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* Another Dream About Us *

Chapter 11

The sounds of music captured her and she stopped in the door frame.

Haruka was playing piano without looking at the keys, her gaze wistful, thoughts roaming far away, eyebrows furrowed slightly, hands and fingers moving gracefully and confidently. With all that she looked… strikingly attractive. And a little bit unfamiliar. Distant.

Michiru chuckled inwardly at the thought that the receptionist must have fallen victim to Haruka's irresistible charm, again. Last time the tomboy sneaked to Michiru's suite unnoticed, and surprised her with an unexpected appearance when the violinist returned from her rehearsal in the evening. That happened just because the receptionist girl was charmed by the lovely flirting of that intolerable Haruka.

The sea goddess praised herself for insisting on having the piano in her suite, not only the things she required for her violin rehearsals. But of course Michiru knew that Haruka would come and visit her whenever she could.

"I have never heard this piece before", the ocean senshi said softly, entering the room. "Did you compose it recently?"

"Love", with a charming smile Haruka got up from her seat and headed towards her lover, taking her in her arms and burying her face in the curly aqua-colored hair.

They shared a few moments, tightly holding each other in the arms and enjoying each other's presence.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you. How long have you been standing there?" Haruka asked finally, threading her long fingers through the silky aqua waves and enjoying Michiru's warm breath on her neck.

"Not so long. I was captured by your music", the aqua-haired girl smiled softly in her shoulder. "I am sorry for interrupting. Could you play it once more, for me?"

"Are you sure you want to hear it?" The wind senshi asked carefully, knowing perfectly well that Michiru could read the music, could hear the hidden feelings and messages through the melody.

The violinist ran her fingers through the short sandy locks, softly caressed Haruka's cheeks and looked her in the eyes; then she smiled and nodded, placing a small reassuring kiss on her lover's lips.

The main tune was pretty simple, light but the supporting party performed in the bass clef added depth and charm to the melody. There was no longing for something, no tragedy. It sounded more like… roaring in the sky… or flowing in the stream… the melody sang about freedom and calmness. Serenity.

It was playful in the beginning but then changed into a passionate cascade of the staccato notes that soon faded and was replaced with eights and sixteenths notes in the lower octave, reminding of a ceasing twister…

Michiru heard the night come and gone, and then there came a dawn – the pure notes, slow, deliberate yet somewhat uncertain at first but rising higher and brighter, the volume increasing, and all of a sudden the melody paused, only the low bass notes sounded like a heart beat… silence… and then the melody, similar to the very beginning, repeated and faded away gracefully.

"It is like a dream… beautiful yet elusive", Michiru said quietly when Haruka finished playing and simply sat there, looking at her hands on her lap. "Strange enough that it ended the same way it started. Well, almost the same."

The wind senshi didn't answer.

A soft touch to the hand awoke the sandy blonde from her reverie and she smiled weakly at Michiru, meeting her warm sapphire eyes.

"It is about her…?" The violinist half-asked, half-stated, sitting down on Haruka's lap and hugging the tomboy. "I wish we could play it a duet. But I cannot hear my part in it, there is simply no place for a violin… or me. But it doesn't feel missing. It is just… a piano solo. And you in it. Only wind and sky…"

Haruka remained silent as she put her head on Michiru's shoulder and closed her eyes, savoring the home smell of the girl she loved so much.

"It is beautiful, Haruka. You should be proud of this."

A slight slow nod was the answer to her remark. Michiru rubbed Haruka's back affectionately.

"Being with you feels like being home… finally", the aqua-haired girl heard the quiet words. "I missed you so much, Michi."

"I am happy to hear that", Michiru replied softly and nuzzled on the tomboy's neck. "Because it feels home whenever you are with me, too…"

She didn't get to say how much she missed her playful wind because the warm lips of Haruka captured hers in a slow loving kiss. Michiru smiled knowingly as they parted.

"So…" The violinist cupped the wind senshi's face and observed her features with scrutiny. She smiled as the realization dawned on her and the girl gave Haruka an inquiring look.

The tomboy's lips stirred in a slight smirk and she half-nodded, answering Michiru's unvoiced question.

"You did it!" Michiru exclaimed with a small laughter and shook her head in amazement. "You really did it, didn't you? Unbelievable!"

"Oh come on, Michiru, you make me kind of nervous." The tough wind senshi suddenly resembled a child who broke Mom's favorite cup.

The aqua-haired girl burst out with laughter and soothingly ruffled the sandy locks of her adorable lover.

"Sorry, I did not mean to. I am just… glad you did it finally", Michiru said softly. "You have desired her for so long."

"Why do you call a couple of months 'so long'?" The teal eyes met her lover's gaze with a puzzled look.

"Silly, it's been more than a couple of months. I still remember that night when Kaolinite tried to rip her pure heart away. You were so… umm, how do I say it, upset?" Michiru teased. "Honey, it was like the worst ordeal for you to stand. But I do not even mention all those times when you shamelessly flirted with our princess, embarrassing the poor girl, like you do all the time with every cute girl you see. It's just who you are", the sea goddess paused for a second to kiss away a cute frown Haruka sported. "But Usagi-chan was always special for you. It is fine, Haruka, I know you love her. Just like all of us do. Your passion… well, maybe in your case it is the best way to show how much you care. A very good way actually. Although, some people try hearty talks, gifts or hanging out together, just so you know", Michiru couldn't help but tease her stubborn lover in the end, only to get a relieved smile and a rather strong hug from the wind senshi.

"I must have done something extraordinarily good in my past life to deserve you and your love in this one. You are the most incredible girl I have ever met. Michi… I do love you, with all my heart and soul, you know that, right?" Pleading uncertainty in the teal eyes was something the ocean senshi could hardly endure. So she leaned in and softly, reassuringly kissed the blonde on the lips.

"Sure, Ruka, don't worry, I know that. I love you too", the violinist nuzzled on the girl's nose. "Now tell me…" the curiosity was written all over her pretty face, "was she good?"

"Michi…" Haruka's tone was warning. She could not believe their talk turned this way.

"Better than me?" Michiru didn't pay any attention. That girl!

"Michiru, stop it." The wind senshi rolled her eyes and heaved a groan.

The violinist giggled.

"Please, Haruka, admit the idea was not that bad at all, was it? I mean, you wanted her and it was eating you from inside. I had to do something about it."

"You are too perceptive for your own good." Haruka grumbled, trying to disguise her confusion. Who said she was good with hiding her emotions, if this charming lady read her like an open book?

"I know. Anyway…", Michiru trustfully rested her head on the strong shoulder of her lover and closed her eyes, relishing their closeness, "Haruka, you of all people must know that if there is anything I can do or give you to make you happy… anything in the whole world, that I can… I will." The aqua-haired girl looked deep into sparkling teal eyes. They looked touched to the bottom of the heart and yet somewhat uncertain…

"I thought you would be jealous." And questioning.

"Maybe I would… Not now though. Maybe next time." Michiru giggled again, seeing Haruka's eyes widen in shock and the sandy-haired head shaking at her hidden assumption. "Don't forget it was me who brought the idea up. But if it makes you feel better… can I have her too? I can tell she was pretty good. You are radiating."

"You are so spoiled." The tomboy chuckled. The entire talk was totally weird. Michiru was anything but predictable. Maybe that was why she could never feel satiated with this wonderful girl.

"Oh Ruka, please?" The aqua-haired girl clung onto Haruka's neck, her eyes filled with playful entreaty.

"No." An unexpectedly firm reply.

"Not even a tiny half-heated making out?" Michiru innocently tried once more, understanding perfectly that it was in vain.


She sighed in mock frustration.

"You are cruel, Haruka. Well, I see, no princess for just me, miss Greedy…" Michiru pouted playfully. But her eyes sparkled joyfully at the new thought. "Then how about a threesome? Fantasies were hot…"

The wind senshi shook her head and barely held back her grin.

"Tempting, but still no."

"Alright, greedy, maybe someone else we both know so that it would be fair?" Not waiting for Haruka to respond, Michiru began picking out the candidates. "Definitely not the inners because I prefer Usagi-chan among the rest of them but she is forbidden for me by you", the violinist poked slightly at the amused tomboy with her finger, "even though it's not fair, and you know it. Well, all that leaves me… men. Hmm, let me think… Mamoru-san?"

"Pfff!" Haruka did not even bother to word her opinion.

"I guess not", Michiru agreed thoughtfully, the sparkles in her eyes betraying her glee. "He is not really my type. Besides, Usagi-chan will kill me for even thinking about her 'Mamo-chan', will she not?" They both shared a laugh. "Alright, let's see, maybe Seiya-kun? We both know him and I know the way to summon him here from Kinmoku."

"Yeah sure, bring him only if you want to have him dead." Haruka felt a slight panic but hid it with her annoyed grumping. Michiru has got to be kidding, right?

"Haruka, you leave me no choice at all since Taiki-kun and Yaten-kun are absolutely not my types", Michiru felt the tomboy's irritation but decided to tease a stubborn blonde a little longer. "But why? I don't understand why you dislike Seiya-kun so much."

"Why shouldn't I?" Haruka shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well… he's got many merits."

"Oh really? Like what?" The dark-sandy eyebrows quirked in the lame interest.

"Well, let's begin with that he is a handsome man… Or woman… at times." Michiru adjusted quickly.

"Too bad I don't like men. Even the handsome ones", Haruka stated. "And I certainly don't like it when I cannot define who I talk to, a man or a woman. Ah, it seems so… creepy. He is weird… or she. Darn it, this is confusing." She shook her head in frustration.

"Alright, I admit", the violinist laughed softly. "But still, he is tall and well-built."

"Me too, Michi, me too."

"He sings very well…" Michiru wasn't someone to give up so easily.

"He cannot race and run as well as I do", Haruka protested eagerly. "And I don't like the kind of music he plays, anyway."

"He's got the dark long hair which I like." The rosy lips curved in a sly grin.

"I have always thought you loved the short and blonde one." The tomboy smirked in her arrogant yet cute manner.

"He is popular with girls…" But, meeting the mischievous emerald eyes, sparkling with amusement, Michiru waved her hand in a dismissing gesture. "Alright, both of you are. Do I need to count it as a virtue, though? That is a question."

"Okay, then let him be more popular than me, it's fine with me", Haruka agreed quickly. "I don't really care about other girls since I already have the best girl in the whole world", she hugged the sea goddess affectionately and rubbed her cheek against Michiru's. "But it counts only as it comes to the girls! I AM popular in other areas, alright?"

The aqua-haired girl laughed and shook her head at the sandy blonde's silliness.

"He cares about the inners and about Usagi-chan especially." That was an absolutely playful statement.

"Another good reason for him to be slain." The wind senshi shrugged nonchalantly, her eyes dancing.

"And lastly…" Michiru revealed her ace of trumps, "I like him. I mean, I do love you and only you, of course, but since we started this cheating-in-fantasy-became-true stuff I think I should have my piece of the pie. And he is very… suitable."

Haruka encircled her lover with her strong arms and nuzzled on her curly aquamarine hair. Her reply came in a very sweet voice. Too sweet to mean anything good.

"And that is exactly the reason why I will kill him as soon as he steps into this house. I cannot stand the thought of him even getting close to you let alone… how you called it, cheating stuff."

"But it's not fair since you…"

"Cut it off." Haruka quickly pecked her aqua-haired lover on the lips.

"You are not fair. You're a cheater." Michiru laughed, seeing the tomboy frown, and tried to slide out of the latter's strong arms that held her so tight.


"But, Haruka…" The full sweet lips of the sandy blonde didn't let her finish. Again. Haruka knew for sure how to silence her lover and make her mind go blank.

"No, Michi, you are mine and only mine", the wind senshi looked seriously into the violinist's azure eyes. "No sharing."

"My-my, you sound so possessive", the sea goddess shook her head with amusement, feeling the familiar warmth spreading inside her body at those words of Haruka. "I like it… master. Alright, fine, you won… But at least tell me how it was."

"We are done with this conversation." Haruka's face was unreadable.

"And you will not tell me a thing?"

The sandy blonde shrugged with a small grin.

"Nope. But I will tell you something else. You know I had plenty of time to think about what we have with you. I don't like being parted with you, Michi. I need you too much as it turns out. And… I do not want to play around anymore, even if for a joke. I don't need that. Koneko is special, that's true, but the others…"

"That's true." Michiru's words echoed Haruka's in unison. They shared a glance and laughed.

"See?" The tomboy placed a kiss on Michiru's forehead, her eyes radiating with pure happiness and deep love. "You are so… right for me. I don't need anything else to wish when you are around. You are my everything. And you ARE all I want and all I need, ever."

"Hmm… she has a good influence on you." Michiru joked softly, hiding her slight blush. Haruka had never been so open about her feelings before. Of course, the violinist knew how her lover felt about her but Haruka never said it aloud. And now that she did… it was touching and overwhelming.

"Michi, please! Can we just… get over it?" Pleading Haruka was a too rare sight for Michiru to let it go so easily.

"Not until you tell me." She winked at the sandy blonde with a smile but then took a pity upon the handsome tomboy who looked annoyed now, and changed the subject of talk. "Oh, love, don't pout. You know, my bedroom has that fancy king-king-sized bed and I thought it would be a good idea if you joined me in… trying it out. What do you think?"

Haruka smirked and hungrily watched her lover. Her eyes were too expressive for saying another word as an answer.

"Oh I have even the better idea. Since you are not telling me… you will show me everything you did with her." With this Michiru got up and dragged the chuckling Haruka in the bedroom. "That's right. It will be my wish that you have to fulfill!"

"You are so licentious. I wish I knew why I love you so much…"

"Probably that IS why", Michiru laughed. "But hey, you had your fantasy come true, now it is your turn to make come true mine. Shall we?"

Lying on the huge bed with Michiru straddling her, Haruka began speaking out of the blue, "Okay, at first we need to have you all bruised so that I could treat your injuries with peroxide. Be sure to cringe and wince because… duh, it really hurts."

"Hmm, sounds very 'exciting'…" the pretty violinist shook her head and crinkled her nose. "Can we move to the next part?"

"Alright", the wind senshi nodded and pretended thinking. The sea goddess playfully arched her eyebrows in impatience. "Then… hmm, are you sure you want to be mistaken for someone else and be called by another girl's name? I mean I mistook Koneko for you and I called her by your name."

"Hmm… next part?" Michiru leaned in with a smirk and began covering the smooth jaw line of Haruka with small warm kisses, distracting the blonde from her thoughts.

"And the next part will be… talking… almost all night long… Then… talking. And… in the end, still talking… Oh and yes, in the morning – talking again. Muuuuch talking." Haruka rounded her eyes as if not believing what she was saying.

"I never thought you were so much of a talky person." Michiru giggled, seeing a cute playful expression on her lover's face.

"Neither did I. Blame Koneko for that." The wind senshi couldn't hide her grin.

"Haruka, it still doesn't sound like fun", the violinist shook her head and gave Haruka another adorable pout. "Is that all that you did, only these weird things…? Poor Usagi-chan. Your reputation of a fantastic playboy-lover is completely ruined in her eyes." She teased the tomboy with a laugh.

"I told you, you should have chosen another wish." Haruka shrugged playfully, her eyes dancing and sparkling with amusement, tender hands hungrily sliding up and down the slender body in front of her.

"Silly Ruka, my only wish is to be with you and to make you happy…." Michiru stroked her lover's face and smiled seductively, unbuttoning the dress shirt of the sandy blonde and showering with kisses all the revealing parts of the so much desired body.

'It's almost funny what similar wishes Koneko and my Michiru have, just the same – to make the ones they love happy…'

"I am happy… when I'm beside you", Haruka couldn't find the words that could express all the overwhelming emotions that her heart kept only for this mysterious beautiful lady. "Thank you for loving me so much, Michiru! I…"

"Shh…" the tender lips of the violinist silenced her. A delicate fingertip outlined the curves of her lips when the kiss ended. Warm sapphire eyes smiled affectionately at her, "You don't have to say anything, Haruka. Just… love me finally."

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