The team sat in the Eppes front room drinking beer and telling bad Christmas jokes. Alan had made some pizza's and was bringing through on platters.

"Here you go my little busy workers," He grinned at them all. "Don, do you know where your brother is?"

"Garage, probably." He said taking a mouthful of beer before turning back to David. Alan nodded in agreement and couldn't but think that he had just asked a stupid question.

"I'll go and see if I can get him Alan," Colby said standing up.

"Thank you son," he said to Colby with a smile. Alan saw Colby slightly taken back. "You're a friend of Don's, a good friend and you are always welcome in this house."

Alan grinned as Colby blushed.

"Thank you Alan." Colby said before going to find Charlie. Alan looked in confusion as he was positive Colby had something in his hand. He shrugged guessing he was mistaken and went to the kitchen to get some pretzels.

Charlie was writing down the last of the math in his head just as he heard someone behind him. He turned around and met eyes with the green eyed agent.

"Colby," He said feeling suddenly a little breathless. He had always felt an attraction to Colby it was true but had never acted upon it with him working closely with Colby and him being a good friend of Don's if it ended in disaster it would be very uncomfortable for every one.

"Just wondered if you were going to come and join in with the Christmas celebrations?" Colby asked. Charlie couldn't help but see the flash of lust across Colby's face. He obviously wasn't the innocent agent everyone thought he was.

"Yeah will in a minute, just finishing this off." Charlie smiled, pointed to the board behind him.. He knew he better be quick before Don and David ate all the pizza he knew his dad had made, as the smell was wafting into the garage.

"What is it for?" Colby asked with a real look of intrigue across his face.

"It's something that just came to me about the case. Even though the case has finished doesn't mean the numbers do." Charlie grinned.

"If your head always working numbers?" Colby asked. Charlie watched him sit down on the worn sofa.

"Yeah," Charlie sighed. "Except when I'm having sex."

Charlie stood their staring at the man in front of him, he could feel his cheeks going bright red.

"Well that's understandable, your in other ways entertained." Colby said with a glint his is eyes.

"Yes, yes," Charlie mumbled turning back to the blackboard, biting his bottom lip. "I suppose your right."

He went to start writing again, knowing Colby wouldn't mind when he felt something behind him. He turned around to be faced with Colby. Colby had his body slightly pressed against Charlie, he felt his body slowly reacting to the heat pressed against his body. He gulped a little feeling his trousers getting a little tighter. Charlie noticed Colby's arm was up, he looked up to see Colby holding a piece of mistletoe over their heads.

"Mistletoe, you know what that means." Colby said with a smirk.

Charlie smirked back. "Yes I do."

Charlie leaned forward and met Colby halfway. Charlie whimpered a little as he felt the emotion being poured into the kiss from Colby. He tried to convey the same amount of emotion into the kiss. He thought his knees were going to betray him when he heard Colby moan.

Colby moaned when Charlie ran his tongue along his bottom lip, he willingly opened his mouth for Charlie to explore. Colby felt Charlie mapping every part of his mouth with tongue. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced. It was different from when any other person had done it, it felt perfect.

They pulled away panting heavily, their foreheads rested against one another. Their eyes looking deep into one another.

"Merry Christmas," Colby whispered against Charlie's lips before kissing him again.

Charlie replied with a moan and wrapped his arms around Colby's neck.

It was one hell of a memorable and sweaty Christmas.