Okay so this is a preview of a sequel i am planning to write. i believe i have shown this to you right? well anyways obviously you won' t know what gonna happen with Alex and Subria after reading this... aha!yes but what if one cub miscarriaged and they divorced hnmm?


"So all you have to do is to move your foot like this and hop like this kay? Then turn around and do the whole dance move all over again. Got it? Alright? Now, you try,"

Alex waited for him to copy the same moves but all he did was pounce on a grasshopper that was jumping by. His big blue eyes brightened as he felt the little animal jump in his palms.

"Um are you even taking notes?" Alex asked.

He looked up and stretched his tiny paws out towards him, still with the grasshopper in hand.

"Alright you did it! You have been chasing that little guy for weeks and you finally got him! Good job!" Alex exclaimed.

"You think this is easy for me?" the green grasshopper moaned. "And you encourage him!"

"Sorry, trying to be the motivational parent here. Supporting what my child wants to be even though he appears not to have any interest in the dancing and performing arts… kinda depressing… but still alright with me," Alex said, watching the little cub get distracted from his catch, go over to a stick and chew aggressively on it.

"Next time I want a proper apology from your dumb son," the grasshopper said and hopped away.

"My son is not dumb!" Alex cried after him. "He just… can't speak… nor growl, nor purr… or do other normal loin things,"

The little cub destroyed the stick into splinters in seconds and went over to a flower and started investigating it.

"At least you act like a loin," Alex murmured.

The cub bit the flower off and clawed it to mush.


"A very mean little loin…"