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We start in the pristine white chateau in side that we see a small room with a large bed and soft squishy blue pilllows and a thick pale blue blanket stretched over Ayame's whose face was flushed a bright red and was tossing and turning in her sleep.

Then Ayame then lurches straight forward and slowly opening her eyes from her nightmare to realize she was not where she had slept or anywhere near Yaru who she knew was carrying her she slept easier because he was warm like all humans and his heart beat helped calm her down.

Ayame then takes a look at her clothes she was even in different clothes a long sleeved pail blue blouse and matching long pail blue pants they we're both made of soft silk but that meant someone had changed her clothes while she was asleep.

A Tall man with black hair,green eyes and very pale skin,he looked about Ayame's age maybe a year older tops but he started walking close to her bed and started to speak.

"Oh lovely, young miss your finally awake,it's good to see you after the little bit of healing medicine I gave you while you were asleep." The man continues to put a few bottles containing medicine on the night stand and sat on the edge of the bed Ayame wasn't on and pushes her back onto the soft squishy bed and begins undoing the top buttons on her blouse holgin her down with one arm and with these series of events lead to this...

"AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YARU-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ayame calls out for her first mate to come and save her from this guy who hand was on her chest.

Yaru insatntly charged into the correct room,Causing Ayame to spring up from her bed and rap her arms around his chest and started to tremble like a leaf in winter, and Yaru assesed the situation and took on the apearnace of a bull that just saw the color red,charged the poor man into the wall.

"Don't you ever touch Ayame-chan's beauiful figure like that again while I'm in the same country unless you've got a death wish from hell!" Yaru instant growls at the man defending Ayame from the guy who was invading her personal space and pushing him against the wall and using his knife glove and held it against the the man's throat.

"Yaru-kun take it easy please." Ayame tells him eyes welling up with tears and looking directly into Yaru-kun's eyes hugging him around his chest a good distraction to save the man's life and torment the hell out of Yaru.

"'Y-Y-Yeah sure thing A-A-Ayame-chan!" Yaru blushes then starts linking his own arms around Ayame's back then he noted Ayame was just in her bra and a pair of pants causing him to blush deeper.

"Oh Yaru-kun you going shirtless even in this terribly cold weather?" Ayame asks still in mid hug staring at his slightly muscled chest then the two of them fall over and the door bursts open Revealing Jae,Sonia and Faith staring at them.

"Whoops Sato-san mate are we interrupting something,or were you three about to have a three-way involving a complete stranger or something?" Jae says staring at A:His Captian topless.B:She being on top of Yaru who was bare chested as well despite a few bandages and they we're embracing.C:There was a guy on the floor that they didn't even know.

"Plus how in the all the hell's are you not completely exhusted like Yaru-kun and I are after climbing the mountian?" Ayame asks her crew critically.

"Oh that there was the cutest little elevator on the side of the mountian don't tell me you guys missed it,man it saved us a ton of time."Sonia explains happily to her three other crew mates.

"Ok you guys here's what happened fast version I was asleep until I heard Ayame scream I raced in to see ero-doctor here unbuttoning her blouse and I weant beserk but fourtunately Ayame distracted me with cutsie eyes and hugged me then I slipped and you guy walked in." Yaru explains the odd scenario everyone had the same exact thought.

'Well this is awkward.'

"Now please let me introduce myself and explain I am Kyo Ikoma and damn it I was only examining the girl I gave her an experimental type of medicine see the red mark on the left side of her chest that's bright red that's we're the bug bit her and she'll hav to have whole day's worth of medicine every hour on the hour with exactly the right dosage now here drink this liquid it'll get the poison of the sendo-sendo beatle out of you so I'll be back with your next medicine in an hour and don't move from this room ja ne." The doctor calls behind his shoulder into his work room for the next batch.

Ayame then buttons her blouse up she didn't want Yaru to pass out from a bloody nose while she was in a bra in pants.

Ayame drinks the medicine given to her and gets a disgusted look on her face by the taste of it but swallows it despite how bad it tasted.

"Oh god why does every medicine have to taste so damn disgusting huh?" Ayame wonders out loud.

"It's probably how they make notes if it working correctly or not, if it does taste bad it means it's working already and just be thankful you don't have to do this for a week Sato-san." Jae reassures her with his short knowing of medical knowledge.

"Yeah but guys I think we we should recruit this man he seems to know a bit more about diseases and wounds beacuse right now our wounds hadn't opened up and he's curing Ayame-chan in a day he seems just misunderstood." Yaru tells the rest of his crew about recruiting the newly found doctor on the winter island there staying on right now.

"Hai,it sounds good so far Yaru-kun but most men being recruited for pirates crew's often want favors for doing it we'll have to ask him what he wants us to for him,when we get that answer we'll strategize how to help him." Ayame tells her whole cew who silently agreed.

"Yo mate let's talk man to man and let the ladies catch up with each other okay?" Jae asks Yaru being suspiciously friendly.

Out side in the hallway Jae and Yaru start commensing their intriguing conversation let's listen into the two men.

"Ok Jae what is it were out of earshot of the girls what do you wanna talk about,that invovlves leaving the girls in Ayame's temporary bedroom eh?" Yaru asks Jae calling out the fact that the girls were out of ear shot where they were.

"So did you score with Sato-san yet,and don't you dare lie to me I want the detailes of what happened while I was absent." Jae asks Yaru confidently smirking to himself.

"Well I did save her life and I held her hand does that classify as a score and you saw the incident with Ayame in her bra and pants,god after this I am officically taking my camera everywhere I go but I still get the memory of Ayame-chan looking like that, oh yeah do you have my pictures?" Yaru asks Jae in a nonchalant tone.

"Yeah I've got 'em Mr. First mate I can understand why you don't want another man ogling the woman you care about,so I completely understand." Jae says to him sympathetically.

"Yeah I guess you would undertsand I see the way you watch Faith-chan and you actually call her by her first name you don't do that with anybody else,but your being subtle about it don't worry I won't tell if you don't girly-boy,but try to deepen the relationship." Yaru teases him about his crush as pay back.

-With the Girls-

"So Aya-chan how is it been going with you and Yaru-kun did he do anything sweet while we we're gone that we missed hmm?" Sonia asks Ayame having girl talk in Ayame's temporary room.

"Well he did save me from falling off a frozen waterfall,held my hand and carried me to the doctor that's about all you missed but still all of it was kinda sweet of him." Ayame blushes a soft pink despite her already fever ridden face.

"Awwww how kawaii, now how about you and Jae-kun,Faith-chan why haven't you tried anything with him it's so obvious he likes you so try and bond with him a little bit girl,you two are lucky to have the only two guys on the ship I'm totally jealous." Sonia says enjoying herself throughly only to be interrupted.

"You bastard I'll knock your teeth in for that comment!" Yaru shouts causing Ayame to get up from the bed and walk over and out of the room touch Yaru in one of his wound spots saying...

"Heel Boy!" causing Yaru to wince in pain then Ayame strides over to Jae.

"You stop tormenting Yaru-kun,Jae-chan don't torment him I don't want his wound opening up." Ayame lectures him dragging both men in her room by their hair.

"Konichiwa young lady your hourly medicine is here,oh yes I over heard you want me to join your little crew and I have the perfect proposition in mind for you all,ever since that bastard Tansei showed up he's been desecrating village's for trying to rebel against him so if you defeat him I will be your doctor,but Miss you best stratagaize well I've caught word he's coming to my chateau he caught wind of a new girl that, sick little pervert always after a new girl." Kyo says walking back to his lab to make another batch of medicine.

"Well you heard the man everyone get to strategizing we've got a big day tommorow"Faith orders the Crew.

"HAI for the doctor!" everyone cheers then gets busy strategizing.

-End Chapter 9-

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