Chapter 11


Yuuki POV

All that was a week ago, when I got home Kaname did his version of flipping out on me; a stern talk that makes you feel like he yelled and does more emotional damage than anything.

It's Friday night again, and we're out again. I miss that great feeling that came with those Blood tablets I took last week. Kaname keeps saying that it's not Blood tablets, and that it is in-fact an-illegal drug, but I don't remember getting any, or how I would have received it.

A few light drinks into tonight, I lingered away from Kaname towards the bathroom. It's a usual night, the music's loud, the lights are dim, and it's crowded. There are bodies everywhere, and you may only see a face once or twice. But it was like she was following me…

I finally got to the bathroom, when she stopped me outside the door. She put her arm up to block the door handle, her clothing was torn, her eyeliner was thick, and her hair was shaggy; "I've heard you've been looking for this." She held up a small paper bag.

The brown paper bag was folded up so that only the bottom was filled, as she jiggled it in front of my face. "What is that?" She knew she had my full attention.

"Why, this magical little pill; this is X." Her grin reminded me of a cat. "And you can have it, for a price, of course."

I bit my lip. Should I? I reached into my purse for my wallet. "How much?" I just have to find a place to hide it in my purse, or cover it in perfume.

The grin just kept getting bigger, "How much you got?" I pulled out a wad of money, which she took from me, took a few bills for herself and handed me back the change. She practically threw the paper bag at me and waltzed away.

I walked into the bathroom, so that I could be sure there were no cameras. I almost instantly took one out and popped it into my mouth, I couldn't help myself…

Kaname POV

She was under my arm one minute, then stumbled off saying she needed to go to the bathroom the next. I sighed, this had become tedious, a pain, a bore. There was no thrill in it anymore. I have been contemplating for a while now just giving this all up and go into retirement. But I'm sure Yuuki still loves it, and that's why I still do it.

I got up from the booth, while Yuuki is still in the bathroom, taking her time as most girls do, and I walked to the bar, too many people for one to be served. I scooted in between two people that had their backs to each other, trying to get to the counter.

But apparently I had done wrong, "Hey man," He paused and looked at me, with a pointed finger from behind a brown beer bottle, "Watch it." The reek of alcohol came from his mouth and I choked on it. I think he took offense in this as he stared me down. "Listen here… What's your problem with me? I don't even knowww you!" He hiccupped and took another swig from the bottle.

I tried to ignore him, and tried to flag down one of tonight's bartenders. No avail, the man stood up. "You think this is funny? Get at me buddy!" This man was clearly out of his mind. I continued to ignore him.

I was saved by tonight's bartender. "What do you need?" I sighed in relief, I can get my drink and get out of here.

"Can I just get a beer, it really doesn't matter what kind." The bartender nodded, and walked off to get it. The man was still next to me, just staring at me. "Excuse me, bu-"

"Excuse you? Now why should I do that!" He shoved his pointing finger at me with his glass in his hand, in such a way that he managed to let some slip onto my shirt.

So far, this unnamed man to me, has caused quiet the disturbance. So I turned to him.

"Hey man, what's that look for? You wanna kill me?" He yelled at me, just because I looked at him, and gave him the attention he wanted. He got his attention from me, and the rest of the bar, now. Now it's all eyes on us.

The bartender handed me my beer. "Is there something going on here?" He asked.

I sighed and turned to him, "I don't have many problems, besides having his drink spilt on me, I just turned to him in shock."

"That's not true! I didn't spill nothing on him." He made the same move as before, but I managed to dodge it this time. "He's saying he's going to kill me!"

"I never said this."

"Now you're lying me a caller?" He's tripping over his words, and the bartender just gave him a look, obviously on my side. "Fine, be that way." And then he sent his fist clasped around his glass, into my face. The glass broke in his hand as he continued to attack me.

Someone kept trying to pull him off of me but he kept shouting and struggling and breaking through. The bartender already called the cops; it shouldn't be long until they're here. Somehow I ended up on the floor, I sat up and put my head in my hands, and felt something warm. Fuck. My face is bleeding.

Yuuki stumbled towards me, with a sort of sarcastic shocked look on her face. "What happened? What's with all the blood?" She was talking really fast, I kind of just blinked at her. A cop crept up beside her and she jumped a little. "What's the matter officer?" She's so jittery, this isn't good. The cop just gave her a look.

The cop turned to me, then the bartender, "What's going on here?" I tried to collect myself and stand up, but as I put my hand down, I landed in shattered glass.

Yuuki's eyes flashed red, I must have missed it the last time, my eyes met hers, "We need to get out of here." She nodded, understanding, and grabbed my hand. When I stood I brushed off my coat, as we began to walk away, we were stopped.

The cop put his hand on my shoulder, "Not so fast, I still need to ask you a few things." But Yuuki was still walking, not stopping, and tugging on my hand to leave.

"Yuuki," She turned to me, "Stop." Her eyes pleaded to leave, but if we left now, that meant trouble.

I turned around, in all the composure I had, "What do you need officer?" There must have been blood still dripping down my face, or by the blood in my hand, I still couldn't feel much from being so numb off of adrenaline.

"We need to know what happened here. Do you mind at all coming down to the station?" I could feel Yuuki's heart thudding even though I was only holding her hand, or is that my heart? I looked over at Yuuki, It's not like we have much of a choice.

"Of course."

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