I looked up to Jasper and widened my eyes- making them look big and glassy, and then I puffed out my bottom lip just the right amount, "pleas Jazzy?" I asked in a high soprano, very annoying voice.

He looked torn between doing what he wanted to do and doing what I wanted him to do.

"GAH! You have an evil power, Be- Alana." I smiled, he had cracked.


Once we got back to the house I changed back to Bella.

"I wonder if you can change into a guy, Bella. That would be SO cool!" Selena said enthusiastically.

"No, Selena that would be extremely creepy." I said, looking at her with absurd wonder. Why? I mouthed silently.

"OH MY GOD! Bella, your eyes!" Harris yelled. He ran up to me right before I collapsed onto the floor- unconscious.


"No, Selena that would be extremely creepy." Bella said. She mouthed 'why?' to me, shaking her head slightly. Then I noticed that her eyes were a spitting image of a fire. Flames licking her eyes. I was about to say something but Harris beat me to it.

"OH, MY GOD! Bella, your eyes!" he got up to get a closer look at her eyes when she collapsed. Harris caught her just in time. He looked up to me in shock- what just happened?

I looked at Bella's limp body, the image tugged at my dead heart. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, all life drained out of her. That's when I realized that I love her.

"um… what just… happened?" Selena asked, staring at Bella's lifeless body. "is she gone…" she gulped, she was unbelievably upset, "forever?" she whispered softly. She ran her hand through Bella's luscious mahogany hair. she would be crying if she could. She loved Bella just as much as I did, Harris loved her as well.



We had laid Bella down in the bed she was in when she first got here. She has been lying here, motionless and lifeless for almost 72 hours. If it was possible Bella looked even paler.

A chill ran down my back as tingles fingered their way up am arms and down my sides. This was the third time I felt this tingle! Then, abruptly it stopped. After the tingly sensation stopped, I felt an eerie feeling of aloneness. Even though Harris and Selena were sitting next to me, I felt absolutely alone.

Suddenly, Bella's eyes snapped wide open and she shot up from her lying position. "I know where Alice came from." She said. I was so incredibly relieved that she wasn't gone that I completely missed what she was saying.


"Wait, who is Alice again?" Selena asked.

"Jazz?" I looked at him; it wasn't my place to tell them, I would tell if he wanted me to though. He nodded in approval.

"Alice was Jasper's wife. She was also my very best friend. She didn't remember anything from her human life, nothing at all. All she knew was that her name was Mary Alice Brandon." I said, Selena's eyes widened.

"Brandon?" she whispered mostly to herself.

"Selena, do you remember anything from your human life?" I asked, she shook her head.

"Jazz, there's a reason why she reminds us so much of Alice." I said. "Selena do you remember having any siblings during your human life?" I turned my attention back on Selena.

"Umm, Hhmmmm…." Selena wrinkled her bottom nose, "no, I…I don't, I don't think so." She said, thinking super hard. Everybody just looked at me, thousands of questions in their eyes. I just smiled, if they only knew.


"Jazz, there's a reason she reminds us so much of Alice." Bella said. She turned to me again, "Selena, do you remember having any siblings during your human life?" she asked. A sister? Did I have a sister, I thought really, really hard. Did I have a sister?

"Umm, Hhmmmm…" I wrinkled me nose slightly, I don't think I had a sister. "no, i…" but, there was this one faded memory… it was fuzzy and very old. It made me stop. "I don't think, I don't think so." I said, trying to remember that particular memory. Me, Jazz, and Harris all looked at Bella with questioning eyes.


"I don't, I don't think so." Selena answered. We all looked at Bella, why would she ask that? What would Alice have anything to do with Selena?

Suddenly, Bella began to change. Her body frame shrunk about half a foot, and thinned into a pixie form. Most of her hair vanished and turned a dark black, she looked exactly like Alice… only human.

"Do you remember somebody looking like this?" Bella asked softly. Selena blinked a couple times before answering her question.

"Uh…" Selena seemed confused at first, but after a couple of seconds recognition danced onto her face. "OH!"

Bella/Alice smiled. "I knew you would."

"That's… she's… my… her… what?" Selena was a messed up emotion rollercoaster.

Anger, sadness, happiness, mad, upset, outraged, joyful, thankful, disbelief, relief, surprise and a whole load more. She was beginning to give me a headache.

"Selena, Alice is your sister." Bella said in almost a whisper. Before my eyes, Bella looked like Bella again; she stood up to give Bella a hug.

"So I… I still have a family." sobbed Selena. A single tear escaped her eye… once in a life time.


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