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Chapter 12: The Nice Older Brother

Naruto sighed as he zipped up his bag. Sasuke looked over at him curiously. "What?" the brunette asked.

Naruto just looked over and shook his head. "I don't wanna go home yet!" he whined. It was true. The hot spring trip went by way too fast for the blond's liking. Well, it was only five days to begin with, but still. There was one good thing that came out of the trip though. The blond looked over at Sasuke who was still staring at him and smiled.

Sasuke frowned slightly in confusion. "What?" he half laughed.

"Nothing," Naruto said, drawing out the word. "Oh, hey! Have you seen your brother anywhere?"

Sasuke looked up at the ceiling in thought. "Nope," he said after a while. "Why?"

"I just think me and him have stuff to talk about…you know…about us."

Sasuke tilted this head slightly as he stared at Naruto then shrugged. "I would check his room. Don't worry about your stuff," he said quickly as Naruto reached out to grab his bag. "I'll take it down myself. Go and talk to Itachi."

"You sure?" Naruto asked, slightly surprised at the lack of reluctance on Sasuke's side.

"Why wouldn't I be sure?" Sasuke asked, giving the blond a smile. "I trust you and he's my brother so go on."

Naruto blinked a couple times before grinning and running out of the room. "I'll be back!" he called over his shoulder. He ran down the hallway then stopped in front of Itachi's door and lifted his hand to knock then stopped. How would Itachi take this? They were breaking up…right? Just like this? All of a sudden? And the reason being…Naruto had moved on to Sasuke. Naruto let his hand drop to the side and stared at the ground. Was this the right thing to do? Dumping one brother on the spot for the other? Naruto's stomach churned as he suddenly realized he didn't want to go through with this.

"If you're going to come in then come in," came Itachi's voice from inside.

Naruto's head shot up in surprise and he fidgeted slightly. "Um…"

"Come inside, Naruto," Itachi said with a sigh.

Naruto turned the doorknob, paused, then pushed the door open and walked inside, closing it behind him. Itachi was lounging in the armchair in front of the TV, flipping through the channels nonchalantly as he stared blankly at the screen. The brunette waved Naruto over with his other hand, never once looking up from the TV screen.


"So. You and Sasuke made up huh?" the brunette cut Naruto off without ever taking his eyes away from the television.

Naruto shifted nervously and stared at the floor. "Y-yeah…" This was way too awkward. What all had Itachi seen? Sure, Naruto and Sasuke hadn't done anything, but that still didn't keep the blond from feeling like shit at the moment. Naruto lifted up his head when he heard Itachi sigh as the latter flipped off the TV and stood.

Itachi stretched his arms above his head then made his way over to Naruto. He met the confused, bright blue eyes for a moment before leaning down and kissing Naruto on the lips and lingering for a few seconds before pulling away slightly. The brunette smiled slightly when he saw the slight hint of hurt in Naruto's eyes. "Nothing, huh?" Itachi said. Naruto looked down and shook his head. "Heh," Itachi laughed softly. "Didn't think so." Deep down, Itachi had known that he wouldn't get a reaction by kissing Naruto again. Even though the two of them had been pretty much inseparable since they started dating, Itachi had known all along that his young boyfriend's heart rested with Sasuke. So why wasn't this easier? Why was it so hard to let Naruto go?

"Itachi?" Naruto's light voice caught Itachi's attention again. "Are you okay?"

Itachi smiled down at the blond. "I'm fine, kiddo. I have something for you."

"Wha? For me?" Naruto's depression was quickly forgotten as his eyes lit up. "What'd you get me? Huh? Huh? HUH?"

Itachi laughed as he dug around in his bag that was sitting on the bed. A couple seconds later, he pulled out a tiny square gift. "Here," he said handing it to Naruto. "I dunno if you know this, but uh…today's our two month anniversary. We didn't really celebrate the first since I was so busy with my music so I thought you'd like it…"

A sharp pain went through Naruto's heart as he took the gift. He stared down at it for a moment before looking back up at Itachi.

The brunette shrugged as he shoved his hands into his pockets, a slight blush coming over his face. "Just open it okay?"

Naruto looked back down at the package in his hand before slowly opening it. "Holy…you got an album!"

Itachi grinned. "Yeah. There was a talent agent at the last place we played at and, uh…we got an album lined up. Heh, that album has all of our demos on it. I figured since you were so close to the band, I'd get you a copy."

Naruto looked up at Itachi and smiled. "Thank you!" he said before throwing his arms around the brunette in a tight hug.

Itachi laughed. "Okay, okay. Get goin', kid. We're leaving in 2 hours."

The blond's face fell and he tightened his grip on Itachi. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Ah geez, Naru-kun. It's fine, okay? Get outta here." For emphasis, the older male turned Naruto around and pushed him out the door. "I'm serious, kiddo. Two hours."

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but shut it as the door was closed in front of him. The blond stared at the door for a second longer before smiling and turning around to head back to his room to help with the packing.

Itachi sighed as he leaned against the door of his room. He had been able to pull off his facade quite well, in his opinion, but what he had made Naruto believe couldn't be farther from the truth. The truth was, Itachi was pretty heartbroken. Sure, it had started out as just dating his brother's crush, but over time, he actually had grown to love the blond. But this whole new "caring for his brother" thing that he had decided to do was kinda biting him in the ass.

The brunette let out another sigh and pushed himself off the door and walked over to his bed. He absently stuffed clothes into his bag, not really paying much attention as to how he organized things in it, and groaned in frustration. Being the nice older brother was a pain.