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Anderson's Chapter

"And the bunny went hop, hop, hop..."-Anderson read to the children- "The end."

-The children applauded when he finished the story-

"Thank you, thank you..."-Anderson bowed to the audience-"In the name of God, be good."

-The children left the room-

"I hope they become good supporters and followers of Christ."-Anderson said to himself.

Alexander Anderson.

"Who said that?!"-Anderson looked up.

-No Response-

"Hmph, I must find a new story for the kids other than The Bunny Who Collected 27 Carrots"

Alexander Anderson.

"Again?"-Anderson stopped and looked up- "It's definitely not God."

He is truthful to God.

"A voice that speaks truth, I find this ridiculously pleasant."

And thinks wearing an earring on the right ear is cool.

"That is completely untrue!"-Anderson replied with anger-"I guess you're a heretic too."

-No Response-

"Hello?"-Anderson called-"This voice is playing with me."

You guys see the earring on his right ear? He got it last week!

"What?! I don't have an earr-"-Anderson felt something on his ear-"Christ!! It's an earring!! Get it off, get it off!!"

-Anderson struggled with the earring for a couple of minutes-

Alexander Anderson.

"Remove this useless shit from my ear!!"

He is from the Vatican. But at night, he goes out on stage with a wig and no glasses and sings rap/hip hop/R&B. He is famous for his rap name Pugnacious AA Kracker.

"That's completely against my person!!"-Anderson continued to struggle with the earring.

Alexander Anderson a.k.a Pugnacious AA Kracker.

"Don't call me that!!"-Anderson took his bayonets out.

Will perform in Millennium's football game for the fans!

"What are you talking about?!"

Right after he gets a haircut at Iscariot's Super Cuts.

Anderson threw bayonets in the air- "DIE!!"

And Anderson continued to have that earring on.

A/N: For awkward reasons, I picture Anderson as a rapper or R&B singer more than I can picture Alucard being so. No idea why, shut up and eat your rice krispies. I probably gave away a fan art idea with this chapter, lol.

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Also, don't ask about "Pugnacious AA Kracker." Completely lame, I know.

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