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Chapter 1. The mission

Yuuki POV

In one of our limos, Kaname and I arrived at a club. This club in particular, is where we plan our 'missions' as we jokingly call them. Kaname knew the owners and they were in on it to so we always got in easily. We usually knew the bouncer too.

"Hey guys, come right in." tonight's bouncer was my favorite. His name was Phillip, but he never told anyone that. We only know that because he wouldn't let us in on his first night. He usually told people now that his name was 'P' or as the ladies apparently called him (but I had never heard once) 'silly Philly'. According to Kaname, he apparently had a crush on me. I would have never known because he is always trying to act gangster. Kaname was an expert on figuring out someones feelings towards others.

"Hey P!' I said sweetly. Kaname let out a sigh that only I could hear. I nudged him in response. I was just trying to be nice.

"Whoa, Yuuki, looking fine!" He let out a whistle and I blushed. Kaname put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. He gave Phil a cold stare and he laughed. "Lighten up! I know she's your's man. She is probably the only one of us that doesn't know she's yours."

I playfully slapped him "shut up, I know who I'm with." Kaname kissed the top of my head as we walked into the club.

In the club, the only lights were the neon ones coming out of machines that moved with the fast beat of the music. We walked to our usual couch near the bar. This was our usual spot because this is where we had the most luck spotting our victims.

Sometimes, if we didn't have much luck and I ended up getting drunk enough, Kaname would just whisper sweet nothings in my ears all night. Which was enjoyable for the most part. Until the paparazzi arrived. Then we had to break it up because to them, we were 'just friends'.

But today was no day for fooling around. We were looking for business today. What we did was simple, and people thought we were here just to have fun. Kaname looked for the best dressed, wealthiest person in the club. When he found him, he would point him out to me. Everything from that point on was my decision. I could: flirt, act drunk, dirty dance, whatever. Just as long as I got some way to contact him or find out where they live.

That was my job. Find the place we would rob next. So the best thing the victim could do was fall for it. Well fall for me really. When I got to their place Kaname would track me via cell phone, since both of our phones had trackers in them. And we also put trackers in both of our phones because sometimes the best dressed was a women.

Of course we both got jealous sometimes because, simply put we loved each other very much. But it just made it more fun when we got home and one of us had to convince the other that they seriously loved the other. Tonight's victim was a man by the name of Yano Motoharu. Lawyer, Blondie, Brown eyes. Very rich, which is of course the reason why we chose him.

He was the type to go for the pretty girl. I've seen him here before, and he is always taking girls back to his place. He didn't like drunk moronic girls, I've seen it enough to tell. So I just got up and walked towards him. I gave Kaname a little wink to show him I knew what I was doing and I was ready for this.

"Is this seat taken?" I looked at him and pointed to the bar stool next to him.

"Um, no, go right ahead and have a seat." This was always way to easy. They usually said that when they were either interested or just star-struck.

"Thanks," I sat down and waved for the bartender. Today's bartender I also knew and he was in on it too. He got 5% for keeping his mouth shut about it. "Hey Mike, can I get the usual? Lemonade and Vodka?"

"Coming right up. Hey, great job in that new movie. I loved it." Yes that was our other job. We were also actors. And it helped. Especially when we did crime movies that had acting coaches that seemed to know way to much about crime.

"Thanks, glad you liked it, it took way to long to make that thing." I sighed and Mike handed me my drink, and started laughing when he saw Yano's expression as he stared at me.

"That's where I've seen you before!" Yano exclaimed, "You are Yuuki Cross!" his yelling was good for him but quiet the opposite for me.

"Shh!! I don't want the paparazzi going crazy realizing it's me!"

"Oh right, sorry. So what are you doing here?"

"I always come here. I know the owners so it's easier to come here than waiting in line at some other place."

"Wow, you are lucky. Do you know how long I had to wait to convince the bouncer to let me in?"

"Well that's Phil for you. They change shifts of the bouncer's daily. I never have any clue who it's going to be."

"Seriously? Why?"

"I don't exactly know, but on their first nights it is kind of hard to convince them that I am who I am. A few times we actually had to call the owners. And that's how we get to know everyone." I laughed at some of the memories Kaname and I shared at this place.

Kaname and I were secretly going out. So secretly that the paparazzi just thought we were really close friends, but we always have been. So it was even more convent for our 'missions'.

For the rest of the night I got to know Yano. I flirted a little. And by the end of the night, just as I predicted, we went back to his place.

Kaname and I had our own secret code for situations like this. When the victim wouldn't leave me alone for a minute, and I had to contact him about information he needed to know about the house.

He text messaged me in code- hey can I talk 2 u?- which was code for "are you in and do I have to talk in code?"

"Who's that?" This was always the hardest part. Finding out an excuse for why someone is text messaging me this late at night.

"Probably Kaname again. He's such a pig." I tried to put on a look that said I am about to cry.

"You guys finally going out or something?" He is all for people cheating on their partners isn't he?

"We used to be. Than he said some things that I wasn't supposed to hear and we broke up." I messaged him back, no pig!In case Yano was rudely reading over my shoulder, which translated to "yes and yes we have to talk in code."

Yano walked up the stairs to the front door with me, while I was messaging Kaname secretly. He opened the door and entered the alarm code. I messaged Kaname -shut up b4 I ca11 da c0ps- which translated to " the alarm code is 4110".

I knew he already had me tracked when he messaged back -Fine, c u l8r- which meant exactly what it says.

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