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Fanfiction 101
Taught by Imai Hotaru
Lesson 1: Disclaimers

As one walks into the room, they see down into what could be called a bevel in the classroom. The whole room was made of tiered rows leading to the bottom, where it flattened out and a nice sized wooden stage was standing. On each of the tiers were rows of desks for the students to sit in with big comfortable seats. On the stage was a pier was a podium that the instructor could use and behind them was a nice pull down screen.

Into the room walked the students and the teacher. She went and stood behind the podium, pulling up a soap box to the podium. She had purple hair cut into a bowl cut and a slightly vacant look in her violet eyes, but her looks should not deceive, she was actually very smart. The girl nodded her head. "Well, I should be as I have the Alice of Invention. That means I can invent really useful inventions, or really dumb inventions. I prefer creating really dumb and useless inventions because it drives people nuts… that or black mailing them."

"May I ask why exactly we are doing this?" asked a boy with brown hair said. "I mean… most of us aren't fanfic writers and all of us are actual characters from the different fandoms that are used for fanfic writing."

The girl narrowed her eyes at the boy with the long visor. "Thank you Mr. Summers. I am so glad that you are so astute about this."

"I still don't get why it is that we're doing this or how you know my name…" the boy said.

"Go ahead and shoot laser beams from your eyes," the girl laughed… as much as she ever did, but it was obvious she found the situation quite humorous. "Either I just know things because the author wants me too or it is because I have all your records. If I was an evil scientist, this is about the time I would be laughing an evil laugh… but I am not and it doesn't fit my personality."

"Well, it fits mine… and the author had the insight to stick me into this chapter even though she'll probably never write anything for my fandom, but I still make a good gag character for running certain ideas and things across to the reader," said a girl with short hair and nice yellow colored ribbon in her hair. She suddenly burst out laughing completely sporadically.

"And who's she?" the boy asked.

"Her name is Haruhi Suzumiya… she is a very interesting subject," Hotaru commented. "She wasn't supposed to show up until a later lesson though."

"I wanted to show up now and I do what I want," the girl smiled.

"I can tell… though no matter what rules apply in your fandom, the author can kick you out of here if she so wants too," Hotaru commented.

"Oh, I know… she needed the evil laugh though because you couldn't do it and she's trying to keep this as humorous as possible," the girl shrugged. She then waved her hand. "Do continue on with this lesson… I am hoping to meet aliens, esurpers and timetravlers here."

"I am seriously not going to ask," the boy said. "Why do I think this is going to be more insane then the Brotherhood…"

"Brotherhood?" the first girl commented.

"Brotherhood of mutants more likely," the boy muttered.

"Oh… well… I really need to add that to my list to look out for…" the girl commented, causing the boy to slap his head.

"Now… on to the lesson in class," the girl on the podium stated. "My name is Hotaru. I was selected to be the teacher for this course because I have a knack for breaking the forth wall in my fandom."

"Cool…" the girl with the yellow ribbon said.

"The lesson today is, why do we use disclaimers in fanfiction," the purple headed girl commented.

Suddenly, a boy with a straw hat's arms shot up into the air… way up into the air, as if his arm was made of rubber. In fact, his arm was made of rubber. "I write fanfiction and I don't use disclaimers!"

"Thank you Monkey D. Luffy," Hotaru commented.

"You write fanfiction Luffy?" a man with green hair commented.

"Well… duh… it fits my personality… I love doing completely random things with other fandoms… like making them like us and us like them… if you know what I mean…" the boy laughed.

"No… I don't get it," the man said.

"He has a sword in his mouth… I've got to get one of the S.O.S. brigade to do that," Haruhi laughed.

"Zoro always does that…" the rubber boy smiled.

"One of the biggest reasons that we use a disclaimer is that it is a way to avoid copyright infringement problems," Hotaru commented. "Jade… can you explain copyright to us?"

"How come I have to explain copyright?" the girl with black hair and big eyes.

"Because your fandom Bratz was hit by the Barbie fandom for copyright infringement, or something like that," Hotaru commented.

"All right… fine… copyright infringement is where you take something and claim that it is yours, but it really isn't. A disclaimer protects one from this, but a fanfic site does not. It still doesn't stop people from being sue happy, that's for sure…"

"Well… from what I hear… it was justified," Haruhi commented. "I mean… the guys were working at the company that made the Barbie fandom… and the designs were too similar to the designs that they were coming out later for the Barbie… the concept designs that is…"

"Thanks… she likes chaos… doesn't she…" Jade sighed. "I am so not going to like it if come January two thousand nine we really do get pulled from the shelves. If we do girls, it isn't your fault… you were great fans… blame the guys who supposedly happened to cause a whole copyright issue case come up…"

"Hold on…" Scott commented. "The Bratz can be seen as a completely different fandom… so what happens if one based a fanfic on a fandom, but comes out with similar work that isn't recognizable as the original fandom at all… like comparing us X-men to Heroes…"

"That is exactly like comparing X-men to Heroes… Heroes could be considered a fanfic of X-men, but it can not be called that, as it has created its own fandom." Hotaru commented and pulled up a screen of the sister site. "If it is not recognizable as the original, it is original fiction, not original fanfiction and needs to go on the sister site."

"Ohh… so, a disclaimer also helps to tell original work from real fanfiction!" Luffy commented.

"Yes… and when you are in the miscellaneous or crossover category that means that one can also identify the fandoms that are within it. For example, this author has to use disclaimers in possibly every single chapter as there are going to be different characters each chapter, so this is one of the fanfics she will actually need to quite possibly use one for every chapter. One only needs to use them if one has a new fandom or they are as sporadic as this one."

"Oh… and it also gives credit where credit is due!" a girl with a Hispanic accent said. She had a book in front of her about horses.

"Thank you Alma," Hotaru nodded her head. "I think that covers why fanfic author's use disclaimers. Class is dismissed."

Author's note: Character list…

Hotaru – Gauken Alice – For her breaking of the forth wall… she is the only one I won't repeat in other chapters…
Cyclops/Scott Summers – X-men Evolution – For the straight laced personality

Haruhi Suzumiya – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – For the evil laugh and the randomness
Luffy & Zoro – One Piece – For the randomness
Jade – Bratz – Because of the recent lawsuit
Alma – Horseland – Because Alma is a reader and she had a great respect thus for the creators of the fandoms… I was trying to go for a writer but I couldn't think of one from the fandoms I know…