Title: To live.

Summary: set in the 1900. Bella and her sisters move far away from home to England, where many secrets awaits them. Bella meets a raw, cruel and hungry Edward Cullen, could she ever put a heart in the monster's creature? Help him remember what it was like to be human? What happens when he loses it and destroy every progress he made, along with a whole city and humans life, living only a heart broken Bella behind?

Disclaimer: this thing come out of a dream I had a long time ago, before I read Twilight! The difference was the lead characters were; Peter Pan and Wendy (lmao) but it was a really great dream! BUT I DO NOT own Twilight and any of the characters.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: in this story of mine, a cross CAN and DOES burn a vampire. Bare with me people :)!


My name is Isabella Swan and all my life I've lived by a code; keep your friends close and your enemies closer, honor your family and defend your truth.

It didn't got me nowhere.

Im a fifteen year old, and I've lived and seen things Gods would be afraid of.

It all started when we first arrived in this god forsaken land, it was all green, bright and beautiful and for the first time in many years we thought it was the best place to start over and forget the past, we thought it was a second chance somebody above was giving us.

We thought it was the chance to forget how our mother was crashed and burned under the roof of what once used to be our home, or to forget how they ripped her clothes off and violated her space, to forget how the only thing remaining from her were only ashes and dust, to forget how those savages and rebels started a war of their own, how they burned everything coming their way and killed thousands of innocents, thousands of homes, thousands of families.

So father took us somewhere safe, somewhere clean and new where we could start over, and have the life he promised.

But that was all shot to hell once I knew him, he was cold and frigid and I was inexperienced and didn't know anything about love or lust. Which only made him more anxious, or so he used to say.

He needed love and caring and I was more then willing to teach him how to love, how to cherish or how to care even. And I succeeded, I was making something of my own, something I built with my own hands, something I began to love, and then all my hopes crashed and burn along with what I made, with him.

He taught me he will never succumb to a 'human', and will never be tame down, he'll never touch a human if not to kill or to find pleasure, he taught me he will forever stay in the dark, where he belonged and should have never step out in the first place.

My numb and almost dead body lay down in the cold pavement as I heard voices above me, they we're trying to bring me back, but I was too afraid it might be too late, I was already gone, he had already made a decision with my life, and he was going to take it as he said it belonged to him.

"I'll come back for you, love"

My name is Isabella Swan and I should have learned to keep my mouth and heart quiet.


Hate it?? :D I really have great ideas for this story, trust me! And ill put all my heart into it :D