Chapter 6 and possibly the ending.


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"Guys guess what i have good news!" Arwin announced.

"Is the good news that the laser-beam is ready?" said Cody his eyes sparking.

"You just had to ruined it didn't you?" Arwin tried to look angry but laughed instead.

"Only joking and yes i've finally fixed it, come on".

Arwin and the boys walked out the door down to his office.

As they got in Arwin made Zack stand where he put a x on the floor.

Zack was shivering with fear.

"It not gonna hurt right?"

Arwin shook his head at the quivering six year old.

"No you won't feel a thing but you have to keep still ok" Said Arwin making sure the laser-beam was level and ready to fire.

"Ok i trust you" Zack put his arms down to his sides shutting his eyes.

"OK just think of a dream and it will all be over before you even notice" Arwin pressed his eye against laser-beam's screen like a camera taking a picture of Zack who held his eyes shut.

"It be ok Zack soon you're be back to normal" said Cody reassuring his brother he was going to be ok.

He just hoped the laser-beam worked. Cause Cody and Zack knew that not all of Arwin's inventions are successful.

He crossed his fingers behind his back praying for success.

Arwin moved his finger towards a green button. "OK 1,2,3"

Arwin pressed the button and a bright stray of red came out shooting towards Zack.

The red shot spread itself covering Zack entire body.

Cody and Arwin watched intensively before smoke appeared in their faces.

When the smoke faded a little Cody shouted "Zack are you ok?". No answer.

Cody was going to shout again till he saw a figure the same size him in the smoke.

The smoke faded rapidly making Cody see that Zack had fishily turned back to normal.

A grin appeared on Zack's face "Hey Codster".

Cody smile tear glittering in his eyes. He ran up to his brother giving him a hug.

Zack returned the hug. "Hey Codes no water works, I'm fine".

"I know you are, I'm just so happy. Arwin your machine actually worked". Said Cody looking at Arwin.

Arwin looked surprised and proud that his and Cody's machine worked. "Yes it did! Wow I'm good!".

Cody laughed at Arwin but stopped when he felt a weight against his shoulder. He looked at Zack to see his eyes closed.

"Zack what's wrong?" He grabbed Zack by the waist to find he was dangling. Zack had fainted.

"Arwin what's wrong with him?" said Cody looking Petrified.

Arwin put both his hands out to calm him down. "Sorry my fault i forgot to tell you that since his body has changed straight away back into a 14 year old, it hasn't produced enough yet. He changed very quickly so his body is probably tired and needs rest".

Cody nodded understandably. "OK i guess that's true".

Cody put one hand round his waist and Zack's arm around his shoulder.

Arwin noticed Cody having some difficulty.

"Here let me help". Arwin made Cody let go as he put a arm around his shoulder and a hand under his knees. He lifted Zack bridal-style.

"Are you alright with him Arwin? He is quite heavy". Said Cody putting a hand on Zack's shoulder.

"No he's fine. Just a small little thing compared to me".

They both walked Zack up to the 23rd suite.

As they walked in they headed towards the bedroom laying him down on his bed.

"He'll wake up soon right?" Said Cody to Arwin.

"Don't worry he'll wake in about half and hour or even less than that" Arwin said putting a comfortable arm on Cody's shoulder.

Then a ringtone rang.

"Excuse me for a sec". Arwin answered his phone as Cody stared at Zack's face. It was so peaceful like a person to never cause any trouble. Boy he knew that was so wrong.

"Yes of course I'll be right there" Arwin put his phone back into his pocket.

"Cody sorry but i have to go. A guest wants me to fix a leak. Will you be alright by yourself?".

Cody nodded smiling slightly. "I'll be fine, don't worry".

Arwin looked sadly at the twin, gave another squeeze on his shoulder before walking out the front door.

Cody went closer to Zack moving a hair from his closed eyes.

"Come on Zack please wake up".

No prevail, not even a movement.

Cody felt his eyes becoming close with tears. He moved his hands towards his eyes to prevent from falling.

He was scared. Scared something has happened to Zack. He knew Arwin said to him that it might behalf an hour but the waiting was igniting for Cody.

Cody couldn't control his emotions any longer and let his tears roll down his face.

Cody continued sobbing not knowing a pair of eyes had awaken and a hand reached his head.

He reacted when the hand forcefully push it down onto someones chest.

"Hey what did i say? No waterworks".

Cody noticed the voice and looked up to see his brother smiling tiredly.

"Zack" Said Cody wiping his tears.

"Hey crybaby, was you worried about your older brother?" Zack said smirking.

Cody gave him a glare. "Of course i was! I thought something happened to you when you fainted. I was really scared".

Zack looked softly at his sniffing brother. He kissed him on the forehead. "Hey baby brother I'm fine, so don't worry ok".

Cody nodded rubbing his puffy eyes. Then a yawn appeared.

Zack chuckled "you tired?"

"Yeah a little". Cody curled deeper into Zack chest moving under his neck.

"Trying to get cozy huh? One problem I'm not tired anymore". Zack said playing with Cody's hair.

Cody huffed "Too bad i'm comfy right here".

Zack just laughed at his naive brother. "Alright for you I'll stay put".

Zack didn't hear an answer but heard a soft sound of deep breathing. His brother fell asleep.

"Night baby brother, and always the baby brother".

Around two hours later Carey came back opened the 23rd suite room.

"Guys I'm back". No answer.

"Guys?" She walked towards the bedroom opening it to see Zack his normal self again and actually reading a book! And Cody sleeping comfortably on Zack.

Zack then notice his mum coming and a shock look on his face. He knew two reasons why.

"Hey mum didn't hear you walk in. And yes I'm actually reading for once. It's not like i can move anyway. And I'm also back to normal".

Carey smiled walking towards her sons.

"Yeah I'm glad your back to normal. Taking care of you when you were younger was once enough" She said laughing.

"Ha ha very funny. And keep it down you'll wake him". Zack saw looking at the squirming Cody.

"You both learned what it's like to be the youngest and the oldest. So how did it feel being the youngest for once?" said Carey.

Zack thought for a minutes. "Inspiring I'll tell you that. But i think I'll stick with being the oldest". He paused looking at sleeping Cody.

"Being the oldest is a great opportunity and i know Cody was struggling with it. So I'll stay the oldest and take care of my nerd of a brother". Said Zack flickering some hair away from Cody's face.

Carey kissed her son on the forehead. "Your a great older brother to look up to Zack. Even though your grades a bad and your a troublemaker, but that's both of you anyway. And BTW your brother isn't a nerd just a smart boy thank you very much".

Zack snickered "Please, me say that. Come on mother it will ruin my reputation. And it's my job to make fun of my brother, call him names. But only me". Zack pointing his finger meaningfully, like a promise to his mother.

Carey just smiled. "Cody should be proud to have you as a older brother" Carey ruffled his head and kissed Cody on the forehead.

"I'll be watching TV if you need anything. I'm done with rehersal for today even though it's so early". She gave one their kiss on her sons before going outside in the living room.

Zack waved at his mum then looked at Cody who started to shiver.

Zack grabbed the covers bringing them more around Cody giving him the warmth he needs.

Cody started to relax again in Zack's arms.

"Yeah I'm defiantly the older brother". Zack giggled actually returning to reading his book and watching his baby brother sleep.

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