Sorry thati t took all this time all kind of weir thing happened and I wasn't able to writte , I broke up with my boyfriend I was kind of depress so my parent gave me a brand new credit card as one if the presents and I got shopping u know that with a plastic the time flys away… then the holidays… you can see ikuto has an issue with amu's bf so what u suggest? If it is something that I can put on practice in real life with my ex and soon to be my boyfriend again best female friend I will appreciate °

The r4al reason

The next morning amu was having breakfast went she receive a message it was from David":meet me at the park "¡ she was curios so she went to get change , at the same place she left him he was, ikuto was still on bed and she didn't want to wake him up .. But she had to, she went closer to the bed and started talking to him in just one move he embarrass her and took her to the bed ,he went on top of her ,amu was mentally freaking out but in a unconscious move she stroke his cheek ,abruptly she took her hand back but ikuto grab her again ,he was extremely concentrate in her touch but she move as fast as he could, that was weird she thought

Amu: ikuto so-ory is just that I'm going out with some friends ,if u want to come is ok ,but if not just make sure that u closed the door when u get out ( she was extremely embarrass obviously red)

Ikuto: that ok can I come?

A: I don't see why no David is going to kill me

She got change she was wearing a mini pink dress with a black jacket and some boots, and she didn't wear her usual hair style it was straight with nothing in it

At the park:

Rose: amu it took u a while° I was worried!

Amu: sorry guys just that I already got plans with a friend and he decided to came with me

Ikuto: it was a can u hurry

Naoko: you were having a date? Amu you said you didn't had a boyfriend I'm hurt u don't trust on us!

Amu: o no guys! Como on! Not again! He is my friend!

Rose: why u didn't call sporty?

Amu. Because I don't have any idea why I am here!

Emm: a that right

David: the truth is that we want to talk with u ALONE

Amu: is ok ikuto is some u can trust

David: that the problem I see thet u have a great relation and I don't want him to influence you

Amu: what is going on

Rose: the true my darling is that we came here because we want you back, nothing has been the same and we miss you so much, please!!

Emm: please think about it! It would be awesome and you could be amu not the cool and spicy all the time

Amu was shock, speechless

Naoko: o well…! After all this drama and because we already told what we have to tell why we don't get an ice-cream

Everyone except amu and ikuto: yeah!


Ikuto pov

they can't take her away

flash back

Went amu said that I didn't feel anything for her she sound hurt it was obvious but her friend didn't noticed that was so weirdo so I went to the same place where I saw her the first time the construction ,it was almost finish but I was able to sit on the top and remember all that we have been throw together the image of a pink haired girl with a lovely smile and eyes that can mesmerize you came along with a smile on my face not even utau have been able to calm me and take the pain out of my heart for just a moment but when I'm with amu I don't think in nothing else it is true that always tease her but her blush is something that I can't explain it makes me feel special ( he sound soo corny but cute) when I sleep with her all the nightmares went away and I was able to focus on her delicious strawberry smell and now they wanna take her ,mabe be im selfish but I don't know if im gonna be able to live with out her …that's true even when I try to denied it because I always said that I would fall 4 someone hotter and face it older AMU has stolen my heart!

With love and hopping you like it…. Please r&r by the way sorry if it too short