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At our favourite Tipton hotel our two cute twins are in Arwin's office up to possibly... no good!

Zack came down 10 minutes before to see what Cody was doing.

Turns out he was building a laser-beam. Well sorting out the kinks away.

"Hey Codsters, hows the building machine... thing coming along?". Said Zack admiring the work Cody produced.

Cody gave him... a look "It's a laser-beam not a machine thing. I just need to make a few adjustments then it should be completed".

Cody attracted two wires connected them to the laser-beam and then pressed the on button.

The laser-beam started to make sounds. It was working.

"Zack! it's working!" Cody squealed excitedly.

Zack rolled his eyes at his squealing little brother. But still smile either way.

"Good work buddy. What it's suppose to do anyway?" said Zack raising his eyebrows.

"Well the laser i hope works is suppose to shrink largest objects making them smaller than their original".

Cody used smaller words so his brother could understand without having to elaborate from bigger words.

"Oh i understand, well come on try it!". Zack replied encouraging his brother.

Cody nodded taking hold of the laser-beam. He focused it on a chair holding it steady.

He pressed a green button and came out a bright red colour shooting it towards the chair.

Smoke appeared from the laser covering the chair so the twins couldn't see what is happening.

Cody turned it off. As the smoke faded a disappointment latched onto Cody's face as the chair was the same size.

"I guess it didn't work" Cody whispered.

Zack put a hand on Cody's shoulder. "Hey come on, don't give up yet. I'm sure your genius brain can think of something to solve the problem in no time".

Cody smiled at his brother's encouragement. "Thanks Zack. Well lets leave it for now. I'll come back tomorrow to sort out the problem. By the way did you come down here to see me, or did you forget something?"

Zack felt taken back by the words. "What! can't a twin visit his own twin? Or is that legal now?" he said smirking.

Cody laughed hugging his brother slightly. "No i was just wondering".

"I did come down here to see you but i also forgot my basketball yesterday. So you go ahead I'll catch up". Zack said moving his hand up and down.

Cody looked unsure. "Well if your sure".

Zack nodded at Cody watching him leave the office.

Zack signed. The truth was his basketball wasn't down here. He wanted to somehow help Cody on his laser..thing. Cody has done many things for him but never done anything in return. So now Zack wanted to prove to his brother that he has the brains when they are needed in a situation.

"OK lets see what we got" he mumbled looking at the equipment near the laser-beam.

A hammer, wires, nails, screwdriver and so on.

Zack put a hand on his hand. He had no idea what to do, or how to fix it.

He cringed his teeth angrily kicking the laser-beam. "Stupid thing!" he cursed.

As Zack walked off he didn't know that the laser-beam was falling toward the ground.

When a loud crash was heard. Zack turned around to see it on the ground with pieces in directions.

"Oh no! Cody gonna flip!". Zack cried.

He went to laser-beam picking up some pieces. He then noticed a red light appearing.

A red shot burst from the laser-beam bouncing off the walls, the ceiling going straight towards Zack.

Zack couldn't interact before he was hit and smoke appeared.

Cody was walking towards the elevator when a BOOM! was heard from the basement.

"Zack!" he ran towards the basement.

Cody started to cough as the smoke started spreading more outside the office.

"Zack you ok! answer me!". Cody covered his eyes advancing into Arwin's office.

The smoke then started to vanish making it easier for Cody to see.

"Zack where-" he didn't finished as his eyes met something small on the ground.

Cody wasn't looking at his broken laser, he was looking at the small kid who was sitting in the middle of Arwin's office. The kid was possibly age six wearing a light blue shirt with an red over shirt and small cargo shorts to match.

His hair was a bright blond but shorter than before of course. And innocent bright blue eyes.

The kid looked at Cody with an adorable expression.

Cody didn't need to think twice when he knew indeed that the kid was Zack.

"Z-Zack?" he stuttered.

Zack looked at his over-sized brother. "Hey little bro, why you so big?". Zack didn't notice that his voice ws high and squeaky, with an innocent tone to it.

Zack didn't get an answer but heard a thump instead.

Cody had fainted.

There you go, my first chapter! about the clothes and science sorry about those. Science.... not my best subject and clothes I'm a bit old fashioned.

Still i hope you like it!