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* Another Dream About Us *

Chapter 1

A soft silent evening captured and lulled Tokyo to slumber. Even the cars' noises reminded some kind of a rustle of a lullaby.

A tall slender blonde leaned on the balcony rail, with the wind playfully ruffling her short sandy locks; she was gazing at the setting sun, longing for her special one to be near. It has been almost two weeks since Michiru had gone for her touring. Again.

'I wish I was there with you, my love.' The teal eyes shimmered with tenderness.

Of course, she tried to rearrange her own schedule so that she could come along with Michiru but in the end she was left with only a few days for random visits. The third of which would be just in two days. The green-blue eyes sparkled cunningly at the thought, and the girl licked her lips with relish. It would definitely be a surprise for Michiru.

Although, truth be said, Haruka knew her lover would probably await her anytime. Could she really call it a surprise then?

All of a sudden a sharp sensation of danger broke into the calm evening. Something was happening again. Another attack.

Being deep in her thoughts, the wind senshi didn't pay attention at the alarming sense in her mind right away. But when she did… 'Damn it! Why do not yomas bother to get any holidays?' She cursed silently. Realizing her thoughts, the girl grinned inwardly at their silliness, although it wasn't proper time for fun, of course.

Having transformed into Sailor Uranus, Haruka rushed to her car and sped towards the source of the evil energy. But all she found there was only Sailor Moon who had just defeated the last youma. Apparently it wasn't an easy fight – the brave fighter had terrible burns and scrapes all over her body, her hair was disheveled and covered with soot. The poor girl was shivering but her hands held the magic rod tight and confident.

All of a sudden, realizing the presence of someone else, the princess turned around, and Haruka was taken aback by the intimidated look in the girl's wide-open blue eyes.

"Oh, it is you, Uranus, thank goodness!" The princess sighed with a huge relief and managed a weak, fragile smile. "I am not alone anymore…" And then she suddenly collapsed, heaving an inaudible groan.

The wind senshi rushed ahead and caught the girl before her body touched the ground. Surprisingly, the rest of the senshi were not to be seen around. At least, no dead bodies of the Inners were scattered around which was a good sign. But how come this pretty girl had to fight alone?

Sailor Uranus sympathetically looked at the girl in her arms and furrowed her brows, observing a long scarlet bruise over the pale forehead of Sailor Moon.

"Silly Princess, you should have called me." The corners of her mouth curved in a soft smile as Uranus shook her head with a mild reproach.

Carefully putting the motionless girl in her car, Uranus de-transformed, started the engine and headed to her apartment.

"Where am I? Who is here?" A weak voice sounded in the dark room, slight panic ringing quiet clearly in that voice. The girl sat up in the bed and tried to pierce the darkness with her searching gaze.

A tall figure was startled by the sound. The wind senshi quickly approached the bed.

"Shh, it's okay, Koneko, I am here. You're at my place." Soothingly rubbing Usagi's hand, Haruka sat beside the girl and turned on a night lamp. "You're safe. And you won, by the way", the handsome blonde chuckled. "Alone. You left me no job when I came there. Are you growing up, Koneko?"

"You don't say, Haruka-san…" The golden blonde wanted to wave off the senshi's joke playfully but as the pain shot through her arm she only let out a yelp. "Ouch, that hurts! It is my luck you found me there. I can't even say how grateful and relieved I was seeing you there."

"I could figure. Well, you need some more sleep, beauty. But before that we should treat your injuries so that you won't get infected. To tell you truth, some of them are really bad but you will live. I think you need to plan your actions more thoroughly when fighting." The tomboy smiled and winked at the smaller girl, reaching out and pulling closer some bandages and medicine that she brought and put on the bedside table earlier. She would need them soon.

"Well, you see, I had no time to plan. As if I was going to, ever", Usagi sighed and smiled sadly. "I'm so glad you saved me, Haruka-san. I couldn't call other girls, because…" the girl hung her head down, her eyelids squeezing tight in remorse. "I forgot my communicator again… Luna will kill me when she finds out… I am so stupid and irresponsible… I will never grow up enough to make it the perfect queen all of you expect me to be… It's just awful…" Haruka heard something that sounded like the muffled sobs. The tension and fear that Sailor Moon had to suppress to fight properly, finally found their way out in her tears.

Uranus couldn't bear the sight of their princess cry. Maybe she herself was the toughest senshi but her heart could never stand Usagi's pain, in any way. Although Haruka rarely showed her compassion towards the crybaby princess. Okay, she rarely let her guard down enough to show any of her feelings at all. That was just not for her.

"Hey, Koneko", she called out, rubbing softly Usagi's shaking shoulders and back, "it's ok. Everything is over by now. You fought perfectly. You are the princess, remember? You ARE the real princess."

"No, I am not! And you are just trying to make me feel better…!" The golden blonde wailed.

"Well, actually yes, I am", Haruka couldn't help but smile but quickly cut it out as the princess gave her an incredible puppy look. "I'm sorry. I really think you did great. Even more so, I am proud of you."

"Really?" A pair of the deep navy-blue eyes sparkling with tears observed her with hope. The tomboy suddenly found it hard to breathe but composed herself rather quickly and nodded.

"Yes, Koneko, really", her voice became husky all of a sudden, and Haruka had to clear her throat to get rid of an evident sign of her unexpected attraction to the smaller girl beside her. "I can imagine it was a hard fight but you handled it very well. I'm impressed, really. How many yomas did you get tonight?" The sandy blonde desperately tried to turn the conversation into a casual talk because she caught herself feeling something she shouldn't be.

"Well, there were three of them as far as I could notice", Usagi frowned slightly, trying to remember the details of the recent fight. "I admit I had no time to ask them to number off, nor had I any willing to do so. But I think three it was."

The princess's mischievous grin was adorable. Haruka heartily smiled back and suddenly she got carried away by the sight of the pretty girl, sitting in front of her. The blue eyes shone with mirth, the long eyelashes were fluttering as the girl laughed, and her soft rosy lips revealed the beautiful pearly teeth. Usagi's skin, even with all those injuries and scrapes, looked velvety and tender in the golden light of the night lamp. The tomboy couldn't make herself take her eyes away.

The princess stopped laughing, a soft blush creeping onto her cheeks.

"Haruka-san…?" She called shyly. "Is there something wrong?"

Haruka cleared her throat once again and blinked a few times, trying to break the spell.

"N-no, everything's fine. Why?"

"Well", the princess's blush got even brighter, "you were… staring."

"Was I?" The wind senshi fought hard her desire to scratch the back of her head. "Well, I must've been in thoughts. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. But on the other hand", she added with a sly grin, "why not? You are a very beautiful girl. It's no wonder if I stared."

The sandy blonde reached out her hand, slowly moved away a few golden strands from Usagi's face and softly ran her fingers through the girl's long hair. Haruka told herself she did that only to comfort the princess, but it didn't explain why her fingers traced the jaw line of the smaller blonde and tenderly stroked her cheeks; and, finally, why her thumb lightly, almost beyond senses, outlined the girl's lips.

To her great surprise, Usagi's mouth opened a little and the wind senshi felt the rosy lips encircle the tip of her finger. 'No way…' She thought but it was enough – that small action turned her on immediately and she could not resist.

She quickly leaned in and pressed her lips against Usagi's, engulfing a sudden exclamation of amazement. Haruka pulled back right away, her eyes growing round. But the azure eyes of the princess grew even wider.

"Why did you…?" Usagi didn't finish her thought, but touched her lips with her slightly trembling fingers. "Did you… kiss me?"