Edward Cullen, My One and Only

A Poem About My Love For Edward


I started reading Twilight

Because of all my friends

I just thought that it would be a book,

another one of those trends

But what I didn't know was,

My heart would soon be wrong

in thinking someone else besides him

could be out there for long

There's not a day I did not wish

that Edward did exist

I know I'd love him endlessly,

I'm very sure of this

Ali says I'm crazy

Chris says I'm obsessed

Sonia says she hates me

and thinks that she's the best

girl for Edward Cullen

but to that I must protest

For I met Edward Cullen

In a book, that was so dear

and when he spoke his first line,

the answer was very clear

That Edward truly was real

and he'd always be with me here

for in my heart, there is a door

that is securely closed

behind that door is my true heart

that may never be exposed

but Edward Cullen holds the key

to that important part

that forever will be, exclusively,

mine and Edward's heart

Some days I cry

like crazy

because I know the truth

that Edward really isn't real,

but made up, by some great sleuth

she made him up,

to break our hearts

but that's ok

cuz that's the truth

he's with me every where I go

he is my angel of music

and any moment I have to think of him

I absolutely use it

But Edward please give me a sign,

or some important clue

that one day I will meet a man

as wonderful and perfect as you

Some days I wish that you would just

be here with me and come

to stay with me forever

so that I may succumb

to your perfection

and injection

of your daily love

I sigh when I hear lullabies

that remind me of you

I sit still and close my eyes

the way you taught me to

to just pause life and listen

I don't know what to do

you've drained me of my love too soon

you've brought me to my knees

and with just one crooked smile

you make me do as you please

I long for you all waking day

I dream you in my sleep

Some days I love you so much

it just brings me to weep

I must find something other to do

I need to make a plan

thanks a lot Stephenie Meyer

now I'll never find a man!