CHAPTER 3: Delivery day

Kris woke up a week later. She sighed when she didn't see Junior beside her. She had the farm to herself today. Matt and Pablo were at a horse auction, and Jean was taking one of Charlie's horses to the vet three hours away. The ranch was also short-handed today. And since it was Saturday, everyone got off at twelve. besides her.

She got out of bed, it was five thirty. She put on the coffee pot and pulled on a pair of jeans and a green long sleeve shirt and a brown vest. Since the coffee wasn't done yet, she pull her hair into a ponytail. By the time she got it fixed and her boots on the coffee was done. She poured herelf a cup and chugged it down so fast she couldn't enjoy it. She ran out of her trailer and looked around the deserted ranch, she had a lot of work to do. She began with morning feeds. She usually had help, but my six thirty, she was still the only one there, She looked at the schedule. Clay and Adam were suppose to be here. She figured they were running late, since they rode to work together.

Kris got back to work placing horses in the paddock, riding Wlidfire, mucking stalls, checking on the pregnant mares. By 10:30 that still hadn't showed. She walked over to the phine and called there numbers, no answer. She called again, still no answer. Maybe they were here and she didn't see them. Not likely.

She went to Bella Donna's stall and she was moving around acting really uncomfortable. Oh crap! she thought, she checked the mare's food dish, she hadn't touched her food. Kris ran to the end of the barn. "Clay! Adam!" she yelled. She was by herself on this one. She ran back to the phone and called Jean.

"Kris, it sounds like she is in labor. Call Dr. Sandlers and she will halp you. Dr. Rose is in surgery right now," Jean told her. After she hung up she called the number Jean had given to her.

"Keep an eye on her. She should deliver any minute, if she doesn't the foal may be positioned wrong. If she hasn't delivered in an hour call me back," Dr. Sandlers told her.

"I need help," she sighed. She called Junior but she knew he was busy so she left him a message. She called Matt, no answer. She called Junior again and left another message.

After an hour Bella Donna still was moving rapidly around her stall.

She called the vet back, "Okay, Kris. You are going to need her to lie down. You have to reach up there and see if one leg is pushed under. You got it?"

"Yes ma'am," Kris said. She couldn't do this by herself though.

Kris placed the phone down so that the vet was still on the line.

"Hey you," she heard. She turned around and saw Junior standing there. She ran to him and jumped in his arms wrapped her legs around him.

"I'm so glad you're here!" she exclaimed hopping down. "I need your help."

Junior followed her to the mare's stall.

"I need you to hold her down so I can make sure the foal is positioned right," Kris said opening the stall door.

"Wait, isn't that the horse that killed someone?" he said.

"Junior, the mother and foal could die!" Kris said. Junior nodded and followed her into the stall. "Talk to the vet and tell me what to do," Kris said handing him the phone.

Together they got Bella Donna to lay down. Junior held her as Kris stuck her hand in to feel for the baby. "I feel they foot!"

"She's feels the foot," Junior said on the phone.

"Great! Tell her to feel for the other one," the vet said. Junior deleivered the message to Kris.

"It's suck! I can't..I can't get it," Kris said.

"Yes you can Kris. You can do it!" Junior said looking her in the eyes.

Kris nodded and reached further. "I got the other foot!"

Junior told the vet and the vert said, "Okay, now try to pull it forward and put it nex to the other foot."

"It's stuck!" Kris said. She kept pulling. After a long minute she finally got it.

"Okay. Now the baby should come any minute," the vet said before hanging up.

Kris and Junior stood outside the stall together watching the mare give birth. Kris' hand slid down into Junior's and they looked at each other and smiled.

"She did it!" Kris said after the five minute wait for the mare to deliver. "It's a boy!"

"Hey WIldfire, you owe me a cigar!" Junior said jokingly to the stallion in the next stall.

"That was, amazing," Kris said looking up at Junior.

After thirty minutes of watching the colt stand and get it's first drink of milk Kris decided to go ahead and take Wildfire out to the paddock, Junior followed them.

"Hey," Junior said turning Kris' head. They got closer and where about to kiss until they heard a honk come up the drive-way. They looked, it was Kerry.

Kerry go out of his car. "I'll see you later Kris," Junior said before kissing her and leaving.

"We need to talk," Kerry said.

"No, we don't," Kris said.

"I got you tickets, if you win the Breeder's. It's a chance for us to start over," Kerry said holding the tickets out to Kris.

"I'm not going," Kris said after seeing the tickets to Paris Kerry was holding out in front of her. "You can leave now. Pablo was right, I was better without you," Kris said before walking away. Kerry sighed and get back into his car, wishing e could have Kris back into his life.

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