AUTHOR'S NOTE: woooooooooooow look at all those responses, do you know you guys make the world go round and round?? :O

And im glad you think so this story was worth it, I hope you can get through the sequel and you'll like it just as much. :) and I hope I don't scare you off too, that would be so bad for me xD

I just want to say; I do finish what I start so expect the sequel to be finished like this story was finished, maybe sometimes I wont have the time cause school starts soon, but I will always find time.

All of you make it worth! And with nooo more to say I just need to get this out of my chest:





The sequel is up :) go check it out! Its called TO DIE (It's a good 5 thousand and so pages work, but it runs very slow I would have to make it up for you and put up another chapter later on tonight!)