Alright, just a little note. I have never seen anything with this pairing and like the title says it's unlikely. I thought it was kind of funny though and the second chapter will be from Kenpachi's point of view. if you have ever read a Yuzu/Kenpachi, please let me know... So.. I hope you enjoy.

Everyone said they were the most unlikely couple in the Seireitei and compared them to Beauty and the Beast. Yuzu didn't understand why they were such an improbable couple. She thought they were perfect together.

She had seen him from afar many times but didn't really notice him. Her focus had been her studies. She wanted to learn to heal and fight so that no one could ever hurt her family again. One day on her way to visit her brother, she felt his reiatsu spike and knew he was in a battle. Fearing the worst, she took off at a run, leaving her companions behind.

She arrived at the scene to find her brother take a fearsome blow. He hadn't healed from his previous life threatening injuries and the blow broke them open again, spraying his blood high into the air as Ichigo fell to the ground. Without thinking, she raced forward, ripping someone's zanpakto from their hands and stood over her brother, facing his opponent, the most feared Captain of the Seireitei.

She didn't care who he was though because she wasn't going to let her brother get hurt any more. She could see the surprised look on his face as he stared her down but she didn't move. He flared his reiatsu, something that should have crushed her. Her knees buckled slightly before she controlled herself. Ichigo wasn't the best at controlling his own reiatsu so she had gotten used to the occasional massive flare-ups from him. She ignored the people who were collapsing in the audience.

"Che, I'll let the little girl protect you this time, Ichigo." She heard him mutter before he turned and walked away. She immediately turned and began healing Ichigo, dropping the stolen zanpakto. She wasn't supposed to carry hers outside of class because she was an Academy student. She was slightly offended by his little girl comment and wasn't quite sure why. She had been sixteen when she had been struck and killed by a car and while she was short, she definitely wasn't a little girl. She wasn't sure why she was offended though because others called her a little girl and she had never taken offense from them.

It was almost a year later when she met him again and things had changed. She had graduated early and joined the 4th division as their fourth seat. She had been assigned to heal the 11th division after everyone realized two things.

One, they didn't mess with her because when they did, they faced her brother's wrath. The man who made her cry on her second day was found in an alley with broken bones. He refused to say what happened but treated Yuzu with respect afterwards. After a few more similar incidents (which she chided Ichigo for and he claimed no responsibility) the 11th division treated Yuzu with deep respect. Unohana wasn't above taking advantage of this and Yuzu was assigned the sole care of that particular division unless there were too many for her to handle.

The second thing everyone realized was that Yuzu wasn't exactly a pushover herself. She may be caring and gentle but she had grown up with Ichigo and Karin and had learned a few things from them. Several of the men had decided that since Ichigo was on an extended mission, bullying Yuzu was fair game. They learned otherwise when they tried and Yuzu made the healing of their injuries more painful that the injury had been in the first place. Of course they learned it had been deliberate when she sweetly apologized and said that she had been distracted by their cruel words. Then they got a double dose when Ichigo returned and found out. (Yuzu believed that Hanatarou was the tell-tale culprit though she could never catch him nearby)

So on that day almost a year after their very first encounter, Yuzu had been informed she had a patient. She hadn't understood Isane's comment about throwing the lamb to the wolf until she opened the door and found herself face to face with Captain Kenpachi. She knew the division's opinion of the man but didn't see what the big deal was so she gave him her brightest smile and greeted him.

He stared at her with the oddest expression while she moved forward and healed his injury quickly. He was still staring when she finished and she started to move away when she noticed the state of his robes.

"I can sew that for you. I used to sew a lot when I was alive, making clothes and stuff and then Daddy taught me how to sew wounds so I could help him at the clinic. I don't have much time to do things like that anymore because I'm always so busy. It's one of my favorite things to do though. Do you want me to fix it?" she asked.

She was a little surprised when he just stood up and walked out but not really shocked. All the Captains had their quirks and after meeting the Captains of the 7th and 12th divisions, she didn't think much more could shock her.

Soon Captain Kenpachi was coming to her regularly with injuries great and small. He never said much, always letting her chatter on but he was never mean. He also allowed her to sew up the various rips in his Captain's haori. Of course others noticed the attention. Before Yuzu, someone practically had to chain him up and drag him to the fourth division for healing. Captain Unohana had asked Yuzu if she wanted to be transferred or if Unohana should take over the care of the Captain when he came in. Yuzu had politely declined, not understanding the sudden concern.

Ichigo had been the most troublesome. He had questioned her closely about the whole situation, disbelieving when she said she actually liked the gruff Captain. She really didn't understand what the issue was.

Of course she knew Kenpachi was a dangerous man. One only had to look at him to see that. She had seen him in battle, taking pleasure in the destruction of his opponent, finding pleasure in the pain of his own injuries. But she had also saw him with Yachiru, being a patient, loving father. It had only been a few weeks before that he had patiently followed Yachiru's directions, taking an hour to get to the Captain's meeting when he made it in five minutes just earlier that same morning.

Yes, she knew he was dangerous but she also knew he would never hurt her. So she told Ichigo to back off before she began spilling his secrets to Rangiku. He knew which particular secret she was talking about and he wasn't ready to have that one known just yet. Once Rangiku knew, everyone else would as well. He backed off, promising to keep an eye on her anyway.

It was about six months after she had begun treating Kenpachi that she was sent on a training expedition as leader. She had been on several already and didn't realize this one was going to be different. It had only been a few hours when they were attacked by masses of Hollows. About half of the team was taken out immediately and many of the rest were injured. They fought as best they could. Yuzu stood before the injured, taking out any who dared to come close. She prayed someone would come soon because she could feel her strength waning and could have cheered when she heard the bells and felt the familiar reiatsu of Captain Kenpachi.

With a burst of energy, she killed her opponent and then turned to see that all the Hollows were dead and what was left of her team was safe. The last of the adrenaline drained out of her and she collapsed. Two strong arms caught her as she fell and she turned to see Kenpachi holding her. Knowing she was safe, that they were all safe if Kenpachi was here with her, she gave into her instincts, curled up in his arms and cried.

She felt him stiffen as she sobbed into his chest but then he relaxed and his arms tightened around her. She heard her captain ask him to take her back to the Seireitei. He took her to his division and his own personal quarters. She clung to him still crying. She had seen death, even at an early age, working in the clinic with her father and she had killed Hollows before. Never had the deaths happened while they were under her command though, when she was responsible for each life. Soon she fell asleep.

She woke up to the sound of her brother's angry voice. She heard Ichigo challenge Kenpachi and felt him tense up but she clung to him and weakly asked him not to leave her. To everyone's surprise, he agreed and declined Ichigo's challenge. She was so relieved that she soon fell asleep again.

When she woke up, she was in her own bed and would have thought it all a dream if not for two things. Kenpachi was now avoiding her like she had the plague and there were rumors going around about Ichigo's sanity because he claimed Kenpachi declined his challenge. Everyone thought he was delusional.

Yuzu was brokenhearted but determined not to show it. Ichigo was so overprotective that it would only cause more problems. She wasn't sure when she had fallen in love with Kenpachi. It could have been when he walked away from their initial confrontation without killing her or from the stories she had overheard from the men of his division but she knew, in the past six months, whatever feeling she had for him had amplified until she was irrevocably, desperately in love with him. She knew he was avoiding her because he could see how weak she was and she knew that he respected strength. She was surprised he had declined ichigo's challenge to stay with her.

A few weeks later, she went out on another training expedition. Everyone argued that it was too soon but she had insisted. When the Hollows attacked, she fought with such ferocity that it even shocked herself. She had just killed a particular loathsome Hollow when she felt him. She faltered for a moment, but just a moment. She would show him, she thought, that she wasn't weak.

She saw him join the fight, scattering the Fourth division team with his wild swings. His laughter spurred her on and when she finally stopped there were no Hollows left alive. They stared at each other, him with a wide grin and her panting slightly, both covered in blood and gore.

"Come with me." He told her and then turned to her team. "You pansies get back to the Seireitei." He ordered. They all nodded, only the bravest hesitating before following his orders.

"Where are we going?" she asked. He didn't answer. Instead he grabbed her up and carried her as he ran. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on. When they stopped, she realized they were in his office. He handed her a pen and a piece of paper.

"Sign it." He said gruffly.

She looked down at the papers and then up at him, eyes wide. "Papers of Transfer?" she asked.

He nodded. "You belong in the Eleventh." He said simply and she could hear what he hadn't voice aloud, 'and with me'. A smile spread across her face and she signed the papers more eagerly than she had ever signed anything.

Growing up, she had dreamed of her one true love, a shining prince who would battle dragons and declare his love for her. She hadn't really expected him to be a scarred giant who wore bells on the end of spikes who declared his affection by making her sign a paper but there it was. She beamed up at him as she handed him the paper back and he grinned.

"Ikkaku!" he shouted and a moment later, the bald third seat bounded in.

"Yeah, Captain…" his voice trailed off when he saw Yuzu. She smiled sweetly and he paled. He'd been one of the few to give her trouble during the time Ichigo had been away. He had slapped her ass once and it had taken a very painful hour to heal his injuries.

"Kurosaki is joining the Eleventh."

"Really? That's just beautiful." Yumichika said, coming in behind Ikkaku. He liked the young woman a lot.

"Where should I put her?" Kenpachi asked.

Ikkaku and Yumichika shared a glance. They knew what he was asking. Did they mind if she took the 4th seat. It should be Yumichika's by right but he had always refused to take it because it was such an ugly number.

"She's the 4th seat there so she should be the 4th seat here." Yumichika said graciously. "Of course you have to do this right and allow anyone to challenge her."

Yuzu nodded. She wasn't nervous. Even if she lost, she would still be here with him. As Yumichika turned to gather the division, a wicked idea occurred to her.

"Ayasegawa-san! Will you let them know that if they get injured in their fight with me, I will be the one to heal them? Maybe I should check them over anyway just in case. I don't want to miss some injury that could be fatal." She said sweetly.

Yumichika's eyes widened appreciatively with the implications of her request. Ikkaku paled and reminded himself not to get on her bad side EVER. Kenpachi just grinned. He knew she'd fit in just fine.

The men weren't too surprised that no one stepped up to challenge the newest member of the division but Yuzu was. She hadn't known that her intimidation tactic would work so well. After they welcomed her, they walked back into the office and Kenpachi picked up the paper. He grinned at Yuzu.

"Better give this to the old man to make it official." He told her and she smiled and nodded. He moved towards her and thinking he was leaving the office, she started to step aside. He grabbed her and pulled her close, lowering his head and pressing his lips to hers. Immediately her legs went weak and she clung to him. After a few moments, he pulled away and grinned at her. She grinned back.

Together they walked to the first division offices to turn in the paperwork. Captain Commander Yamamoto read the paper carefully, as if he had never seen Papers of Transfer before. He asked to speak to Yuzu alone. He didn't say anything for a few minutes after Kenpachi left, just stared at her closely. Finally he spoke.

"Is this what you want? You know how the Eleventh division operates right?" he asked in a tired voice. She nodded.

"Of course. I was in charge of healing them in the Fourth Division. This is what I want." She said. He stared at her for a few more moments and she decided that if she was going to get what she wanted she was going to have to fight for it.

"Think of the advantages, sir. Having their own healer would definitely keep the Fourth division a little more peaceful. I am also a very good organizer. I have heard rumors that the Eleventh division needs a little organization."

They discussed things for several more minutes and when Yuzu came out of his office, she was smiling.

"He agreed on several conditions. I am now the official healer of our division. They have to come to me before they can go to the Fourth division and I have to be in charge of all the paperwork. You will still have to sign it but it will be my duty." She said eagerly.

Kenpachi laughed. He should have known that would be added. The old man hated the sloppy, late paperwork that was usually turned in. He kissed Yuzu again and they went to inform Unohana of the change.

Of course, word spread quickly. Unohana was not really surprised but she was a little concerned. Yuzu was such a sweet and gentle soul and sooner or later, Kenpachi would hurt her somehow. She helped Yuzu pack her things. Yuzu had no more than left the Fourth division when a flustered Ichigo cornered her.

"Is it true?" he asked and she nodded, thankful that Kenpachi had been called away to take care of some Hollows. Ichigo freaked out, to put it nicely. Yuzu walked slowly towards her new home, wondering how Ichigo was going to react when he found out she was going to be sharing quarters with Kenpachi. She was going to be using his spare guest bedroom but essentially they would be living together.

He ranted and raved while she listened patiently. Finally she said something and he backed off. She thanked every deity that ever existed for blackmail material. She also promised that if something were to happen, he could kill Kenpachi. Of course she knew that Kenpachi would never hurt her so the promise was easily made.

Yuzu's only concern was Yachiru. The girl hadn't been around much lately and never when Kenpachi was with Yuzu. She only saw Yachiru rarely when the girl was injured and needed to be healed. Before she reached her new quarters, though, she found herself face to face with the small pink haired lieutenant.

"Don't hurt him, k? Or I'll kill you." The girl said solemnly. Yuzu nodded.

"I would never." She said simply and they both understood each other. They became friends after that, though Yuzu was more an older sister because she made Yachiru eat her vegetables before she could eat her candy, something Kenpachi had only been able to do before.

To everyone (except Yuzu and the whole of the Eleventh division) she made herself a place and fit right in. Yuzu healed those who needed it and after convincing Kenpachi it was useful, taught several of the division how to do field healing. He had declared it weak and she had countered that it prolonged the fight and he could have more fun if the fight lasted longer. He had reluctantly agreed and several division members were assigned field healing duty.

She also completed the paperwork, organizing everything neatly. Captain Commander Yamamoto thought it was the best decision he had ever made when he received the first paperwork on time written in Yuzu's neat script.

Of course those two things didn't excuse her from regular duties. While she rarely joined the melee training, she did take one on one training from various people. As fourth seat, it was also her duty to lead on expeditions. Generally she ended up healing the injuries during the fight but when she did fight, with all her training she was a sight to behold. After seeing her in battle, many decided she did belong in the Eleventh division. They didn't realize it was because she was fighting to protect those she cared for. She knew every member of the division by name as well as a lot more. They were her friends and her extended family.

Their first argument rocked the Seireitei. No one knew what it was about and the couple claims not to remember but everyone heard the shouting and felt the clashing reiatsu. When Ichigo tried to interfere, Yuzu had turned her fury on him and with a sharp right hook, knocked him out cold. That had been enough to release the tension between the couple because moments later they had kissed and made up. Yuzu had then woke her brother up. Ikkaku was heard claiming taught her that punch and had gotten in a fight with several other division members who made the same claim.

Soon their relationship gradually matured and she spent more time in Kenpachi's bed than her own before finally making the decision to move all her things in. Ichigo had a very hard time reconciling the idea of his baby sister in a relationship with the brutish captain but after a while he got used to it. He saw the way the whole division, Captain included was wrapped around his sister's finger and knew that nothing he did or said would change anything.

Yes, everyone said their relationship was unlikely but Yuzu just sighed, rolled her eyes and ignored them. She didn't understand it at all.