The bullet hit Harukas stomach, and the might of the impact threw the gray haired on her back. Michiru screamed her lover's name and raised her gun, shooting at Sarah several times. The woman got thrown back and fell to the floor, blood spouting from her mouth and nose. Volt hurried over to Haruka and kneeled down next to her, he ripped his shirt off and pressed it on the wound. Haruka laid on the cold concrete floor, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. She didn't react to Volts actions, and she also didn't notice when Michiru ran over to her. "Haruka! Haruka!!" The aqua haired woman fell to her kneed next to her husband and broke into tears. "Oh God, Haruka…" She looked at Mayor Biggs and the others who stood there staring and yelled: "Help her! Call an ambulance!" The mayor was the first one to get out of his shocked stance, and he ran outside to call the paramedics over his cellphone. Michiru, in the meantime, took Harukas hand in hers, too afraid of hurting her by pulling her into her arms. Haruka looked at her with pain filled eyes, the wound in her stomach still bleeding although Volt was pressing his shirt on it. "Haruka…please don't die." Michiru whispered. Haruka gave her a weak smile. "I might be 55…but I'm…still tough." She then whispered. Michiru also smiled, although she was still crying. "I know, Haruka." The mayor came running back in and panted: "The ambulance should be here any minute. Alex…um, Haruka, hold on!" Haruka nodded and closed her eyes. Michiru sat next to her, stroking her face and holding her hand until the ambulance arrived.

After five hours of operation, Harukas doctor informed Michiru that she would make it. "Can I see her?" Michiru asked, her voice husky from crying. "Sure. Just go to her room. Number 247." The doctor answered. Michiru thanked him and hurried to the room Haruka laid in. The former assassin laid in the white bed, eyes closed, face shockingly pale. Two narrow tubes came out of her nostrils, and a machine controlled her heartbeat, beeping steadily. Michiru sat down next to the bed and gently took Harukas right hand into hers. Haruka opened her eyes and gave her a weak smile. "Hey." Michiru whispered, stroking her lover's face. "Hey." Came the almost inaudible reply. "How are you feeling?" The aqua haired woman asked, earning another weak smile. "Terrible. They abbreviated my pancreas about 50 percent, but left the bullet in. Nice tradeoff, huh?" After her love had said that, Michiru broke down crying. "Oh God, Haruka…I'm so sorry…" Haruka gave her a shocked look. "But Michiru, none of this is your fault." She then said in a gentle voice. "You wanted to kill Sarah for what she did to me…if I would have taken more care of myself, none of this would have happened." Michiru sobbed. Haruka reached out and caressed her love's face. "Stop that, Michiru. Don't blame yourself for something you aren't guilty of." Michiru finally calmed down and placed a soft kiss on her husbands cheek. "I'm just worried." She then sighed. "Now everyone knows who you really are." Haruka sighed too. "Seems as if we have to leave town once more." "I don't mind that, as long as I can be with you." Michiru answered, kissing her lover again.

Four weeks later

Finally, after four long weeks, Haruka was discharged from the hospital. Michiru had no clue if her husband and she had to leave the town; all the inhabitants had been acting as if nothing had happened at all. No one had blamed Michiru for killing Sarah, and there wasn't any trial or something like that at all. Michiru was completely confused about that, but she didn't really care that day since Haruka should be released today. When Michiru arrived at the hospital, her gray-haired lover already waited for her outside on the stairs. The two of them kissed, and Haruka threw her suitcase on the backseat of their car. "Finally, I'm free!" she announced proudly. Michiru giggled and gave her husband a quick peck on the  cheek before starting the car. When they reached their home, two jaws met the floor of the car. "What the…" Haruka stammered, her eyes wide. Right over the front door of their house hung a huge banner with the words "Welcome back, Haruka!" on it, decorated with balloons and swags. All people both Haruka and Michiru knew stood in the front garden – luckily it was a big one – waiting with champagne and buns that had ham and cheese on them, Harukas favorite. Mayor Biggs stepped out of the crowd and extended one hand to the stunned Haruka. "Welcome back, Haruka. Let me tell you we are all glad that you made it." Haruka just nodded, looking dumbfounded, before she found back to her normal self. "You mean you…don't mind my past?" Harry grinned at her. "Actually, no. Maybe you were a Mafioso, but now you are the police director. And since you have the job, the crime rate is almost down to zero. To make a long speech short, what happened in Tokyo ten years ago doesn't bother anyone of us." Haruka smiled at Harry, and Michiru snuggled up closer to her love. Both of them were happy that they continue their normal live and didn't have to leave town, and that the inhabitants of El Paso accepted Haruka and her past. "Maybe we get peace after all." Haruka thought to herself. "Just maybe."