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NOTE: This story I believe is different then my others. I think its more grown-up, just the way I wrote it. But I am probably wrong, I still can't understand what a person's writting style is. That is so bad, since people have commented on mine, and say they love it...I know, I am so bad, heehee. Well its a little over 4 pages (with the notes) and over 2800 words! Hope you enjoy! Also, I plan to finish TpStF before my Chirstmas Break is over! I think instead of 4 chapters this may have just 3...don't know. Its all about chapters 2 and 3...oh well, I will cross that bridge when I get there.

SUMMERY: I watched the whole damn thing! Chrno didn't let her go with him, then he leaves her after she dies in his arms! What the hell? My heart breaks as I look at him, seeing how broken he is. I have to help him, anyway I can. I tell him of a book that can help him, it can bring her to life. But why does this idiot not read warings?!


Come Back To Me

Chapter 1

I watched the whole damn thing! Why couldn't that fool just let her go on with him? Yes, she would have encountered legions, but so what? Like Chrno said, the legions would make you half demon hybrids. He was full demon, so why couldn't she be half demon? Then they could live happy ever after, but no, he had to be a freaking dumbass.

Then the idiot shows up right when she is about to die, looking half mangled. I mean use those damn horns of yours and heal yourself! That is what they are there for, my friend. But no, his right arm is missing, and he had a stump half way. His left eye was bandaged too. That baka still had his legs, which I guess was a good thing and a bonus.

But he let her die. Then he left. He was heartbroken, you would be too I am sure. The girl you love just died in your arms! The man I loved died in my arms as well, so I knew what it felt like. But that was after I delivered the blow that put him in that position. Don't ask, too long of a story, it was so not my fault he died.

Anyway, poor Chrno, as I stare at him now, my heart breaks. He looks so broken now. I had thought once upon a time that I loved him. But I didn't, after I watched him and Rosette and her brother Joshua I was shocked. Joshua was so much like my lost love; I had thought he had to be his reincarnated. But it wasn't him. In any case it was Aion, as I learned later.

Yes you heard me; I had a kind loving man as my love. Then I killed him, it was in self defense of course. Someone had brainwashed him into making me Pandaemonium. I killed him in mine and our child's self defense. But it didn't matter for the child, the battle and the stress over loaded with all my emotions killed it. It died inside of me when I held him in my arms and watched him die.

I found out too late that it was Aion. Aion was the person my love had become. He had down a complete 180 and changed. He was going to destroy that system; he was going to change everything. He wanted to make up and atone for what he had done to me and our lost child.

But he ended up destroying what little love I had left for him. Chrno had always been like a brother to me, always. I loved him so much at one point and time I mistook it for the love of a lover, not the love of a friend. So now it kills me to watch him rot away.

I need to tell him everything. Maybe then he can understand the way I am now. I am alive…somewhat. I survived…barely. But it was and is enough. My love wanted me to live, which was the last thing he told me— both times. That is what it truly means to be alive. To be alive, you have to survive. It's a struggle, more than anyone can imagine. It was more a struggle than living, but it has to be done.

I slapped him to get his attention. This was a real hit, not like any of those playful ones I had given him over the years. The slap didn't work, my eyes narrowed in annoyance. I punched him. He went flying a few feet and rolled and landed on his side with his back to me. I was so not go to have this.

"CHRNO GET YOUR ASS UP! Donot make me make you." I growled with so much malice and venom he felt it in his bones, he felt it inside of him. He slowly picked himself off the ground. He saw the fury, anger, and rage that consumed my eyes. He took an involuntary step backwards. He took another and another before he realized what he was doing. Yes, I knew I was that damn scary. I had killed over a million demons, so what was one more? I could intimidate any demon alive, I could kill any angel, demon, human you name it I can kill it. I hadn't survived all these centuries for nothing.

"Listen to me now, my dear Chrno, there is something that you need to know…." I told him everything, his eyes widened sometimes. He growled and hissed at other times. He sighed in some places, gasped at others. But by the time I was done he knew that he couldn't sit here and mop like he had been doing for the past decades and I told him so. He needed to get his ass up and deal with whatever was killing him inside.

When he told me he couldn't change it, the only way to fix it was for him to die. My eyes lit up with so many negative emotions and I glared them at him and I started yelling at him too. I went and slapped that dumb shit again. How dare he say that now, after everything I had told him? What had I done? I was still alive after I went through the same thing—the details were different, but still. Did he not think anything was possible?

"How many fucking years did she survive after you left her to kill Aion? Eight fucking years! You had used her soul all up, and she still survived eight fucking years on what littleshe had left! Do you not think anything is possible? Didn't you tell Aion and every other demon or human for that matter, that humans are so unpredictable? Didn't you say you were going to believe in them?" I screamed at him in fury. Did he not know that everything he said up until now made him a hypocrite with that little statement before?

I had let it sink into his thick skull before I went on. "Baka, BAKA, BAKA!" with each word my voice yelled it louder. "There is always a way to fix everything and anything! Remember that library I was talking about? The one I had taken you to millions of times?" I didn't even see his nod before I went on. "I told you spells you couldn't even dream of were in there. Dreams you couldn't even think of that you wanted so deeply, there were books in there to accomplice those."

I watched as he realized what I was saying, he was shaking and trembling as he spoke for the first time since I had begun my scolding. "I can bring her back?" He asked ever so softly as if he was afraid he would break the illusion I created for him with my words.

I sighed, this dude was such a dumbass, but he was hot! If only I hadn't told him that, then maybe I could have had him you know. I could have told him my story, and in a few years he would realize he had loved me this whole time. That he loved me more when I helped him through his 'Rosette dying phase,' and then make me his mate. But I knew by the look in his eyes that it would have taken a hell of a lot to make him forget.

Yes, we both knew we loved each other, and the love we had could grow with time, but he would always love Rosette so much more, with such a pure love too. I knew deep down that we would be great for the other, but there would always been this between us, Rosette would always be in the way.

That alone was made me do it. I told him of the book. I didn't want him turning into me, yes we had each other. I didn't have someone back then to help me. I didn't have someone who loved me enough to stay with me and help me through his death. Chrno also didn't kill her…ok in a way he killed her, but technically he didn't drive a sword through Rosette's heart and twist it as he shoved it deeper though the very heart of the person he loved with every fiber of his being. But if you asked him he would have said it was the same thing.

I nodded, "But you will have to get over Mary first. But to be quite honest you are over her. You never mourned her death like this. With her you locked yourself in her tomb, but with Rosette you actually tried to kill yourself. You had said you wanted to die with Mary, but deep down inside you didn't, and you knew back then that she wasn't the one." I stated clearly not caring if it hurt him or that he winced. "Or me for that matter," I added softly, he was barely able to hear me, but he did.

The thing with Mary and Rosette made him wince, with me he flinched, eyes wide, and he looked guilty and sad. He knew what it took to made me love someone and stick by them. I was grateful—we both were—when we found out Joshua wasn't the one. Though instead of getting power, my love was brainwashed…okay Joshua was brainwashed, but he didn't go and try to kill the woman he loved…ok he tried to kill Rosette, but she doesn't count. The two men were different by their actions and their reasons behind them. No two situations are alike, the past may repeat itself, but not in the same way, never. It's always different in some way.

Chrno, even without my help, knew that Rosette was the one. I didn't tell him about the warnings with the spell. I didn't tell him that if his heart felt the same affection—even a tiny bit—for someone else it wouldn't work and it would backfire and make him beg for death. Like I have said loads of times, there are things worse than death. Because bringing someone back to life wasn't a game, it was beyond serious.

I just hoped that he wouldn't be blinded by his emotions and rush through it without reading everything. There were a couple of rules that he had to beware of. Especially that last one. That would make everything a whole lot worse. A whole lot worse…I have to find a thesaurus one of these days. A whole lot worse didn't even describe it. Those warnings were placed there for a reason, a damn good reason. Though if I think about it that last rule…if I remember the rule correctly, even if he completed the spell perfectly it was still going to take effect…and that was when the fun would start.

I laughed, those are the fun rules, it's the ones that you think won't ever happen—the ones that have the worst consequences—actually happen. I could just see it now, Rosette gets brought back and is with her love now forever and bamm! The first thing she had to do, so ironic. I knew that no matter what I had to do—hate to say it but I am a pretty busy person, it's sad really—I was going to watch and observe what happened. And laugh once Rosette actually takes a look at that book.

Oh that was going to be hilarious. I could just see it, Rosette gets brought back and right off the bat in a fight for her life. Then she has to accomplice a mission and when she gets back all the fun—for me—starts. She then reads a certain book that our purple haired and eyed friend left out accidentally. Then she chases him and tells him he was going to wish that he was in hell before and after she was through with him.

And then I will laugh and say happy ever after. That would be a great story, but the story Chrno wants isn't going to happen. I can just think of it. The ending to this horrible tale of his would be beautiful. He would bring back his lost love and they would live happy ever after. Nothing to worry about, no evil demons coming after them called Aion. No little brothers to track down because a demon took him and gave him horns that were meant for a demon not a human. Then finally get him back just to lose one another.

No, he didn't want a repeat of the past. Something that Aion was going to make sure happened. If it wasn't for Rosette both she and Chrno would be dead…ok she was already dead and he was close to it, but don't you get my point? She wouldn't have been able to live as long as she did. She wouldn't have gotten to the age of 24; she would have died and went with Mary and the rest of the world to hell, heaven depending on their life. That was if she didn't beat Pandaemonium and helped Chrno aim that gun and shoot Aion with it.

Chrno never got what he wanted, poor thing. I knew I had to make sure he was going to get it this time. Even if it was on a different path then he thought he was going to take. I would make sure they survive this one last challenge. I would make sure they lived and would be together for the rest of their lives, no matter how long either life was. It was the least thing I could do to give them what they wanted and deserved. I would give them what they truly wanted and deserved…each other.

I think I realized why this is grown-up to me, its actually serious. Some of my other stories are serious, but different then this one. Oh well, I take what I can get right? Now back to the story I have to send in edited and perfect by Friday--its for this writing competition.

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