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Fanfiction 101
Taught by Imai Hotaru
Lesson 3: Formatting

Hotaru pulled up a screen of examples of bad formatting for the class to discuss, not to mention some good strategies and why they were best to be used. A boy with red hair was sulking. "Why exactly is it that certain characters have been chosen… I mean… this has nothing to do with data formatting."

"Izzy… you're just mad that you're not as smart as me," the girl laughed… sort of.

"We could have an inventing contest," said a boy with orange tinged skin. "I really want to be able to try my hand at testing my skills against another inventor."

"Nice Duncan… why am I the only one here who isn't a tech freak?" said a boy with blue skin… and a horn on his head.

"That would be… Rile buddy, because they needed somebody to introduce me," Duncan smiled.

"An alien is here… why isn't Haruhi here?" asked the nameless OC. "And I'm still nameless!"

"Onto today's subject… formatting!" the girl smiled… sort of. "What is one of the biggest formatting problems that writers can face when writing fanfiction?"

"Most…" Duncan started. "Forget that web documents and word documents don't end up the same. Most problems happen to be with fonts."

"Do you know how hard it is to read something that's font is all bold in the main part of it?" Rile spoke up.

"And that's the other reason you're here… the tech geeks note the technical problems while the jocks notice things like that," the orange yellow alien smiled.

"Thanks a lot…" the blue guy muttered.

"Anyways… even I know that when designing a web page, one doesn't always have the options of doing anything and everything. The web designs that are successful are the ones that are readable… so the biggest point for formatting fanfiction is to edit it so that it is readable for what ever site it is on." Izzy commented.

"Any more lame impute?" Rile snorted.

"Yeah… like when designing a webpage, one can't use colors and stuff that blend together… expesully if they are only a few shades away from each other… it isn't readable. One also has to make sure what ever it is looks good." The red head commented.

"Well… that was a short lesson, but I think that raps it up," Hotaru commented.

Author's note: Character list…

Izzy – Digimon –He's a tech geek
Duncan & Rile – Brats of the Lost Nebula – Duncan is yet another tech geek… Rile is the jock type who tends to be egocentric. It fit for this…

Note: I will be updating this when I can… if you guys have any impute for it, please feel free to impute… or if you want a topic to have something added to it, or a certain problem in fanfiction to be covered… so long as it is a fandom I know, I will take it into concideration. And yes... I know this was short... but if I made it go any furthur... the chapter would have been mondo lame!