Author's Notes: The following story is the sequel to "The Judge and the Assassin". I loved the plot of this story so much that I decided to write a sequel J Have fun! I dedicate this story to myself *lol* just kidding. I dedicate it to my mother, who was kind enough to scold me when I wrote nonsense ^_^ and to my dad who kicked me when I wanted to write a story about Michiru being raped -_-;;; However, let's get on with the show! The Judge and the Assassin II: Trouble In El Paso

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Alex, happy birthday to you!" ten voices sang in unison. Alexander Tenoh, or Haruka as she had been called before, sat on her seat with a red face. (A/N: Remember, in The Judge and the Assassin  Haruka went to El Paso, renamed herself to Alexander Tenoh and pretended to be a guy.)  "His" wife, Michiru Tenoh, sat next to her smiling and patting her leg. The other guests that were invited to Harukas birthday party laughed at the red face of their friend, and her best buddy Jimmy yelled: "What is it, Alex, don't like to be in the center?" "No", Haruka answered, "I don't like it to turn 55." Again, all guests hollered with laughter, this time even Michiru. Haruka grinned and emptied her beer, immediately getting a new one from Henry, the barkeeper and owner of the bar were the party was held. "Honey, don't drink to much." Michiru advised her husband. They were married since three years, and since everyone thought that Haruka was male, everyone was happy for the couple. "I'll try, love." Haruka answered, and the two shared a short kiss. The others "awwed", at least until Haruka shot them a very evil glare. After that, the party went on with lots of laughing, dancing and singing.

"That was exhausting." Haruka informed Michiru when they finally arrived at their house. It was two o'clock in the morning, and Haruka almost fell asleep while she tried to unlock the door. Michiru smiled and gently took the key from her lover's hands. She unlocked the door, and the two of them walked in. That was when Haruka spotted something white lying on the red carpet. "Hey look, someone threw a letter into our hallway." The former assassin informed her wife. "Looks as if he or she shoved it in under the door." Michiru assumed while picking the sheet of paper up and unfolded it. On the sheet only stood six words, but they were enough to make Haruka turn pale: "I know who you are, Haruka."

"Hey, calm down." Michiru advised her love who was sitting on the couch of the living room, her hands trembling while she searched for her cigarettes. "How shall I calm down?" Haruka now snapped. "There's someone who knows my true identity!" Michiru sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug. "Don't worry, love. We've been living here for eight years now, do you really think the Mafia will try to get you now? After such a long time?" Haruka sighed and picked the paper up for the hundredth time. "You don't know the Mafia, Michiru. For them, I'm a traitor, and they won't be satisfied until I'm dead." "But they won't kill you." Michiru tried to convince Haruka and herself. "Haruka, you are the police commander of El Paso. You have the whole police on your side." Haruka sighed again and threw the sheet of paper into the waste. "I don't know what I shall do now." She admitted. "And I'm afraid that they will try to hurt you, Michiru." Michiru cuddled up to her love. "I'm not afraid, Haruka. After all, I can defend myself. You taught me how to use a gun, and I've been taking self defense lessons." "I know that." Haruka replied. "But, you've never shot a man before. There's a huge difference between shooting a living person and a paper dummy." Michiru still was optimistic. "You are here to protect me too, Haruka." "But I'm getting too old for this." Haruka complained. "I turned 55 today, Michiru. Look at my hair, it's all gray. And I'm not as fit as a fiddle anymore. Besides, I didn't had to fight really in the last seven years. Only a few fist fights with men who were dead drunk. I don't know if I can take on a Mafioso anymore." Finally, Michiru realized that Haruka was right. "So, what are we going to do?" she asked. "We have to find out who wrote this." Haruka appointed. "And when we know that, we have to get rid of that guy." Michiru put her chin into her right hand and thought about any new people that had moved to El Paso lately. "In the last two months, as far as I know, three people moved here. A young woman named Gabrielle McLeod, a young guy named Steve Harrison and an old man named Hugh Treszwniewsky."  "Hugh what?" Haruka asked, her eyes bulging out. "Treszniewsky. I think his ancestors were from Poland." "Dear God, how can you have a name like that?" (A/N: In my company really works a man named Hugh Treszniewsky. It's impossible to pronounce that name ^_^;;;) "Well, I don't think that McLeod and Tresz-what-the-hell are from the Mafia. Maybe Steve Harrison?" "I don't know. What was Sergios last name?" Michiru asked. "DiStefano." Haruka answered, frowning. "Do you think it's Sergio? You said a young man. Sergio was three years older than me, he should be 58 by now." "Okay, didn't think about that." Michiru admitted. Both of them sat in silence, thinking about who could be behind the mysterious letter. After ten minutes of thinking, Michiru could hear soft snoring next to her and shot her husband an odd look. Haruka had fallen back into the soft couch padding and slept soundly. Michiru sighed, shook her head and awoke her love. "Haruka, if you are tired go to the bedroom." She giggled. "If you sleep on the couch all night, you'll have a sore back tomorrow." Haruka yawned and stood up. "Okay. Are you coming, love?" "Sure." The two of them kissed and vanished into the bedroom.