and quite you ain't going to like what I have to say" sighed Bobby as he continued.